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Hair Transplant Fue Clinic Sri Lanka / Cheats and not medically qualified

1 No:6, Parakum Mawatha, Battaramulla , Sri LankaBatramulla, Sri Lanka Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 0715270381

The person who is doing transplants are not doctors. They are young boys who have no medical knowledge whatsoever. There are doctors present, and one in particular who heads the hair transplant. Dr haren jayasinghe. Afatr research I found out that his name is actually hareendra jayasinghe and has had is medical license canceled in the uk. This probably explains why he is not operating in sri lanka.
He is currently not registered with the colombo medical council, and neither are his helpers. He promises 100% guarantee and when no hair grows, he promises to re do transplants at a discounted rate. He promises to do 1000 grafts, but in reality, after physical counting, there is merely 100 grafts on the head.
This person is a cheat, and a phony. This week on the radio, he and his establishment has been exposed on a local radio station for the crooks they are.

Hair Transplant Fue Clinic Sri Lanka

Jun 25, 2015
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  • Ha
      29th of Jun, 2015
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    Hi Im Dr. Haren Jayasinghe. I did work in UK as a doctor. I am currently the director in charge of client liaison at the FUE hair transplant clinic in Battaramulla. My number is 0094 715270381. I deal with all client inquiries and am the first point of contact.

    Our clinical team comprises registered medical doctors and fully trained experienced technicians. We do excellent hair restoration here using the FUE method with many satisfied clients. Our prices for FUE are extraordinarily low by international standards and we perform hair restoration on a daily basis.

    In the beginning of 2015 a very large multi national hair restoration company has entered the Sri Lankan market. They have deep pockets and advertise their services very heavily in the media. They charge in comparison to us are much high prices for similar hair restoration. In addition to them we are the only other clinic performing hair restoration here. We have been in continuous operation for many years now with the clinic first opening its doors in 1982.

    Since about this time many adverts have appeared in the local (and some international) media spreading malicious rumors about our clinic and staff in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka. It is undoubtedly because we are the most popular clinic here in Sri Lanka with a well established reputation. Our prices are very low as we do not pass on additional costs to clients.

    Our clinic staff have many years of experience in FUE technology. Additionally our work is carried out to international standards as we keep our knowledge base up dated. Please visit us any morning to observe us perform FUE. I trust you will be impressed with our service. I can be contacted by phone/viber/whatsapp and email. Please do speak with me before judging us from malicious comments online made by an unidentifiable face less internet troll.

  • Ra
      16th of Jan, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @Haren Jayasinghe This Haren Jayasinghe is a Pathetic utter Cheater Do not get caught to this horrible creature which I do not like to call as a Doctor and he is not even a doctor and his medical license has been cancelled in UK . If you need not to have a head then can take treatment from this rogue as he would destroy not only your hair and YOU. This Rogue has another business of Kitchen Cabinets and even that is a TOTAL fraud . Shows nice pictures taken from IKEA but finally cheating by giving a utter horrible poorly done cupboards which you will not even like to put your DOG ... Can not believe this pathetic creature is still a live

  • Up
      14th of Mar, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @Ranil Jayawardena SO are you saying you got a hair transplant for your bald head and then bought some kitchen cabinets for your dog ? Are you a madman Ranil? I think you need medical help matey. I know Dr Haren and he is a top man. BTW check Ranil Jayawardena complaints on complaintsboard. It seems you are a cheater wanted for fraud hiding in the middle east. What do you say to that??

  • Sh
      30th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    Hi Dr When you say multi national hair company do you mean DHI Sri Lanka? They are advertising very heavily. Yes I agree DHI have very poor reviews of their work, All the reviews I see and people I meet say they are expensive and do poor quality work. From m experience PRP and laser is a complete hoax and waste of time. I found a previous complaint here about DHI. Everyone please read it. So DHI Sri Lanka are frauds too apparently.

  • Sa
      14th of Mar, 2017
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    @shantha p hcshlckhc;sca'f''v''svk slkclkncz

  • Tm
      23rd of Nov, 2015
    -1 Votes

    My name is Thilin Marasinghe.
    i have done transplants 2 years go from dr haren in batramulla.
    i have got planted 1000 grafts but less than 20 hairs on my head. evrytime i go back dotor says wait for hair to grow. i am very disappointed. and ther is scaring on skin on the head. what to do now?

  • Sa
      14th of May, 2016
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    I did DHI at a place on Havelock town its called DHI Sri Lanka that charge Rs 300, 000 and still no results after more than a year. Call me 0112178953 for info if you want. When I contact DHI they tell me sometimes this happens and hair doesnt grow. How can that be? Recently I checked online and they have many complaints ag.ainst them Here is one link.

    Google DHI Sri Lanka for more complaints. So be careful. Hair transplants work if you find a good place. Go to Singapore.

  • Dr
      14th of May, 2016
    -1 Votes

    Thilin what happened machan? I got my hair transplant th Dr Haren too. But my transplanted hair has grown really nicely by about 8 months and still there now nearly 2 years. No scars or anything. I really recommend them to be honest. Cost was only Rs 50, 000 which is very affordable too. Other places start from several lakhs. Maybe you did not follow their instructions when the hair was growing?

  • La
      16th of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Thilin This post makes me angry. How on earth did only some of your hair grow? If they are not good at transplants none of the hair will grow no? I bet you forget to follow instructions on after care Or you pulled the hair roots out before it healed.I was told not to do that after my hair transplant.
    I followed instructions. Dr Haren was the first to do hair transplants in Sri Lanka as far as I know nearly 10 years ago. So that team is the most experienced here. I trust them for sure. I got my hair transplant there 1 year ago and the results are really good. This post is complete bull. Dr Haren you should take these guys to court.

  • La
      16th of May, 2016
    -1 Votes

    The biggest fraudsters are the DHI guys on Amarasekara mawatha Havelock town. A friend of mine paid nearly 5 laks there for hair and now six month on all his planted hair is falling out and he is in costant headaches!!! They have many complaint online...

    Just google DHI Sri Lanka complaints...

  • Th
      21st of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    don't go to Hair Transplant Lab, Malabe.. He & his nurse are doing lie. He wants only money.

  • Ma
      17th of Nov, 2016
    -1 Votes

    Hi i did the hair translplant treatment last month in SKIN CLINIC Dr Prins Vijayerathna. Now i got good improvment. My tranplnted hairs are growing as very healthy. if you have idea to transplant you must go to skin clinic in bampalapitiya.

  • Up
      14th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Manasir Ahsan So if the skin clinic is good at hair growing why does Dr Upendra Silva the owner who is bald wear a wig on his head? He should get a hair transplant. You guys are jokers. Next time you go to see upendra have a good look at his bad hair wig. Get out of here you jokers.

  • Jo
      14th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    Complaint against Dr Sudharshana of hairtransplantlab in malabe...HTTP://
    This guy it seems fixes head to toe but badly...
    Scarred women seek recognised surgeons after botched-up operations by quacks

    By Kumudini Hettiarachchi
    -Treatment at huge cost in cramped rooms; no receipts for payments made -Police investigation and SLMC probe underway

    Several women who suffered severe injury and have been scarred and marred after ‘treatment’ from a so-called ‘Age Reversing Clinic’ in Malabe have now sought help from qualified plastic surgeons.

    While plastic surgeons in one voice lashed out at these “unsafe and unsterile” clinics where cosmetic surgery is being doled out in tiny rooms in private homes, health sources also sought urgent measures to establish a Specialist Register. Currently, the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) has only a Specialist List.

    When the Sunday Times met one of the women who had undergone breast adjustments at the hands of Dr. G.M.N. Sudharshana at the Malabe clinic, she was in severe pain and unable to move without grimacing, even two weeks later.

    “Jumbled surgery, ” is how Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dulip Perera described it, stressing that when unqualified doctors attempt to do things beyond their capability the consequences turn out to be disastrous.

    It was also not a case in isolation, many plastic surgeons told the Sunday Times, having salvaged and treated other cases allegedly botched up by the same doctor.

    “These patients have suffered serious disfiguration, ” said Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thushan Beneragma, pointing out that among the victims were those who had undergone ‘breast-lifts’ and ‘neck-lifts’ by this particular doctor.

    All plastic surgeons are adamant that there is nothing called “dermal surgery” which Dr. Sudharshana claims he is practising when repeatedly asked by the Sunday Times whether it is not constructive surgery which clearly falls under the mandate of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

    Dr. Sudharshana told the Sunday Times that he passed out from the Colombo Medical Faculty in 1992 and was an intern at the National Hospital. Thereafter, he worked at the Matara, Nuwara Eliya and Karapitiya Hospitals and finally the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children from where he resigned and got into full-time private practice. (See box)

    Asked whether he was specialised in any field of medicine, particularly plastic surgery, he said he was not but he received a three-month training in ‘dermal surgery’ at the Nakamura Hospital in Oita, Japan.

    “I don’t do any open surgery. I don’t use general anaesthesia, only local anaesthesia, ” said Dr. Sudharshana, claiming that if there was a problem after the procedure, it would be due to neglect by the patients themselves who would not have followed his orders.

    According to him he has done about 100 face-lifts, breast-lifts, tummy reductions and arm reductions as well as about 200 hair transplants. He invited the Sunday Times to visit his clinic and see on his tab all the procedures he has done.

    These are all open surgeries, insisted a cross-section of plastic surgeons.

    When asked whether he conducts tests before such procedures, he says the patient is asked whether there is any illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes and also allergies. Before and after the procedure, the patient’s pressure is taken and also a random blood sugar test after a finger-###.

    The procedures are performed in a room in his house and he does not have permanent nursing staff but has three nurses he calls on rotation when a procedure is fixed, it is learnt.

    The 40-year-old woman whose breast procedure ended in disaster told the Sunday Times that she called Dr. Sudharshana’s mobile on seeing the heavy advertising. An appointment was given for 10 a.m. on October 18. When she arrived she found that the clinic was a tiny room in a posh upstair home.

    Having paid Rs. 1, 000 as the registration fee, she filled a form which sought details of name, address, phone number as well as past and present medical conditions and whether she suffered from any allergies, said the woman who for obvious reasons declined to be named.

    No medical tests were ordered or even the pressure checked that day. When she told the doctor that she would like to rid herself of her flabby stomach, he examined her and went into a lengthy explanation why the immediate need was to lift up her sagging bosom.

    Not only this victim but several others also told the Sunday Times that the tiny consultation room held the doctor’s table, a chair for the client and a black bed-like contraption with a mirror on the wall.

    A 19-year-old said that the operating room was also like a “hunduwa”. The doctor is a glib talker and very persuasive. No receipts were issued for the huge sum she paid to him for a breast-reduction.

    “Amu, amuve kapanawa, ” she alleged, adding that soon after her procedure she was very ill and even turned yellow, with severe bouts of vomiting. Three months later there are still tiny wounds.

    When the 40-year-old woman agreed to the breast procedure, after having been shown on the doctor’s tab numerous such “non-invasive interventions” that he had performed, she had been told to come the very next day (October 19).

    Other victims said that the doctor indicated that he had performed numerous procedures on “nalu niliyo” (actors and actresses), high-level politicians, wives of top brass in the armed forces and consultant doctors.

    The photos of a second-in-command of a political party are shown on the tab, before and after he has had a facial procedure, while the bald heads, whom Dr. Sudharshana claims, are consultant doctors with hair transplantations being done are also shown off.

    The rates are mouthed without hesitation. A tummy-tuck would cost Rs. 150, 000, a breast procedure Rs. 200, 000 and a face-lift Rs. 250, 000, with a promise that for the latter there would only be a small line which would be behind the ear.

    The breast procedure on the 40-year-old woman was performed on October 19 and she was bandaged up and sent home with a prescription for an antibiotic for 10 days after which she would have to come back for a check-up. She paid Rs. 50, 000 upfront with instructions that she should deposit the balance 100, 000 in a bank account.

    Ten days, she waited in agony and when she went back to the doctor on October 29, the doctor was non-committal. It was then, in much pain that she decided to seek treatment elsewhere, she said.

    The doctor, meanwhile, says that she did not follow-up the treatment because she did not want to pay up the balance Rs. 100, 000.
    A police investigation and an SLMC inquiry are underway on complaints made by patients, it is learnt.

    The enticing age reversing ad
    When anyone calls the two mobile phone numbers in the advertisement of the ‘Age Reversing Clinic’, it is Dr. Sudharshana who answers and gives an appointment to see him.

    The advertisement claims: “First time in Sri Lanka. DO YOU WANT to be 20-30 yrs permanently younger in few hours? Why do you waste your money for temporary procedures? No risks, No complications and guaranteed. Done by professional experienced doctor. Extending life span in humans through reversing age.

    “Here is the permanent solution. Permanent correction of Sagging face (Face lifting), Chin (Double Chin), Arms, Breast, Abdomen, Waist, Thighs and Removal of excessive fat in the body. Always check the SLMC Registration of Your Doctor.”

    Doc’s registration untraceable on PHSRC website

    The Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) website indicates that the registration number of Dr. Sudharshana given to clients is that of Mahavidanalage Nalaka Sudarshana Gunaratne of 1084/1/N, 5th Lane, K.A. Perera Mawatha, Hokandara North.

    This doctor is not on the Specialist List, SLMC sources told the Sunday Times.

    A thorough check of the website of the Private Health Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC) of the Health Ministry to verify whether Dr. Sudharshana’s clinic is registered, as mandatorily required, turned out to be negative.

    When asked, Dr. Sudharshana said that it is registered as the ‘Poorna Medical Centre’ (Reg. No. w.d 12040) under the name of his wife. She is not a doctor.

    The Sunday Times, however, could not locate the registration on the PHSRC website. The search came up with ‘no result’.

    Lack of Specialist Register provides loophole

    The lack of a Specialist Register is a serious concern among doctors who have qualified as specialists.

    This has provided a loophole for those unqualified and unskilled in any specialty to take up such fields as cosmetic surgery with impunity, pointed out a senior consultant.

    Another explained that with the basic medical degree of – Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery, such non-specialists were indulging in cutting up people and causing much harm. Lack of Specialist Register provides loophole.

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