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I won't ever step foot in this store again, as I just bought 4 pieces of baked goods (like Danish donut twists), and they were rock hard. It's not like I showed up in the afternoon after they've been sitting there either. It was only a few hours after opening.

I bit into this rock and it was like sucking on a silica packet, all the moisture in my mouth evaporated. Don't offer customers stale food, or improperly cooked foods. Not only did I waste money, but you lost a customer for life. I like to support local business, but I'm going to go down the street to Dunkin Donuts. Those Indian people know how to make a fresh donut.

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  • Po
      Oct 01, 2010

    Are you sure they're not supposed to be hard? Did you talk to management? Do you realize that they bake the items several hours prior to opening?

    I was sympathizing with you until you made that comment about "those indian people".

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