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If you are a developer or planner and you are looking for that perfect general contractor to build your new complex, shopping mall, stadium, college facility, treatment plants, power plants, never even think about hensel phelp construction company.

they are mostly popular in california and arizona, but operate nationally. They deal with shaddy sub contractors such as second, a known scam electrical company out of phoenix arizona who hires apprentices to hang electrical wires because its cheaper to hires kids and screw them over.

Hensel phelps is also well known for there inability to stay union or non-union. they cant make up there minds. would you want that if you were a major developer planning a huge building. just imagine a bunch of workers walking off the job because the fraud company hensel phelps cant pay there workers on time.

Hensel phelps also deals with another shaddy company to secure there mass construction sites. they hire the company called CPS SECURITY SOLUTIONS, a security company out of California dedicated to sleeping on the job in mobile home trailers after hours rather then patrol the isles at night. they just sleep and get paid.

Hensel phelps hires this scam company because it saves them aprox $50, 000 a year over hiring a patrol guard company. what a loser contractor, putting the whole job site at risk for arsonist and vandals just to save a buck and hire a sleeping guard company.

DEVELOPERS BEWARE, don't even allow hensen phelps in the bidding room. avoid them at all cost.

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  • Jn
      7th of Dec, 2009

    No offense, but your argument is horrible. I used to work for Hensel Phelps and although I no longer do, I can say they were the best company I ever worked for. We paid our subcontractors even when the owners hadn't paid. We worked with ethics most companies don't.

    I'm not sure what they did to piss you off (I am guessing your company did not get the job), but I have only ever heard good things from the subcontractors. Most subcontractors loved to work with Hensel Phelps. I am sorry you can't see past your anger, but get over it.

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