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Heartland Home Finance Home Loan / Rude and very unprofessional behavior!

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Heartland Home Finance Inc 1401 Branding Lane Downers Grove Il 60515 In 2004 February 14 my mother age 74 took out a loan for a second mortgage on her home for $87000.00. Her closing cost on this loan were $8149.00. My mother is deceased now she passed away on January 5Th 2007. My wife had contact with this company and they said they would discuss this and contact us at a later date well on Jan 10hh we were contacted by there atty Mr Beck who was very rude to my wife and belligerent. She passed the phone to me and I was treated in the same manner. Mr Beck kept demanding what I wanted and I requested of him to please act and treat us like he were a gentleman, he continued to act in a very unprofessional way so I told him I still needed to grieve for my mother and could no longer deal with him acting as he was. I believe this is a problem in this industrial and they get away with this behaviors with our seniors because no one is around to police up for them. Its a shame our seniors have to deal with people this way. We have asked for an apology from them both written and verbal and for there company to go good on the mortgage they wrote. Thank you for listening.

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  • Le
      26th of Apr, 2007
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    Mr. Knierim,

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    I also had a bad experience with The Heartland Homes Loans Company. I was scammed to spend unnecessarily on a $300 appraisal that lead to no loan. I have a feeling that James Essen (Loan Officer for Heartland Home Loans) and the appraisal woman work together and take advantage of the situation because they know that people are struggling with mortgages right now.

    I think that more complaints like this will start to mount.

    If you want to contact me, here is my email:



  • Jo
      11th of Jul, 2007
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    Mr. Knierim,

    First of all I am sorry for your lost. Secondly, I am a former loan officer of the Heartland branch that close your mother in law's loan. Ray Meeker, the Lo, would often refer to as the "nut jobs", and Mr Beck's reaction is no surprise either. He uses the title of attorney to pressure people in to just giving up. He is paid well if that's any indication of his success. Back to Mr. Meeker, he is well known for the fees he charges his clients. He close a loan in Nov 06 for $50,000. He was giving a plaque for his efforts seriously it is on his office wall.

    Again, sorry for your loss and I pray everything works out!

  • Jr
      6th of Sep, 2007
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    Sorry for your loss, but what exactly did Heartland do TO YOU or YOUR mother? Your complaint seems to be about an attorney... not Heartland.

    As for LZ, you probably told the company your house was worth more than it appraised for so the loan was based on that value and when your house did not appraise for what you hoped, your loan was denied... all because you don't know how to value a home. Your fee is standard for an appraisal, actually lower than most, you paid for an appraisal, you got it... your 300 was not buying you a loan.

    As for Joe Merchant... you are obviously a disgruntled employee, how could anyone put their trust or faith in a FORMER employee... by the way your written remarks about a specifically named loan officer can be construed as slander... better watch that!

  • Tj
      20th of Nov, 2007
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    People need to take responsibility for their own mistakes. I don't work for this company, and am not familiar with it, but I am familiar with the lending business. People have the chance to take their RESPA package to an attorney to have them read if they can't read it themselves, they have the right to ask questions, and they have at least 3 days after actually signing the closing on their loan to cancel that loan. Even if you're misled by someone's words, you can read the legal contract. If you got into a bad loan, it's your own fault for not taking the right steps to determine if it was a good loan for you. The internet is obviously at your fingertips to learn more, you're not obligated to anything until you close, and there's a million attorneys who can help you read loan documents. There are no legal contracts as one sided in the favor of a person than someone getting a mortgage. Take some responsibility, and stop blaming everyone else.

  • Jo
      19th of Apr, 2008
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    Jr scott - what gave it away that was a former employee? The fact that I said so. You are obviously a kool-aid drinking manager. We don't you tell everyone what office you manage or should I say managed since Heartland Home Finance has closed it doors.

  • Da
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    I was just contacted today by a Mr. James Essen from Heartland about a home loan inquiry. Seemed suspicious to me since I had made no loan inquiry. Not being able to trust online testimonials (always one-sided), I decided to do a little online research on this company, which lead me here in-part.

    The last line in his voicemail message was "Let's do business". A little much I must say. Especially when you consider he called my work number. Who solicits loans by calling a work number? How did he get it?

    The above information was helpful. If they call back I think I might ask to talk to Mr. Beck to find out how they got my information and why are they calling my work. Maybe explain to me about all of the online complaints I have come across in only a few minutes of online research. One other example is found on /link removed/ Believe me there are others.

    I do not believe half of what is on the internet but this is certainly enough for me to look elsewhere if the need ever arises.

  • He
      23rd of Nov, 2009
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  • Da
      18th of Aug, 2010
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    Heartland Home Finance is a joke. They charged all these bogus fees and when you have a 74 year old senior in the mix they take advantage and the poor senior ends up with a higher payment and eventually forclosure.

    This is why (Heartland) had to close most of their offices. They just went through a lawsuit that stated they were making their employee's work overtime without paying them, what a joke. It is funny because they ended up losing the lawsuit and had to pay past employee's all that overtime lol lol.

  • Ju
      3rd of Apr, 2013
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    There has a Prior Record of state violations on MortgageCrooks that goes back to 2006 about Heartland Home Finance
    All anyone had to do was look them up and you would know NOT TO WORK WITH THEM.

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