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This is one of the most shadiest, dangerous companies.
The owner is:
George Grossman.
George Grossman is an old, shady crook, who has stolen leads from a company he used to work for and took those leads to some other rip-off artist who started a so-called supplement company.
But that company owner used George and then kicked him out.
Therefore, George Grossman started his own male enhancement and supplement sompany, where he hires old crooks, like himself, to sell harmful sex pills and placebos---which he claims are vitamins---to men and women. The people he hires, are instucted to call the leads( which he stole from another company), pretending to be "health advisors" claiming to be doing a follow-up. In reality, they try to get victims to buy his drop-ship pills( which he absolutely over charges for).
Once he has his workers get the customer's credit card numbers, he then will continue to send the customers harmful pills, charge them, et cetera, without their authorization.
He also will hire people with past arrest histories, in order to take advantage of them. He lies to the poor workers, that he will give them a fresh start, pay them for work, but then never pay them. If they ask for their pay, he threatens to sue them and call the police on them. This is a tactic he uses, to avoid paying the people who work for him.
His website has FAKE testimonials, from non-existent people, who he created.
He has recently been arrested for sexual assault against one of those unfortunate workers.
He refused to pay the worker. When the worker asked for the paycheck, he insulted her, threatened her with new charges, then sexually assaulted her. He thought he could get away with his criminal behaviour by scaring her. However, she realized she'd done nothing wrong. She filed a police report and had him arrested.
He has gone so far as to have his "receptionist" : Michelle( A prostitute and a woman who used to work for the very same company that George Grossman stole all those leads from) make false statements to bolster his lies and his allegations against all workers that justifiably try to ask him to pay them for their work.
He has posted bail and continues to operate his fly-by-night, shady operation.

If you have heard of this man and /or the business, DO NOT buy from him or work for him.

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  • Sa
      Nov 03, 2011

    Sounds like you have an axe to grind. There is nothing harmful about herbal supplements. Michelle seems like a happy employee to me -- she's still there, and a co-owner. I worked there for a short time and got paid on the same day a sale was made. Also, I made calls to people who were literally wanting to place their order before I could even finish my pitch --because the products had worked for them just fine.

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  • Sa
      Nov 03, 2011

    Sundown 666 (nice handle, btw) is blowing smoke and yelling "fire." I have to add something: I have also worked for Life Alert, who do police background checks on everyone they hire. Nonethless, there are complaints about them all over the internet -- all of them unfounded. Life Alert is A+ (that's the tops) with the BBB. If you look, you can find complaints like Mr. 666's about every company that has ever been in business...where's his documentation? Why isn''t G-Men shut down if they're so fraudulent? Why is it that people voluntarily RE-ORDER product? How is it that I got paid promptly and fairly?

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  • Gm
      Jan 12, 2012

    We disagree completely. "We" being the owners of G-Men Supplements.

    The woman who wrote this "complaint" does, indeed, have a lot to complain about. Most convicted credit card hucksters, who are spending time in L.A. County jail, have a lot to complain about. The food is terrible and nobody lets you get away with the lies you tell.

    To any readers of this site who think G-Men Supplements is a scam organization, please know this. We employ 20 very happy people. We telemarket male/female sexual enhancement products, vitamins, herbs, and anything our customers want.

    We purchase leads from individuals who have been in the industry since its inception.

    Any leads George Grossman had at start-up, he earned as part of a severance package from another company.

    We started up on 7/18/11 and have been trying to build a business since. We hired a woman whom we later found out had several aliases; "Stella" "Violet" "Raven". She was our top seller until we learned she had pilfered credit card numbers from our customer base. We immediately terminated her. Two days after we fired her, we began getting credit card reversals from customers who 'had been told by "Stella" we were not good people and they should take their money back.

    We called these customers and let them know we hadn't done anything wrong and if they weren't satisfied, we would work with them until they were satisfied. Many of these people, after hearing our side of the story, were honorable and kept the product after reauthorizing us to charge their card again. Some, understandably, did not want the drama, and returned the product they hadn't used. A few took the opportunity to keep the products AND not pay for them.

    In total, Stella's criminal actions cost G-Men Supplements 7500.00 and nearly put us out of business.

    We can prove all of the above statements with police records, court transcripts and the LAPD's detectives assigned to the case.

    G-Men Supplements does not and never will offer recurring billing of any kind. Every order is verified twice. No customer's card is charged without verification by two employees

    G-Men Supplements does not and never will hold credit card information in any computer. Our agents have no further access to customer information once an order is processed. When a customer re-orders we have to get a credit card number again.

    Speaking of reorders--we get a lot of them. Our vitamins and herbs are the highest quality. Our enhancement products work for many people. Very rarely do we have a customer that doesn't benefit from at least one of our products. If our products didn't work, we couldn't stay in business.

    G-Men Supplements does and always will pay their employees every Friday. There was a time where our employees got paid and we owners did not.

    George Grossman has never been arrested for sexual harrassment. Our website was created to satisfy our credit card processors request that we be e-commerce capable, but there is no false information on the website.

    In six months of operation, we have fulfilled almost 4000 orders; literally a handful of people, 5-6, have called our office to complain about an unpleasant side effect.

    If our products harmed people, we couldn't stay in business--and we have been growing steadily since we opened our doors.

    Finally, deserves to be held accountable for what they do.

    Without ever contacting G-Men Supplements, they allowed someone with an obvious bias to sully our reputation.

    Giving a criminal a forum to hurt a legitimate business is a scam equal to any this website purports to expose.

    George Grossman - CEO

    Gary Porpora - President

    Michelle Shepherd - Executive Vice-President

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  • Mo
      Sep 14, 2012

    I worked for George Grossman . George Grossman is a con-artist, crook, and child molester.

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  • Mo
      Sep 14, 2012

    The original complaint is absolutely true.

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  • Mo
      Sep 14, 2012

    In fact, The rebuttals to the original complaint are all totally false, because no such persons have worked there. Those rebuttals have been posted by none other than the shady company owner, George Grossman himself. I should know, because I workedthere for about 2 miserable years, until George Grossman was arrested, cuffed, and hauled off by the Van Nuys Police for sexual assault. After he posted bail, he returned and, against compalints of many consumers, continued to operate this sick business by having ex-cons telemarket his cheap, dangerous male enhancement(dick) pills----the same pills that have caused numerous strokes in so many men.
    Beware of this company, also run under different names, and DO NOT buy . If you get any calls from this company, report them to the local police.
    By the way, the shady main office is on Van Nuys Boulevard in the heart of Van Nuys, California.

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  • Ly
      Aug 19, 2013

    I agree. George grossman is a crook. He has taken advantage of a mentally disabled person. When told that this individual is mentally disabled and do not call him. He states he wants a doctors note stating that this individual is mentally disabled and why these products are harmful to him. What a crook with no heart.

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