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Haj by Hajj Committee / The Pilgrim's Progress

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Dear Complaints Board, I would like to inform you, that my father Mr. Mohd Umar Khan & Mother Mrs. Zahida Begum (Cover No. UP-3876/2) came for Haj by Hajj Committee. We applied & paid for 1st Category but here the treatment is not accordingly. The arrangement by the haj committee is very poor and nobody for care, they are living in a very old & dirty apartment, even in one room, five people are living and Toilet is already occupied with their luggage’s because there is no separate place for luggages. Now please tell me how they will perform the Hajj in this worst agreement? I hart that some people from the hajj committee, they are making money. They take hundred thousands of riyals to approve these buildings. So, kindly investigate this serious issue and punish those, who are responsible and give the right treatment to the Pilgrims. Thanks & Regards, Mohd Mazhar Khan Information Technology Dept. Geant Saudi Ltd. (M): +[protected] (O) :+[protected] Ext : 185


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N  4th of Dec, 2006 by 
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How we can know the status for the accommodation in Makka, of the pilligrims arrived so far?
Does anyone know the exact web site to know the above status?

Thanks and best regards,
Cheria alavi kutty
A  29th of Jan, 2008 by 
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22 pilgrims from Trinidad West Indies Paid 6,000 USD each to Sara International travel of USA.to perform Hajj. We were not taken to hajj and never got a refund.

Americans apparently have special privilidges since complaints were made to the saudi embassies the process followed as outline and letters sent via FedEx.

The group continues to carry people and scam others. It is noted that the leader Zameer sattaur got a beating from frustrated pilgrims from the said USA after he scammed them this year 2007/2008.

We need someone with a big EAR to listen to small VOICES.

D  4th of Feb, 2008 by 
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Actually it was a little mix up in information the person was not Imam Zameer, he was a neutralizing force in the matter. As he sold packages to retailers and they apparently sold it back with misinformation to the people. Imam Zameer had nothing to do with it and it was another group from Chicago who made the mistake.
A  26th of Jun, 2008 by 
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Imam Zameer Sattaur and all who condone his actions of scheming the Caribbean Pilgrims their Hajj money will pay from the ultimate paymaster. Those who have the power to intervene and has not done so will be held accountable.

Muslims robbing Muslims and Muslims are silent witnesses. Get Real

N  30th of Jun, 2008 by 
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"As he sold packages to retailers and they apparently sold it back with misinformation to the people. "

The above quote is not true He does not sell packages he bribes the leaders in certain communities to streer potential Hujjaj to him and where a comm. has agroup the leader gets a free trip to accompany them. in the end he is responsible. As usual he cannot be found when he is needed.

2. The brothers in TT should write the saudi Hajj committee and should also contact the US embassy in
TT and lodge a complaint also expose Zameer Sattaur for what he is You can go to "hahhbuddy.com"
also hajjratings.com to voice your concerns you saying something now can prevent others being
taking advantage of in the future.

I do hope that the brothers will be able to collect their money if not there is youmul Qiyamah
A  16th of Jul, 2008 by 
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dear sir, i was one of the fortunate & performed my hajj along with my mother . my cover no. was upl-834/2.

our counslates has arranged those building which was rejected last year. i came to know through their local employees & building owner, that everything is fair in business. i am telling you that why indian authorites putting more quota to rural areas. becoz no body speak against attrocities.

you will listen to shock that my bus reached madina & we got hotel at 3 o clock in the morning only after lot of heated discussion & made one hostage .

while leaving madina at 10 pm bus stop at zulhulepha, authorities arrranged all this, they had saved two night of hotel, can you think counslates are earning crores in single haj tripp.
i can only prey to allah, otherwise to whome i should prey to investigate
N  13th of Oct, 2008 by 
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A call is being made to the Imams of Masjids in the U.S.A. to make an Islamic position on Imam Zameer Sattaur before Hajj 2008 departures this year.

It is either you do something about it, talk out against it or hate it in your hearts.
The Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago Pilgrims) brothers and Sisters need resolve through those entrustred with leadership Authority.

Do not let any other person suffer this fate, do not let it be felt as though the Muslims are unable to manage their own affairs. Muslims dont steal. Muslims dont lie Muslims stand firm for Justice

Tarq Abdur Rahman
A  15th of Oct, 2008 by 
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I expect some renegade good samaritan to deal with this matter of Zameer Sattaur and his entire institution. Hajj Money Robbery - Poor People's life savings - A person who is himself Caribbean bord and hiding behind american priviledges calling himsel a Shaikh Guyanese-American.

$132, 000 USD is alot of money to be in the hands of the unjust. Where is American law- The Attorney General's office - Mr President Mr. Bush, Mr. whoever next please intervene.

The writing on the wall is not looking good as to the things that could have been done with this money

Smith Robinson (Attorney)
D  15th of Oct, 2008 by 
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I disagree that Imam Zameer Sattaur alone should be accountable. All his associates should also be answerable because they aid and abet in the matter.

There is a local Trinidad Travel Agency called Haphiza's Odyssey Travel who together with a Trinidad con-artist named Abdul Hafeez Majid who did the soliciting and wire transfering.

The local Guy has a brother working at the Islamic Broadcasting Network station in Trinidad and he is able to muzzle the report from coming out on the normally hardhitting CEO of the company Mr. Inshan Ihsmael.

Millionaires but still robbing people Trinidad / Guyana combination. Don't worry fello muslims justice is being prayed for by all who continuously read about Zammer, sara International, Imam Gazalle Institute and now Haphizas Travel and Abdul Hafeez Majid

Cynthia Diaz Jnr Attortey at law and Muslim
N  23rd of Oct, 2008 by 
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Please give me time, I will repay the brothers from Trinidad. The story is complicated but I am responsible and want Jannah as all of you.

I apologize to my Muslim Brothers and the institutions I caused embarassmentmy phone # is 516-582-9233. and I am not hiding from this two year old debt

N  23rd of Oct, 2008 by 
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How we can know, PP nubers, flight schedul and status for the accommodation in Makka, of the pilligrims arrived so far? Does anyone know the exact web site to know the above status?

Yasin Memon
N  25th of Oct, 2008 by 
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I am sorry that others are now judging me. I have had a change of heart. I will not honour this debt because the embarassment has already even out the debt owed.

This fatwah is sahih and I challenge anyone on it. I will continue to be a hajj leader since more people want me to than the amount that are opposed to me.

N  25th of Oct, 2008 by 
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Hajji Omar in Trinidad and all other leaders know me and they can tell you about this matter .

If the Trinidad pilgrims want someone to blame maybe they can start with Abdul Hafeez who did not wire all the money to me. The transfers Copies are their to substantiate this. He started the dishonesty and I could not have done anything at the last moment.

A  26th of Oct, 2008 by 
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I went with Abu Muazz Hajj Group of NY for last HAJJ

Went wit this group against the advise of others, I went because a friend was going with this group.

Hotels, actually apartments were in Aziziyah miles away from Mecca this was not told to me when I booked but after (NOTE the flyer for the HAjj mentioned that hotels were 2 minutes walk from the haram and nothing about Aziziyah).

We had to travel eeryday to the Haram.

Could not find Abu Muazz when we need him.

On old couple could slept near the Haram overnight because the could not get a taxi back to the apartment in Aziaiyah Abu Muaaz was the least concerned.

Some of these groups are all about Making MONEY a friend of mine went with another group and paid $1700.00 (Seventeen Hundred dollars) less than me and had better accomodations staying near the Haram both in Mecca and Medina.

If you are reading this and plan to go to hajj do your research the group that my friend went with for cheaper takes people from New youk ask around.
A  29th of Oct, 2008 by 
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Hajj scams, US citizens, TT persons, no leaders no jurist available? no darul uluum.? no muslim court?

if so people will continue cause they no fear Allah
D  29th of Oct, 2008 by 
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I went with a group called EASY HAJJ OF UNITED KINGDOM

May Allah SWT save all potential Hajji's from this Hajj company. This company did not honour any of the services they promised. In fact everyone that travelled in this group was very upset with the way Easy Hajj Ltd dealt with them. The Easy Hajj Ltd representatives were hardly available to acknowledge our complaints/concerns and when they did meet us they were very rude, arrogant, unprofessional and took advantage of the fact that we were unable to argue back or defend ourselves because of our Ihram obligations. During the most significant part of our hajj at Arafat, the women were shouted at/insulted via a portable microphone and speaker by the group leader of Easy Hajj Ltd. Many people had to walk to Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifa and back to Mina with their own luggage although we were promised Private coach travel. The camps at Mina were overcrowded and so almost everyone became ill including children. Easy hajj did not order enough coaches/camps /hotel rooms(5 people in one double room!!) The hotels were supposed to be 3A/4A ...another lie. On the day of our departure We were dropped off to the Hajj terminal 12 hours before our flight departure time without a single Easy hajj representative/leader/employee or instructions. One kind brother(may Allah reward him) looked after all of our passports and made the effort to contact the relevant office at the terminal to make our return journey to London possible We were all abandoned at the Hajj terminal as if we were commodoties and not human beings.

It is the duty of every muslim brother/sister that travelled with Easyhajj ltd this year to voice their concerns in every possible way so that no one else suffers. I hope no other muslim suffers this ordeal by Easy Hajj Ltd in the future Inshallah. This company should call themselves Easy Money Ltd
A  29th of Oct, 2008 by 
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Salam All, I went last yr with Barket Travel & Tours it was very bad and I hope no one is ever in my place. Before leaving the country we were all handed our passports back with Hajj visa's etc. One of the brothers that was going on Hajj with the group noticed his Visa was smudged at no fault of his own (as the tour operator was in charge of obtaining visa's and held onto the passports till departure day). This brother concerned with the smudge approached the tour operator who made it clear it would be impossible for him to enter Saudia Arabia with a smudged visa. This brother not knowing what to do was advised to remain in the UK and have his visa sorted out whilst the rest of the group along with the tour operator flew out on Hajj. And to top it all off the brother had to pay out of his own pocket to stay in a hotel near by the airport till his visa was sorted out (as he lived far away from the airport). This is something the tour operator should have taken charge of and made sure an error on his part (whether during obtaining the visa or after obtaining the visa - got smudged) was resolved with no expense from the customer - being a business providing a service.

During the sales pitch we were told we would be at the Grand Shubeika Hotel in Makkah which was slightly more closer (considering the traffic caused by people) - however this wasn't to be.

We were told the Ziyara will be done in English to accommodate the people in the group like myself who were not from the urdu speaking community - however this was not meant to be. It was in Urdu, so myself and a few others had to rely on fellow Hajji's to translate as much as possible.

The food wasn't any good (provided by tour operator), and gave me stomach problem day 1. Since then we (myself and friends) ate outside, although at times we did eat in at the hotel. The whole wisdom behind getting an all-inclusive package was so that we would not waste time queuing at the shops for food, instead we would have food at the hotel.

Whilst all other hotels had tea/coffee available 24 hours in their hotels our tour group decided to restrict this service to after fajr, asr, and isha - even though we payed for an all-inclusive package.

Lack of customer service, considering we were paying for a service the management and staff would talk down to people and when they got a reaction - they pulled out the 'sabr' card.

We were promised the groups fiqh lessons/classes during the build up and during Hajj would be in English with an English speaking scholar however all the classes were in Urdu and the scholar was essentially reading out of a book called Virtues of Hajj by Shaykh Zakariya Khandhelwi - which I read beforehand anyway (alhamdulillah).

We were told the scholar would be a fluent english speaking scholar, however the scholar wasn't fluent in English, he could just about speak English!

Everything our group did was always last minute - going to Arafat, going to Muzdalifah, going for Jamarat. Going last always meant we ended up forfeiting decent places to stay and/or rest.

Our transport was always arriving late. Especially transport to Madina for which we had to wait and be on standby for almost 2 whole days. The management team had no clue of what was happening and would not communicate anything to the group about transport to Madina.

Our Qurbani did not happen on the 1st day of stoning. Even though we headed back to Makkah to do our Tawaf Ziyara etc in hope that by the time we finish our qurbani would be done so we can come out of Ihram. Due to us being the last group again, the qurbani was put off till the following day so we had to stay in ihram for an extra night - which we did not mind. However our problem was that, being first timers on Hajj we did not know our way back to Mina from Makkah. The whole group was stranded in Makkah and the tour group was not willing to provide transport or a guide (even though they messed up on the Qurbani) for those people that wanted to go back to Mina. The tour group then got the 'Mufti' to reassure everyone that they could stay in Makkah for the night even though it was an emphasised sunnah to go back to Mina.

The following day after the Qurbani was done and people came out of Ihram they were told a bus would be ready to transport the group to Jamarat for stoning after Asr. Again being gullible the whole group trusted the tour operator however there was no transport. The tour group was relying on catching 'public' transport to jamarat with old women, and young sisters amongst the group. Some of the women relied being pushed in wheelchairs. Waiting for public transport there was a huge queue which lead to a lot of pushing and shoving and at one point almost a fight between our group and other groups. This was all going on whilst the tour operator could not organise transport and stood by hoping somebody would sort this mess out for them.

In Madina we stayed in Wasel Palace which is a 4 star hotel not too far from the Masjid. However the toilet facilities were not decent at all. During the sales pitch myself and 3 other friends were told we would have en-suite bathroom. Instead we ended up sharing a communal bathroom between another room which hindered us all when wanting a shower, doing wudhu, or wanting to use the toilet facilities.

The tour operator was not available during our stay in Madina to express our views about the toilet facilities nor any other concerns we may have, instead he was taking another group to Masjid al-Aqsa (a trip upon which more people complained they had problems).
A  30th of Oct, 2008 by 
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Subject: Hajj Scam Trinidad Pilgrims

Zameer Sattaur comments are full of arrogance. His accomplices Abdul Hafeez Majid and the lady at Haphizah Odyssey should be ashamed.

The Imams in Trinidad are cowards to deal with this man. The Maulanas, The Mufti and the Qaadi.. should make a public disclaimer against Abdul Hafeez and the travel Agency especially ASJA who is father and himself represents.

the persons robbed said that they are keeping out of the media to protect the name of Islaam and Muslims.. Allah will bless them for this Insha Allah

Sikty Sahib
A  30th of Oct, 2008 by 
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A brother asked me to post my response: I went with EASY Hajj of London

We know that Hajj is not an easy journey and due to the amount of people taken part, some times you expect things to go wrong from time to time, however, Easy Hajj proved to be a company that are incapable of any organisation, communication or keeping their promises and when problems occurred which were very frequently, Easy Hajj blamed the Saudi authorities and refused to accept any responsibility for things which were obviously Easy Hajj fault.

As a Muslim, I believe that I have a moral duty to warn my brothers and sisters who are planning to do hajj in the future to avoid Easy Hajj at all cost if they would like to complete their hajj successfully without any extra difficulties that a useless, incompetant and totally unorganised company such as Easy Hajj can cause during Hajj.

As a result of my very negative experiences with Easy Hajj, I believe that it would have been appropriate if the company was named Difficult Hajj or Uneasy Hajj to reflect their disorganisation, bad manners and unislamic behaviour during Hajj.
A  30th of Oct, 2008 by 
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Adam Travel of Washington seems to be the worst - May Allah guide them to improve their nonsense bec. i went with Adam travel last yr. and it was rly bad.

1) Terrible terrible accomodations in Mekkah less then a 1 star (not kidding, worse then a motel) 2) 12-16 hour waits in the airport due to double booking of tickets 3) Sharing 6-7 per room when the max promised was 4-5 4) Stealing of the hajj sticker off the passports to save money (get $40.00 back off each passport). 5) No food whatsoever for 3 days in Mina even though it was promised, however may Allah reward DarAlSalam Travel from NY for providing some of us with food. The Qatari embassy sponsored some people on the trip (Paid Adam travel 6-7k for each person) and when the officials showed up and found that the whole group were not fed the Adam travel people were no where to be found and the cell phones were off. 6) Stealing of our jackets and not compensating us for it and blaming the driver when the local saudi kids hired to help at the motel were seen with the jackets. 7) Leaving us behind when we came early to the bus (overbooked the bus and had to leave many people behind and came back 6 hours later for us) 8) Left us behind in Mina again with the bus and we had to find a cab to get back 9) Medina was the first place we had decent normal accomodations (clean running water, a normal 3-4 star hotel) and normal food for 1 meal when all meals were promised 3 times a day (no mice, trash and potatoes & onions in the hallway). 10) Being stopped by the Saudi Police and told the bus Adam travel chartered/rented was illegal. We were told to go back to and get a legal certified bus with the hajj stickers. But they finally let us go. 11) We were suppossed to fly back from Medina to Jeddah, but instead they sold our tickets to another group for a high price, pocketed the money, and got us on their illegal bus for 16 hours back to Jeddah (the trip should only take 1/2 that time) But this was the first time the driver ever drove a bus, so buses were passing us as if we were standing still. Alhamduillah for completing the trip and returning home safely however, I would never ever recommend them and I want to remind them that the sin during hajj is multiplied by 100, 000 in Mekkah as are the prayers and good deeds.

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