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Hard To Find Films / Scam con artists

1 2978 Kennedy Blvd #157 Jersey City, NY 07306Jersey City, NJ, United States Review updated:
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These guys J.R. Burgos and Mark scammed me out of 30 U.S. dollars as I'm from Australia.
I ordered Night of the Creeps, they failed to send the DVD, stopped answering my e-mail enquiries, called me a weirdo when I tricked them under a different e-mail account, blocked me again then changed e-mail accounts themself from to
I feel cheated and a fool to boot and only one lady is helping me - Lori Rothgreb from Trenton NJ she's at
She's with fair trading.
I want my purchase!
Brett Gaddes

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  • De
      29th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I can confirm everything Brett Gaddes has said here to be true and we're from Australia.
    Stop these 2 guys from doing it to other people!

  • Br
      29th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    There's also another guy in MA USA called Richard Sarno at who sells you movies with no audio then blackmails you to buy more then he uploads computer viruses to your computer to boot.

    P.O. BOX 393
    ANDOVER, MA 01810
    (978) 758-6188

    Stay away from this guy too.

  • Ja
      18th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    not to completely disagree, but i've been buying films from hard to find films for over 5 years now without a problem. my only complaint is that they're so busy it takes an average of 4 weeks or so to get your order, but the quality of their prints is the best i've ever seen. if they were a 'scam' they wouldn't have been around for so many years.

  • Ha
      20th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes


    First...I find it odd that I wish to contact the people who run this site and I can find NO way to do so here at the 'Contact Us' link button or anything of the kind?!

    This claim is COMPLETELY bogus and I can prove it. There are two complaints on this site about us...the first from 2006, which is legit. I responded to that complaint as soon as I found out about it and to this day still have not heard back from the customer in question.

    This second complaint from Brett in Australia from a couple of months ago is completely bogus and if you do not remove it, we will be forced to take legal action.

    A couple of months ago, I started getting emails from this guy Brett in Australia asking about some movies. His emails started out okay, but then he started emailing as much as 3 and 4 times a day with every email getting weirder and weirder in my opinion.

    I came to the conclusion that he was perhaps mentally disturbed ( opinion) and stopped answering his emails as I had NO intention of doing business with someone who I had concerns of that nature about.

    Imagine my surprise when in spite of my discouraging him from buying from us, he sends us a money order! It took me awhile to realize who the money order was from, but after I realized who it was, I mailed his money order back as I definitely did not want to do business with this guy.

    His money order WAS NEVER CASHED and we took no money from this man.

    We have 2 email addresses and he wrote to the other one pretending to be someone else. When I wrote back, he revealed who he really was and at that time, I was completely honest with him and told him that in my opinion, I thought he was strange, did not want to do business with him and had sent his money back to him.

    He went ballistic, totally ignored that I had said we sent his money order back and began a stream of threatening emails (threatening us with bodily harm and worse...which I have kept and given to the authorities) and since that time, he appears to have found this site with the 2 year old complaint and also appears to have added about 3 or so more comments (you'll see that the new comments are all from around the same time) to his own bogus 'complaint' saying that he was 'ripped off' and then adding the additional comments pretending to be other people who agreed with him. He also attempted to pull the 'pretending to be other people' scam on us.

    He made the ridiculous accusation that we had 'changed our email address' when the fact is that we have and had 2 email addresses always. In fact, people can and do still write to us at the one he claims we 'changed'.

    From the counter on the first page of our website, you can see that we've had close to 60, 000 hits on our website. That's a lot. It takes years to get that many. We've had the website for over 5 years now. If we were 'scammers', we would not have lasted even close to that long and would have changed our business name and address repeatedly as 'scammers' do. We have NO intention of changing our name after building up a solid reputation over 5 years as we have.

    In the past 2 years alone I've processed approximately 2000 orders ranging in size from one item up to 50. the past 2 years alone we've had 2000 orders and your site has only one legitimate complaint from over 2 years ago, which I've attempted to rectify.

    We don't have any kind of 'feedback' forum for our site, but we have gotten a number of compliments over the years. Here's just a few:

    1. Wanted you to know that the DVD arrived on Friday. We already watched it and it is in surprisingly good condition!! THANK YOU!! - Athena H.

    2. Will be ordering again soon and wish you God speed with your business. That GREAT, CARING personality will take you many, many miles in this mean old world and things usually go well for those who go the extra mile to help someone
    I truly cannot thank you well!!! Regina B.

    3. wow i got them today they look much better that i expected the quality is really good. thanks rick

    4. ...Anyway, the dvd arrived safe and sound and I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks for all your great communication and thanks for having copies of those OOP films available for the fans. It really has been a pleasure doing business with you.

    All the best to you, too!
    Rachelle K.

    This next one came in last week from a gentleman named Alan B. who ordered 15 titles from us:

    5. Hi Mark,

    I am really enjoying the films! The Monster (Chaney 1925) is an INCREDIBLY clear print! I really enjoy this much more than my old tape. It is more complete also. Thanks Again, Alan B.

    And finally...this one came in just today:

    6. Mark, I recieved this morning Porgy and Bess, thanks, i’m happy with the DVD’s!!! greetings Anneke.

    These are only 6 out of about 50 emails such as this I've received over the last year and a half. be precise...the Australian guy sent us a money order when we did NOT want him to. I personally sent it back. I can not only prove that I sent it back, the postal clerk saw me fold it and place it in an envelope, which I then handed to her to send back to him. She was kind enough to photocopy the envelope and the postmark can be clearly seen on it.

    Brett the Australian will be completely unable to prove that we took money from him and then did not send his order. He will be unable to prove it because he will be unable to show that we cashed his money order.

    If we took no money from him, that means we did NOT 'scam' him or 'rip him off' as he claims. As such...that makes what you have from him about us on your website nothing but SLANDER...pure and simple.

    We've been in business for years and plan to be here for years to come. Two years ago, I suffered a series of devastating losses that took their toll on me and have left 'scars' on me to this very day. I fought back hard to get the business back up and running and to make it even better than before.

    I have NO intention of letting someone who we did not even want to do business with in the first place, come here and place a bogus accusation for the entire public at large to see and not do anything about it. I will fight this tooth and nail.

    I must insist that you DEMAND proof from Brett in Australia that we took money from him and did not send him anything.

    Let me be specific so that there is no misunderstanding here. I am not saying he cannot show that he sent a money order to our address. I freely admit that.

    What I AM saying is that it was never, ever cashed and we are NOT guilty of the accusation he has made and we demand it be corrected as that is only it not?

    Both John and I trust that you will do the right thing and remove this bogus accusation made by this man. If you like, I will provide you with a copy of the posted envelope that contained the money order that we sent back to him.

    I look forward to hearing from you in regard to this matter promptly. Thank you...Mark :)

  • Ri
      17th of Dec, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Luke Geddes is a very disturbed man. He purchased several rare films from me without any problems. Then he ordered a film about a mental instituition caled "TITICUT FOLLIES (1966)". I have been selling movies for nearly 20 years and I know all the tricks buyers will use to send back a film they realize they don't want. The movie arrives and there's problems with it. With TITICUT FOLLIES there was magically NO SOUND, picture but no sound? Really, what happened to the other 3-4 titles he purchased: They had sound? Yes, Video and Audio. Now suddenly, TITICUT FOLLIES has no sound. I check my master discs, all are working correctly. He begins sending deranged e-mails (see below). He returns the DVD and it plays fine in 6 different DVD players. I looked him up on Facebook and he had a profile photo of himself clutching a nearly full-size teddy bear, squeezing and hugging it with blood dripping out of his mouth? I have sold movies to Leoonard Maltin, Stephen King, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Pantera, Red Hot Chili Peppers, et al with zero complaints and no problems. This man needs help, read just one of his e-mails: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 9:21 PM

    From: "Luke Gaddes" Add sender to ContactsTo:

    Hello ### head.

    It was nice of you to upload a virus.

    I don't give a ### eitherway as I use public computers.

    I'm reporting your behaviour.

    You're a clever ###, Sarno.

    I may add your details to public complaints dept too.


    And then this one: Flag this messageRe:Mr. Sarno?Monday, November 3, 2008 7:48 PM
    From: "Luke Gaddes" Add sender to ContactsTo: redk94@verizon.netRichard Sarno?

    Avoid this man like a plague of locusts...

    Listen...I don't know if you believe me, or not...but I wanna apologize for my rude behaviour lately.
    I shouldn't have got personal. I'm sorry.
    I didn't mean what I said yesterday about your folks either.
    I feel lousy for what I said.
    Again sorry.
    I'll leave it at that.
    Don't worry about replying this e-mail.

    Brett Gaddes.
    Sorry sir.

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  • Ja
      4th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    This man named Rick Sarno at is not only seeming to be Scamworthy, I gather that he might be, key words are MIGHT be, helping his other boys that operate this other site in Jersey City, NJ called Shopvendio.comFORWARDSLASHhardtofindfilms, J.R. Burgos, and some guy claiming to be named Mark. Anyway, I personally suggest to stay away period because they ALL have ridiculous amounts of complaints and negative feedback on Google as well as MANY other search engines. The way I see it better safe than sorry. On another note, they seem to trash the mentally ill as a way to defend themselves; which is sad and pathetic!

  • Ma
      3rd of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I just got my order from them, ya it took a month, but I still got my order. These people are NOT a scam.

    I feel REALLY bad that this is a real company, but they are having their business hurt by one obsessed guy by the name of Brett Gaddes. Look at all the complaints online, they're all started by a guy by the name of Brett Gaddes. Thats sad.

  • Pa
      31st of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes
    Hard To Find Films - did not receive order/no reply
    Hard To Find Films
    United States

    I have not received my dvd order. I've contacted the seller multiple times, with no reply.

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