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I believe the President of the Association is embezzling money and laundering money. He has acquired up to 10 units at the Hawaiian King with no mortgage. Not bad for a guy that was living in his van.
It was passed by the board removing and replacing the tile in the pool would cost 15, 000. And, would take approximately 1 week (7 days). When the workers came in they went over the existing tile and it was completed in 3 days. I know the cost of going over existing tile can be less than half of remove and replace. But, 15, 000 was the amount passes by the board.
He also won't allow mailboxes for each unit. He often takes the building mail to his unit. Proxies have been known to arrive the day after the election.
If some one is willing to commit a felony, he has something much to protect.
There is a homeowner in a wheelchair. He can't leave the building between 2 pm and 6pm because there is no wheelchair access

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  • Nh
      Dec 13, 2013

    My earlier response to this complaint was not posted. Now this is my second response to a malicious and 100% false complaint and it should be posted for the second side/my side of a wild and malicious complaint. I called the number posted for the complainer and it turned out to be a non owner lady with a not so good history in our building. She denied she did it and said it happened once before. It took quite an imagination for these claims which are 100% false and untrue. No proof/no nothing other than a venting from a frustrated and sick person. Now I am trying to state everything said was false and almost a joke or laughable. A prison sentence and legal action would be certain if true and how does one take money that only the managing agent handles? Hawaii has laws, regulations and managing agents to protect owners. I understand this site might require a payment from me to have it removed even if it is false and a farce. I hope not--not sure where this possible poster disappeared to, but last seen sitting on a curb surrounded by police cars a few blocks from our building where she no longer lives.

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  • Nh
      Dec 13, 2013

    I am hopeful that this second truthful statement will be posted to counter the lies and false statements made against me that have not one grain of truth and no documentation or facts listed to back up those claims.

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