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Hensel Family Bernie Hensel, Irene Hensel, Robert Hensel and Mike Gatreau / Fraud and theft from the elderly

Jun 9, 2015
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Mac Mortgage Safeco Mortgage
Phone: (604)729-9418
Irene Hensel, Bernie Hensel, Robert Hensel and their partner Mike Gatreau have lead years of intimidating and defrauding the elderly. Irene Hensel and Bernie Hensel flunkies at their cover jobs have acted to fund their brother Robert in his activities behind the scenes. Here is how their crimes work. Robert who acts as a realtor, mortgage broker and former appraiser. When a elderly or just a easily intimidated client steps into his site. Looking for a loan to pay taxes because they no longer work due to retirement, illness or other circumstances. Robert moves in. He comes across sweet as pie.to get the deal signed. Then immediately after. The intimidation starts. His voice changes. He calls them all hours of the night and day. He uses people to throw rocks at their windows knock on their door late at night. He use aggressive bullies to corner the people and with heavy voices tell them. "Do you know who you are involved with???" All of this is done to scare the clients to default. Pressuring to achieve fast results and high returns at the expense of weak or elderly Vancouver residents. He then gets their property into the court system. Where he uses another parties to trigger the sale back to an assignee. This is then sent to Gatreau, Irene, or Bernie Hensel. Knowing for full well the property is undervalued and then with Robert real estate license through Maude and MacKay Vancouver he then listing and sells the home at market value completely defrauding the victim. The victims are later intimidated through Hensel to be told that that was the fairest outcome for them. Hensel after attention of some of his fraud got noticed admitted to FICOM he was forging documents on clients to get even further results. Hensel is thought to be using organized crime monies in addition he is as so thought to have got his original capital from murdering and large scale drug dealer when the drug dealer found Hensel stole his proceeds. Watch Out for any of these individuals. Irene Hensel operating for Boyden, Bernie Hensel operating for Dundee Goodman, Mike Gatreau Gold Nugget Jewels and Robert Hensel Mac Mortgage, Safeco Mortgage and Operating through Maude and Mackay.

Written By, Susan Bliss (Investigative Reporting)

Hensel Family Bernie Hensel, Irene Hensel, Robert Hensel and Mike GatreauHensel Family Bernie Hensel, Irene Hensel, Robert Hensel and Mike Gatreau


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N  11th of Jun, 2015 by 
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Hensel is advertising presently on Craigslist. www.mortgagebrokerbc.com
N  12th of Jun, 2015 by 
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This family is what stories are written about demented psychopaths that hide behind religion. They are the reason religion faith and the plight to help others gets twisted and distorted. First class ###. How they sleep at night or justify their consciences is bizarre. When I finally caught up to them and they felt cornered on the subject. Some of their responses were " Everyone is doing it" "What do you expect me to say!" And finally" As long as we can create doubt, it's impossible to prove". These remarks are hugely disturbing. They work vigorously to discredit or destroy anyone that knows. I would never let these individuals in your homes or around your families.
N  13th of Jun, 2015 by 
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The Hensel family and Gatreau are known to enter churches, sports club, school director boards, business clubs and men's clubs to scan for potential victims. These individuals are the highest level predators to breach our communities. They will swear innocence. It's ironic Bernie's comment about white collar crime. When he knowingly is a high level criminal himself. You can see Bernie's new home being built on King Edward. Anyone knowing Bernie and the horrible years he has had in the market and for his clients. How could he possibly afford a brand new home. He will tell you how he is an adopted father. It was personally heard this was done to lure in kind-hearted clients. We are working closely with local media to bring attention to these criminals. It's always everyone but them.
N  1st of Nov, 2015 by 
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Finally!!! The Hensel family is being exposed. Look at the FICOM website regarding CONSUMER ALERTS. If you have any information regarding the Hensels. Please give your information to investigations at FICOM.
N  5th of Feb, 2016 by 
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They are using a front company Henberg Mechanical which none of the three Hensels have any background in the mechanical sector another scam. Robert has just changed the name of Safeco Mortgage Ltd to Safeco Development Ltd.

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