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After few attempts to get this company to correct what they have Falsely listed on thier website, it seems like they are not interested in Truth, but rather only interested in Money.

They have listed My name, and My company's name on thier Black list of thier website, and I have personally Never dealt with this company, and No one has Represented my company in thier dealing with Hamilton franks.

I have challenged them to provide any document that shows that I or my company were represented in any transaction of communication with them, thier answer is that if we do not pay money they will not remove my name from the black list.

I have forwarded thier emails and the compplaints to the authorities to investigate. Hamilton Franks Has no right to publish my name or my company name FALSELY.

I strongly reccomment to Not deal with this company at all.

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  • Bm
      Oct 29, 2010

    Black Listed in 3 Russian Refineries

    Hamilton Franks and Mr Benetti He is a Fake...We where working on the a deal for 3 months...and Hamilton Franks called us and said he would a joint venture and he bring a seller . Which means he was never the Seller never had the Product or did that so he would not delivered us
    the ask only for a working fee 50, 000 usd upfront !!

    The are listed in 3 Russian Referineries as a Not Performer and timewaster . He is Black Listed in 3 Russian Referineries




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  • Be
      Sep 01, 2011

    compalints board

    Posted: 2011-09-01 by

    Hamilton Franks

    Wrongful information

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    Company information:
    Hamilton Franks
    United Kingdom

    To Whom It May Concern;
    We wish to state that this forum being here to make complaints regarding person[s] or company[s] should request by demand evidence to the facts being posted.
    The posting[s] ref Hamilton Franks & Co Ltd is not only unfounded but ridiculous to say the least with no evidence to substantiate these false statements.
    One of the postings suggests and states he has had no dealings with Hamilton Franks & Co Ltd but, the evidence we hold would suggest the contrary and his business partner Mr. John Saro, we have details of our evidence listed on our web site, and of which we only obtained due to these so called Gentlemen trying to pull the wool over our eyes and were simple caught out!
    On our company web site we do post person[s] and company[s] who have tried to deceive us or our suppliers by way of issuing fraudulent documents, or person[s] who have attempted to join our company by way of deceit to obtain our suppliers contact details and copy of contracts to pass on to their associated business partners to cut us from the loop so to say.
    We would like for this so called Complaints Board Panel, to fully review their policies on allowing any parties to place postings on this forum without full evidence to substantiate these claims they are making.
    Furthermore, to give their full and correct details to allow for the accused party to defend their selves through either direct contact or, by their lawyers.
    Our details are of course on our company web site for all to see being
    Fro and on behalf of Hamilton Franks & Co Ltd

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  • Tr
      Jul 25, 2012

    Graham Bennetti is a known BLACKMAILER. He does have a few connections within the oil and gas world, and he will use them to entice you to work with him. However, he does NOT close transactions, he does NOT have offices around the world, and he and his firm do NOT have any money. What sort of a large trader of fuel does NOT have any money?

    If you do work with him, once a deal goes south (which it invariably will, since Graham is not experienced enough to close a transaction), he will blame you 100% and then threaten to place you on his Black List, unless you pay a fee of $15, 000 or more. He will then use whatever personal information he can gleam about you through your conversations, internet research, etc, in order to make sure that a google search for your name will pull up his blacklist first and foremost.

    I would highly recommend staying away from this dangerous individual.

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  • Ca
      Feb 05, 2013

    I have been in touch with HF a number of times, and they have provided us with a client with whom we were not able to conclude a petro deal, but have become a trusted and valued friends and associates in business ever since.

    Why we have been comfortable not only with HF but also their Black List is that the information that is COMPLETELY VERIFIABLE is presented without hesitation. They have NEVER represented to us that they are the buyer or seller of product, always HONESTLY identifying themselves as an intermediary in a proposed deal. In this business where there is an entire fantasy world of people who WANT to be in the oil business, but never will be - as well as a much darker side of genuine scam artists who are trying to commit fraud, it is valuable to have someone with a security background (from where we came to know of Mr. Bennetti). We have had personal experience where he provided critical intervention when a security issue threatened one of our associates and his family. I am providing this detail not to try to convince some strangers on the internet of anything, but to let those who know us in the business world be fully aware of WHO is making this post.

    In conclusion, when I see completely unsubstantiated claims on the internet from someone who has been identified on HFs blacklist, I can not take them seriously. Further, when it comes to money, only one of the nodes on the daisy chain of wannabe brokers could ever expect that you can do your due dilligence, set up and review contracts, fly all over the world to meet with people without actually spending any money. In fairness, I know that HF has incurred such costs as purely a loss in dealing with us, and at no time have they EVER asked to be re-imbursed. I expect they only do so when they become aware that someone has violated their considerable trust.

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  • Ko
      Feb 26, 2013

    Hamilton franks and Co Ltd has been successfully sued for defamation on the 17/1/2013 Hussein & Ors v Hamilton Franks and Co Ltd & Anr at One Brick court where you can find the report! I will also be sending this to people in their blacklist so hopefully any one wronged can follow suit, although they show up in companies house as having a first notification of strike off action.

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  • Fr
      Mar 17, 2013

    Graham Benneti and his fraud company has been sued successively and judge ask everybody has any complain to send their complains.
    Every body whom is in black list please get together and make file against him and sue him in order to receive reputation damaged he hascaused.
    Please leave your emails or contact to [protected]
    we should all sue Benneti for millions Pounds of damages he caused.

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  • Ma
      Mar 29, 2016

    Dealt with the guy for several years and actually met him in person. He is the ultimate fraudster. If his lips are moving he is lying. He writes like someone in grade school and has never once delivered. The law suit brought against was one by default judgement, in other words he never showed up to defend himself. His corporate account was closed and he was working out of his personal account. Word is he went bankrupt and started a company, no doubt trying the scam money yet again. It is in some doubt that Bennetti is his last name and some evidence he also goes by Thatcher.

    At any rate he is one to be avoided at all costs.

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