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Hensim USA / Tierra Motorsports / Tremendously frustrated with the ATVs!

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Almost two weeks before Christmas, my wife and I bought two Tierra Motor Sports (A.K.A.Hensim) ATV'S on-line at Family Go-Karts. We had them shipped a week before to ensure they would be operational on Christmas Day. When they arrived, both were missing certain parts like bolts for the wheels, parts for the handle bars, and fuel filters. I called family go-karts and they told me we needed to find the parts somewhere else because they couldn't ship me the parts before December 25th. They alleged that these models used the same parts as Honda ATV'S, but after a week of frantically searching, I found out this was not true.

The Honda dealers I spoke with didn't even know what a Tierra ATV was.

We only received the parts after dozens of phone calls and getting in touch with a parts distributor for either Hensim or Tierra Motor Sports? He told us that he was not allowed to deal with us directly, but would send the parts because of our situation. Finally, the parts came a week later (try explaining why Santa left broken ATV'S to a 9 and 4 year old boy), and while my boys were riding them, a wheel came off one, an oil cap off the other, a broken part, and at different times neither would start. It is now almost six weeks later and I can't find anyone that has the parts I need. It seems no one at Family Go-Karts, Tierra Motor Sports, Hensim, or any dealer who sells these ATV'S has the parts or will even return my calls for parts. I am tremendously frustrated and just do not want another family to have to go through the same mess I have been involved with for almost six weeks.

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  • Ti
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    im saving up for a four wheeler and saw a hensim 721-1 (110cc) for 975 bucks. i was very interested especially because it compared to a polaris sportsman and yamaha grizzly better than i expected. im trying to do as much research as possible on a four wheeler so that i dont spend my money on junk. So if there is anyone who can tell me a little more on this (details and performance) than thank you and god bless you.

    thanks mick

  • Sc
      15th of Nov, 2009
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    Chinese made Hemsium is CRAP

  • Sm
      14th of Feb, 2010
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  • Ju
      30th of Apr, 2010
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    I am am an part time independent shop in Arizona, I repair and fix all brands that come to me, including these so called junk Chinese quads/bike's. I happened to be the lucky recipient of some one else' s ignorance.
    It was a very beautiful Hensim 250 sport quad that was the recipient of a few select words. including the classic as I have now learned to call it, "piece of Chinese crap".
    well when the guy finally calmed down, i gave him the bad news. He had left the shipping oil in the engine. people these things travel across the ocean; you can not SHIP HAZARDOUS materials across the ocean in a freight boat. they are filled with vegetable oil to protect the engine from salt corrosion.
    After the cussing and swearing had ended again and I had heard a few a Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Can Am, Arctic cat, Polaris, Kawasaki, KTM wouldn't do that new.He decided it was a total loss and asked me if I would buy it from him for $100, I said okay I'll take it. He went to his truck and walked back with an extra coil and cdi unit for the bike, he told me he replaced them cause they seemed not to be working(they worked).
    I got the crank, piston, rings and cylinder for the engine to fix it costing me a whopping $180.00.
    reassembled the engine and filled the fluids with the correct type and viscosity and level. charged the battery up and proceeded to start it, it didn't, check all the wires and low and behold a loose wire, connected it and made sure it was tight along with the rest of the wires. went to start again and fired right off the bat. shut it down and proceeded to go through the bike excited as hell that I just got a brand new running bike for $280.00. I proceeded again to do the things I had learned over the years of working on motored cycles. loctite every important nut and bolt that I could, yes even the big name brands have bolts that come loose. made sure all the castle nuts had pins and took it out for a ride.
    to end this story I have had this quad for 2yrs 3 months now. I have had no failures/problems concerning this machine. I would have to say that any problems concerning Hensim would likely to be neglect or ignorance of the truth. ordering a quad/ bike/go kart at 2 weeks before Christmas and expect to be able to get help the second you want it = not smart in the first place; how many other people just did the same thing? and what kinda hell gets put on other people trying to do their job to satisfy all of their customers not just you. be smarter order it way ahead of time so you/they have the time to solve issues.
    I have a friend that works at a rather large Honda dealer, he told me those bikes can sit in the back for 2 weeks before the parts come in to fix them, THESE ARE BRAND NEW BIKES FROM THE FACTORY getting repaired. before you even get to see them on the sales floor. Do you really think your internet purchased machine got this process? No it did not, YOU HAVE BECOME THE DEALER!!, these come off the boat and head straight for your home. You have to do the dealer preparation, checking over the entire bike, that means you get to assemble and do the final finished inspection.
    Complaining about them breaking when you assemble it with out proper preparation is your fault, not the bikes, I suggest to you that the gentleman above also thought he was good at mechanical/electrical things.
    if you are unsure about assembling one of these and going through it properly I am sure their are independent shops that may assemble it for a charge.If not BUY FROM A RECOGNIZED DEALER.

  • Ko
      31st of Oct, 2010
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    I have a 2006 70cc Hensim. Recently, it will not start. I did all the typical items of new battery and new spark plug. When this did not fix the problem I did additional trouble shooting/research and have found that there is no spark and as well the machine will kill a brand new/fully charged battery in less than two hours without the key in the ignition or the sparkplug/coil cable attached (just sitting there with the battery terminals attached). Cannot find any external components that are hot from this. It seems this energy has to turn to heat somewhere.

    I have sent an email to [email protected] and [email protected] over a week ago with no response or call back.

    Is there anyone out there (dealer or other) that may know what the issue is or be able to help me find out the problem and get a replacement part?

    My contact information is [email protected] or [email protected] or mobile number 717-877-5037.

    I would appreciate any help possible.



  • Re
      6th of Jun, 2013
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    Bought quad for the kids received quad, found that the battery was dead and could not be charged! Called family go karts and was told I had to send email to tech support, a week later I received and email back telling me the battery was not under warranty, but I could go ahead and go out and pick one up locally!! After spending more the $600 I can't even get a working battery?? We have 3 kids and had thought that if we liked the quad we would get one for all of them. We will probably still do that but the last place we will buy them from is family go karts!!

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