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Hands N Paws / The rudest company I have dealt with!

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I place an order in June 2007, sent an instant payment via Paypal, waited 3 weeks... and nothing. I don't expect a daily e-mail on the order status but 3 weeks is a long time to wait to have paid for merchandise and not receive it and not hear anything about it. I Googled the company and found these complaints, and got the feeling that unless I contacted the company I would never get any money back or any merchandise. So I e-mailed the company, here is what I wrote:

"I placed this order quite a while ago, and have no communication from you as to what the status is. I am concerned because since I have placed the order I have read some complaints from other customers of yours that have claimed never to have gotten their merchandise, or received it very late and in poor condition. In these complaints I have also read that the communication from your company has been poor. Please contact me ASAP as to the status of my order."

I don't think I was being rude, but I did want to get the point across that I was aware that they may not have the best customer service. I also filed a Paypal claim for a refund for non-receipt of goods. Here is the reply I received the next day (I swear... I can't quite believe how rude this company is! LOL) in its entirety:

"Well, then don't shop here. We don't have time for people who make false (and libelous claims). We've been in business six years, never took any money from anyone without shipping merchandise thank you very much. Most of our customers actually read the site and order confirmation which spells out the processing time. You have no shipping deadline specified nor did you ask for one prior to your order. If you're that impatient, then prefer to make accusations rather than ask about YOUR specific order, we don't want to do business with you. Have a good day. That response fast enough for you??"

LOL! I have never dealt with a company so rude and unwilling to cooperate with customers. Granted, since I already requested a refund I suppose they had no reason to be nice to me anymore, but the message in that is that this company will only treat you with respect if you put up with their crappy customer service and policies. Once you start asking questions or requesting order cancellation and refund, they are rude. They did refund my money through Paypal promptly, but I suspect only because they would have lost the claim because they never sent anything. I am relieved I used Paypal, I think it made it a lot easier for me to get a refund. If you read the policies on their site, there are some hints there that they don't have good customer service:

From their "Company Info" page accessed 7/8/2007:

"In addition, we encourage customers who need more certainty regarding shipping times to indicate a "ship by" date on their order. In such cases, we contact the customer directly within a day or two of their order placement with an estimated delivery date specific to that customer. If we do not make that date, the customer is fully refunded, we do not process that order and the customer is issued a coupon towards a future purchase. "

(This tells me that they are understaffed, and that they triage their orders, only sending out orders that have a specified date and ignoring all others the latest that they possibly can. They should require a "ship by" date for all orders, but this would mean they would actually have to send all of their orders out on time.)

From their "Contact Us" page accessed 7/8/2007:

"Contacting Us
We encourage you to contact us before making your purchase if you have any questions. E-mail is usually the most expedient way to contact us using the form below. A customer service representative will try to respond to your request the same day. You can also try us by phone, but that has a longer turn around time. If you don't hear from us, please follow up by email. Don't forget to put your Order Number in the subject line of any communication if you have placed an order so that we can provide you with the best service. Many of our emails are lost to spam without an order number.


(What this really says: please don't call Hands N Paws, because it makes it harder for us to ignore our customers, and you can't leave a message anyway. Please e-mail Hands N Paws because it makes it easier for us to ignore the customer... and don't blame Hands N Paws if we don't answer you in a timely manner because it is not our fault that we somehow cannot retrieve all their e-mail... it's all spam's fault!)

From the order confirmation e-mail received 6/17/2007:

"Important Note Paypal Users
Please note that we do not always receive notice from Paypal that you have paid if you select Paypal as your form of payment. If you have paid using Paypal and we have not processed your order, in all likelihood, we have not received notice of your payment and you will need to contact us with your Paypal Transaction ID. Upon verification, we would be happy to continue processing your order. Also, if you have canceled your order within our 24 order period (see above) you need to email us so we can refund your paypal account. "

(Paypal sends out autogenerated e-mails for everything, and I have never not gotten an e-mail, and I have been using Paypal for 6 years both selling and buying on Ebay. Let me guess, it's spam's fault again! I love how they put all the burden and responsibility on the customer - we have to tell them to ship it on time, we have to tell them we paid, we have to constantly check the order status page - which is a joke because the order status never changes... etc. Then they get rude when we do expect them to do THEIR jobs. Sounds like they need to hire more people. According to them, they don't have any responsibilities towards the customer. This is perplexing.)

It is their loss, I am sure they have lost plenty of good customers because of their attitude. If you have good customer service and treat your customers with respect, I will spend a lot of money (just ask!).

Bottom line: avoid Hands N Paws. They don't have good communication, business policies, or customer service. Even worse, they are rude. It is one thing to have late orders and such, it is quite another thing to get crappy treatment because they can't run their business very well. AVOID HANDS N PAWS, and tell your friends!

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  • La
      8th of Jul, 2007
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    Hi, I am the original poster for this complaint, and I just want to add that if anyone doesn't believe that was the actual e-mail reply I got from Hands N Paws, I would be happy to forward to you the original reply I got. Thanks, and good luck!

  • Ji
      11th of Aug, 2007
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    I had a very similar experience with Hand N Paws. I also waited over 3 weeks. I wrote several emails, and I heard nothing. When I finally wrote that if I did not hear from them by the end of business day I would request that PayPal refund my money, this is the email I received in response:

    This is my email:

    "I have not received my order or any reply to my numerous emails, yet you have deleted money from my PayPal account. If I do not hear from you by the end of business day today, 7/26/07, I will contact PayPal for a complete refund.

    This is their response:

    "Oh we deleted it did we? You didn't submit payment? Didn't receive an order confirmation with the processing time?? Hear this. Your order is canceled and you can start over elsewhere. How's that for a response? Heh, heh. Oh and good luck finding that collar. We're the only ones selling it.Someone sounds like a nutcase... Try upping your meds. Or stop taking them. Lol."

    I have gotten more bizarre and ridiculous emails from them until I felt I had no choice but to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I want to encourage all customers abused by the supposed "customer service" at this company to also file complaints.

  • Be
      13th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I place my order Sept and now it is Oct and still no answer on when my order will arrive. I canceled order thru E-mail and their reply was "check your spelling" and what are you saying also LOL was on the reply. This means to me that they were making fun of my e-mail this is RUDE! Now they are charging me a five (5.00 ) dollars fee.


  • Ms
      23rd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    After I tried to place an order I sent an email asking if they had the product. I got a polite but vague response telling me they would check their inventory... Then I didn't hear anything for 2 days and that's when I looked on the internet and saw all these complaints about hands n paws. So tonight I wrote back saying they must not need my business since they didn't get back with me and I would order somewhere else. I got TWO instant responses back, rudely telling me I must be obsessed since I emailed 5 times in two days (a couple were sent twice by accident, one was in response to their message). So I wrote back and said they sounded like a crazy person and all the internet complaints must be true and I would take my business elsewhere. This person truly sounds like they are bipolar - the site is filled with lots of meaningless drivel, directions, instructions, etc., but they can't fulfill something simple like making a sale, and they are very rude and confrontational when challenged. Most of this stuff can be ordered from other sites or directly from the manufacturers. This place looks like a scam and anyone who ordered from them should definitely report this site to the Arizona Attorney General. The BBB doesn't really have any clout if its not a legit business. You can also try to recoup your money through small claims court in AZ, but a consumer complaint through the AG's office is your best bet. Good luck!! (I hope this loony writes back just so I can jerk their chain some more) ha ha!

  • Sa
      4th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I couldn't agree with you ALL more about this company. I got a very similiar response to a very similar situation several months back. I have NEVER in all my years of shopping on-line and in regular store had a response quite like there's. Unbelievable. Anyone even THINKING about buying from this company should run like HELL to another web-site--you will be screwed in some fashion and definitely offended. RUN I SAY, RUN!!! I still can not believe they are in business. I did file a complaint with the BBB.

  • Be
      20th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I would be happy to share my story although you may think it is something out of fantasy. This company is horrible. Please take the time to file a complaint with sophistication alley, ltd doing business as Hands N Paws in NJ and AZ. Also, please notify your local radio and TV stations to do a spot and be sure to let Hands N Paws no that Beth sent you. It would be helpful to get the word out to everyone so they are not ripped off and insulted by these apparent con-artists. I would be happy to email my communications as well. thanks. I will not stop until they are no longer in business!

  • Ad
      18th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I totally agree! They are absolutely terrible as their UNSATISFACTORY RATING ON THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU can attest:

    Seriously, do not order from HandsnPaws aka Sophistication Alley, Ltd. You WILL be ripped off.

  • Ev
      27th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    OMG I sure wish I'd seen thsese post before I ordered my item. I waited over month, and finally received the item today, and it's not the right size. I'm afraid to contact them for a refund now. I didn't read anything about their restocking before I ordered.

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