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I purchased a 2007 HartCart from Hart Marketing Inc, also known as,

One day after riding this utv, the gear box shattered. It has a crack all around the casing.

We didn't know the crack was there until after parking it in the garage and noticing a puddle there the next day.

We called and explained the issue. The salesman said it was not covered by warranty and that is was customer abuse.

We have less then 10 miles and on 2 hours on use on this thing. No scratches or damage.

After a few weeks of frustration and rebuttal, we finaly gave up and called and had them order this gear box. We still had to pay for it since we didn't purchase it from them.

Horrible customer service. Shawn Hart smooth talked us into purchasing one. We trusted him with our $4695. Only to find he isn't a man of his word as he as posted.

We also saw his add on ebay at

item number was [protected]

Unless he was to pay us back for the time, aggrivation, and gear box, we wouldn't recommend purchasing anything from him. After we told him we purchased the gear box from someone else, he offerd to send us a free ipod knockoff if we told him who we ordered from. I wander why?

We found several other sellers that sell the same thing for as low as $3795.

Sure he delivered the product 3 weeks after ordering if, but customer service is what really counts. What if i need a part in the future?

To say the least, we are very disappointed on purchasing this utv from Hart Marketing Inc.

We noticed reviews posted all over regarging Hart Carts.

go to and type in hart carts or hartcart and read for yourself

One in paticular at

We called the clerks office as to verify this claim and sure enough, there is a lawsuit against Shawn Hart and Hart Marketing alledging Criminal Conversion, Civil and Criminal Fraud.

I have copied and pasted the info from epinion's website for everyone's review.

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Hart Marketing Inc, Civil Fruad Lawsuit

CAUSE NUMBER 73C01-0709-PL-25


Verified by court clerk

Hart Marketing Inc, aka,,, and Shawn Hart
is being sued for unspecified amount for Civil Fruad, Breach of Contract, Misuse of Appropriated Funds, and Criminal Conversion.

The suit alledges Plaintiff paid $26, 600 for product and never recieved it.

Remember, this is alledged and not proven.

Make no mistake, this is an actual lawsuit filed in the court listed above. I called and verified as should anyone else attempting to do business with Hart Marketing Inc, or Shawn Hart.

Prosecuters office did acknowledge reports filed against Hart Marketing Inc there investigator had been reviewing the case but with no outcome at this time.

Several Filings have been made and no verdict in suit at this time.

After reviewing claims against them I have decided to purchase from

As well, i have pictures of the broken gear box and would send them to anyone that wants them.

I saw somewhere that was a class action suit getting started against Hart Marketing Inc. If anyone has more solid info, I would like the info posted so I may contact the plaintiff in the class action suit.

texas, Texas

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  • Br
      Oct 18, 2010

    I bought a Roketa UTV from Extreme scooter and had the same problem with the transmission what a peice of junk

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  • Ms
      May 26, 2011

    I purchased a utv from Shawn Hart and the gear box has to be replaced, however, can't find a dealer that carries this part. I did call BestPriceATVs and the salesman told me 3 times that since I did not purchase from them that I was not a priority customer and the gear box and paper gasket would be double or triple to me, but still would not sell me the part - so in my opinion Best Price ATVs is no better that Shawn Hart - why are they in the parts business if they won't sell to a customer?

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  • So
      Oct 28, 2014

    I bought a Hart Cart in 2008 from Hart Marketing. It is absolutely CHINESE JUNK. It has a Yamaha engine and transmission (?) but I've not found any easy or convenient resource for Yamaha parts. Other than that, almost everything is simply crap. It sat outside in the sun, and the bezel on the instrument panel melted, and sagged to where the needles and indicator lights were blocked or hidden. I had to disassemble the instrument cluster and cut damn thing to clear obstructions. It looks horrible.

    The engine an OK for about a year. I used it to haul timbers, boulders, firewood, and generally get around my ranch. Then it started exhibiting complete engine shutdown after about 15 minutes. After trouble shooting I determined it was an electrical/ignition problem. After spending a fortune on various coils, it turned out to be the solid state Capacitave Discarge Ignition (CDI) module. I finally found one with great difficuulty. Then it would run loner than 15 minutes for about a year. Now, it stalls after it gets going like its starving for gas. But I'm operatinng at at 8, 000+ feet (mind you, it ran fine for a while at this altitude). It idles fine, even at 100% lean (mixture needle totally closed) and will rev up without hesitation in neutral. But put in gear, and start to move, within 100 feet it chokes and comes close to stalling. I've tried to enriched the mixture, no change.

    But what's more, everrything leaks. ALL of the rubber hoses, from the radiator to the air filter, axle boots, etc. are rotted and cracking. Believe me, this knockoff is a P.O.S.!

    I bought this because I thought I would save about $4, 000 over the real thing. Besides, it had all kinds of bells and whistles; dual shocks, a 2, 000lb winch, electric dump, running lamps, yata yata yata. None of this is any good if the damn thing won't run. I wish I had my money now. I'm looking for a deep canyon where I can push it over the edge. As scrap metal, it's worth about $12.

    Want something that works and will last? Spend the money to get something that is REAL and SUPPORTED.

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