Handy Andy / Possible toxicity

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Unilever's latest product advertises a mixture of Bleach and Handy Andy (an ammonia product). It may not be well known, but mixing sodium hypochlorite (bleach) with ammonia is in fact dangerous (toxic and/or explosive)! This is not to say that Unilever's product is dangerous. I'm sure it is all good. However, this advertisement may promote a message to experimentally minded people that mixing these chemicals together is a good and safe idea. Sodium hypochlorite mixed with ammonia decomposes the bleach to form a hydrochloric acid, which is already dangerous! The hydrochloric acid will react with ammonia forming toxic chloramine fumes. It is unlikely, but no harm in mentioning that in the presence of lots of ammonia, a pretty unstable and explosive liquid called hydrazine may form from mixing with bleach. Even when this liquid does not explode, it is still toxic and it will release enough energy to boil and splatter the toxic liquid around. If this liquid touches iron-oxide (good old rust), it will explode!

Apr 14, 2014

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