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I would like the public to be aware of ordering products from the site. These people took my order, charged my credit card for over $300 and never sent out my product. They then avoided my emails and phone calls for over a month. When I finally got someone to respond they promised that the product would be to me in less than a week. When I still did not get my product I started again to get someone at the company to acknowledge me. They then promised to refund my money. I still have no refund of product and now no will respond to my attempts to to get my money back. This company is horrible to deal with and is only after your money with no concern for service or consumer rights.

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  • Mi
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    Katie was sent a refund check for her order and she cashed it.

  • Ka
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    I am in Ireland and foolishly bought $44 worth of the hoodie lollipops, look like I really was the sucker in the end (ok I wont give up my day job to be a comeidian). I have sent countless emails and voicemessages requesting where my product was. This started in November 2007, still no reply. I will most certainly be reporting this guy Mike to the local police department and thank one of the people posting on this page for the correct departments to contact for local authorities.

  • He
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    If you were charged by Mike Vincent (;;; "ThinAmerica" supposedly went out of business), then please consider filing a report at I believe this information will be seen by the Sterling Heights Police Department (I was told to file my report here after I filed a complaint through my local police department). You can also include in your report, if you choose to file one, the various complaints from MANY customers who also have been taken advantage of (with similar bogus excuses). Various complaints can be found at www.[redacted].com,, and coming soon to the Eastern Michigan Better Business Bureau (I'm sure you will find more by doing a search on his name/business names). I have also filed complaints with PayPal and contested the amount on my credit card, which is still under investigation. Mike Vincent's home phone number is listed under Julie Vincent and is 586-274-2980. His address is listed as 39390 Atkinson Drive; Sterling Heights, MI 48313. I found a "Wink Blog" site (through Yahoo) (under "Michael V"), which he actually provides a picture of himself and some woman, possibly his wife(?). He provided information stating that he was 46 at the time he wrote the blog, so he's probably about 48 years old (as listed on His birthday is also listed as October 7.

    You may also want to check with the manufacturer of the product(s) that you purchased through Mike Vincent's various websites and let the manufacture that he's distributing for, know that he has a lot of complaints against him and also now has a complaint about him with a local police department. So...don't give up! There are power in numbers; so start contacting as many complaint agencies as you can think of to report this guy. Oh...and Mike, if you are reading order IS in stock with the manufacturer that you buy from as a distributor, so there's no excuse for why you couldn't order it from them and then send it to me. Legitimate companies will tell their customers when an item they ordered in not in stock. My order was placed THREE months ago. You stopped replying to my e-mails and never responded back to my phone calls after November, so I'm a little ticked off. Your complaint paper trail has been extended... Have a nice day...

  • Sc
      5th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes - Charged my card, did not send the product
    United States

    I ordered power pops from this web site and they never sent it to me and charged my card.. I wish i knew about before i placed my order with as i see i'm not the only one that was duped..

  • Bi
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    Yep--it has happened again. Credit Card charged and no product. The phone numbers given are not in service and the email addresses keep being returned undeliverable for a variety of reasons. And, I have tried every email address and phone number possible. Something needs to be done and I will definitely send this to the better business bureau and whoever else will listen. It may take some time, but usually scam businesses like this end up paying somehow--either up-front or with potential revenue. keep posting this information so others don't get scammed.

  • Lo
      17th of May, 2007
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    I have the same problem, i purchased 105.65 april 20 have not received anything. E-mails are returned no such address and the phone numbers do not exist.

    If anyone knows who we should contact regarding this issue please let me know as i am from Canada.

    Thanks Lorri.

  • Mi
      25th of Jan, 2007
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    The product was just on backorder status from the manufacture, as soon as the customer contacted us he stated that he didn't want to stay on backorder and requested a refund. We refunded his money within 5 minutes and sent him a credit receipt in his email.

  • Sa
      18th of Jan, 2007
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    I've had the same problem. I ordered ~$400.00 worth of product and they charged my card. I have sent 3 different emails and tried countless times to phone them. I'm thinking I've been taken ;-(..... I have left a message on the guy's Xango - Mangosteen site expressing my dissatisfaction. I'll wait till tomorrow 01/19/2007 to see if he replies....

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