Haren Jayasinghe / Fraudulent trickster! Haren Jayasinghe doctor of tricks

1 battramulla, Sri Lanka
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Dear All- please be aware of a trickster called Dr haren or hareendra jayasinghe. he say's he is a doctor but i am sure he is a doctor of cons, tricks and all things illegal. he looks like a ltte tiger and i would not be suprised in the slightest if he is apart of their UK movement and has come to sri lanka to raise funds.
he has a hair implant clinic in battramulla that is run by jokers. no one has a registered medical license besides a lady and she is not apart of the operations. the place is dirty and resembles a refugee camp's bog house. i know this as i was a refugee during the war for a time when we were displaced in vauniya. he has cheated many ppl promising hair from transplants with 100% money back guarantee and when no hair grows, he doesnt answer his phone, or he is not in office or he will tell to wait for another 6 months, or 8 months, friends does this sound familiar? he say's he is the first to do transplants? what a joke! he could not transplant food from a lunch packet to his mouth, forget hair! what puzzles me is that a doctor without hair on the top of his head is promoting hair transplants. if it has not worked for him, how can you guarantee it will work for other ppl?

he has also started selling some black powder to regrow hair? i remember there was a radio station that did a piece of investigative journalism on his operation where they get hair from pig huts etc. this is what ppl are putting on their head?? i have spoken to neth fm and they are sending me the clip of that on a cd. i will put it all for everyone to share.
there is some discounted pantry business he runs. that is a bigger joke than his transplant operation. they show ikea picts but once his boys come to install and go, it looks so bad. and when you call to complain, guess what? he screens the calls.

Q:why would a doctor working in the UK want to come and do a jack of all trades business in sri lanka when he can make so much more money in UK as a doctor?
A: the simple answer is that he is no doctor. just a trickster. wanting to make a quick buck at someone else's expense. surely being an ENT doing private practice here he would earn more? oh wait.. if he's not a doctor, how can he practice.

go back wherever to came from you joke. and stop with the fake accent. it is a matter of time before your jig is up. remember, you can cheat some ppl some of the time, but not all the people all of the time.

keep watch in the papers. rumor has it that someone has done a proper investigative journalism bit on you exposing all of your scams.

Feb 3, 2017

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