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Hague Quality Water / Terrible service

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Hague Water installed a $9, 000 system for our new house in January 2007. they knew we had no public water supply in our area and would be getting water from our pond. they promised us crystal clear water. 2 years later the only thing crystal clear is they don't know what they are doing and are very willing to keep selling us more and more equipment hoping to someday fix the problem.

Jay Nixon, the Missouri Attorney General is currently investigating Hague Water. If they do not give us a full refund we will turn this over to the Attorney Generals office. We were told to demand and only take a full refund as Hague Water never once did a water test.

If you have a Hague water system and are having problems, now is the time to act! We now have over $12, 000 invested in Hague water systems and all we have is murky water and getting murker by the day! They can have all their equipment I want my money back!

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  • Ju
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    I'm actually a sales person for Hague water out of Olathe and I work for Matt Connelly. Although, I'm reading your reviews I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion, and with any product there will always be people you will find that are dissatisfied. I will say that I love my job there, I personally own the system and I think it is a wonderful product and what better thing would you possibly want to invest in other than quality water for your family. Of course you can never make everybody happy. But, Matt has been exceptionally wonderful to me, I'm pregnant and a mother of 3 and he has been there for me anytime I needed him, he is a christian and a very sweet person. He takes extremely good care of his employees. I obviously can't speak for all sales people, but I have never been a high pressure sales person and I have had a lot of people sign up with me with no problems and no complaints. I'm truly sorry to hear that anyone has had any problems with the systems, I know personally I have seen him fix issues without a question. I will say that we have 1000's of VERY GOOD REVIEWS of our product and our sales people, so please don't take a few disappointed peoples opinion there are so many that are extremely happy with our product. I have testimonials on hand EVERYTIME I go do a presentation with me to prove it. I'm sure I would never consider working for a company that I wasn't treated with 100% respect and I would never put my time and effort into selling something I didn't truly believe in myself. I know for certain Matt would take care of his customers anytime they needed him to, just like he takes care of us, he is a wonderful man, and I'm happy to say that I work for him:).

  • Co
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    Where are the good reviews posted online so that we can view them? So far, every time I look for customer reviews on your products and services, all I see is negative feedback. The only positive testimonials I have seen are from employees of Hague. So much of the negative feedback is centered around the deceptive sales practices, poor customer service, the (so-called) warranty and the quality of the soap promotion. I don't see near this much negativity (and current law suits) when I read about other water purification systems.

  • Ks
      12th of Oct, 2009
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    I have had a wonderful experience with the Hague WaterMax and RO system. I have had my system for more than 7 years and have never had any problems. It softens my water, takes the chlorine out and I get purified water at my kitchen sink.

    People who stay at my house want to know why my water is so n ice and soft. they say their hair and skin is softer, and it is. I tell them it is because my of Hague WaterMax. I travel a lot and I hate going to a hotel that does not have conditioned water, I notice the difference as soon as I get into the shower.

    All the people that I see complain about their system, I can not understand, unless they installed it wrong, but the system is great. The manufacture has been in business for more than 50 years, that says something about them. Perhaps Hague Corporate needs to be more selective on who their dealers are. It's a shame that a bad dealer will cause so much bad publicity for one company.

    Anyone reading this blog, don't blame everything on Hague or their system, I know it is a good product, and I have many friends of mine and relatives who now have a Hague system and they love it too. You just got a bad dealer it sounds like. But I have called Hague corporate wanting to know if my dealer goes out of business who can I depend on, and Hague is the one who stands behind their 25 year warranty not the dealer, they are the ones who is responsible for making sure you get service. So be in peace and know that you have a good company who will stand behind their warranty.

    I feel badly for Hague corporate as I own my own business and I now that I would hate to have someone give such bad reviews when I know my product is good and that I am honest in my dealings. It is too bad there are some who ruin it for others. Just try and remember that, it is not Hague itself it is the dealer that crossed the lines.

  • Iw
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    hello my name is nicholas i am posting a comment to let you know that there is hope. I am a trained and certified tech on well water and city water. if you would like some help on getting your water fixed please email me and i will help you(advice) free of charge i enjoy what i do and also enjoy helping people. Hague makes good equipment but if is not configured properly it will not work right. i will offer my advice for free and let you know where you can get the equipment to fix your water. my email address is I hope that i can help and i look forward to talking to you or anyone that needs help on their water.


  • Sa
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    Hauge Quality Water of Olathe is a horrible company that will not back up their product!! Run the other direction as fast as you can if they ever contact you. We purchased this system in 2004. We had just suffered the loss of our still born twins. The salesman used that grief against us, saying if we had children in the future, wouldn't we want to give them the best water? For their HEALTH's SAKE! Were promised all sorts of things like vacations and huge savings, the best water you've ever tasted. We were told we would literally have Aquafina water out of our tap. Extremely high pressure sale. Wish I'd have checked reviews online before being suckered into this. We paid $5, 500 and were promised a 4% interest rate. Turned out to be 18.9% interest! And our credit scores are over 750.

    Anyway, we did not have room to put the system in our house, so they said we could put it outside in the concrete pit that our well pump was in. They installed, said everything was okay and left. Over and over and over again that stupid system dumped tons of water out into the pit, flooded it and caused pipes to burst and our pressure tank to have problems. Each time we had to PAY for a plumber to suck up the water and fix all the busted pipes. After 3 years of this, we built a garage and paid several thousand dollars to have the whole system, well pump and all moved up into the garage.

    This system is so expensive to maintain!! Every year they say you need a carbon filter change, $100, and if you don't do it, you void the warrenty. The R/O filters (all 3 of them) are very expensive too. We have been going through potassium like CRAZY, and now the price of potasium has tripled. We are going broke just trying to keep the system running. Trying being the key word. I haven't even mentioned that it doesn't purify the water!! Ruined 1 water heater and 1 dishwasher already from sediment, water is cloudy and foul tasting, dishes come out of the dishwasher with a disgusting powdery film all over. Have to re-wash everything by hand. For years our dishwasher has been just a fancy, expensive dish drying rack. We will not let our kids drink this water. We have a $5500 water system and BUY bottled water for the kids.

    We have tried numerous times to get service. The say we live too far away to come out just for us. We have to wait until another customer in our area needs service to make it worth thier trip!! I'm sorry, but if we lived close enough to sell us the unit, than by golly we should be close enough to SERVICE the unit!! Twice, we were scheduled for a service call, and kept waiting and waiting, finally at about 9pm, after taking off work early to meet them, we are told that he can't make it and we have to reschedule. But only after we call them to find out where the heck he's at. When you try to call the service #, it is ALWAYS busy. Very hard to actually get ahold of someone. My husband has been working with a Casey all this week on the phone to get our system set property, but nothing is working. All they say is, "These systems do work." I am convinced that OUR system has never worked property since day one. How could all the settings be wrong, if noone has touched them other than their technicians? Obviously they don't have a stinkin' clue what they are doing. If they don't either get this system running in TOP NOTCH shape ASAP, or come get it and give me my money back, I'm calling the Attorney General. This is rediculous. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    The company may care about their employees, ahhh doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (gag), but they sure don't give a darn about their customers! And apparently their reputation is so damaged, that they don't care about that anymore either.

  • Ph
      16th of Apr, 2010
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    I worked for Hague out of Tulsa, OK for 3 months and I can say that all of these complaints are absolutely true. The Hague office I worked for expected me to make all these claims about helping your skin problems, etc. even though there was no direct evidence that skin problems were caused by your pre-treated water! They also wanted me to drive to people's homes to do these absurdly lengthy demonstrations without paying me any gas money to do so. No hourly wage, no salary, no gas money. They tricked us into believing people wanted to buy these systems. I was there 3 months, did over 100 demonstrations, and sold a grand total of 7 systems, of which only 2 had their credit approved for financing. So, working for these ###s for 3 months got me an astoundingly meager 500 bucks in payment, as commission for the 2 sales. Didn't do me any good considering I spent more than 3 times that amount in gas money driving all over the damn state. Several times I was sent into dangerous neighborhoods to try selling to people that make their income from welfare checks. I was expected to do this with a smile. Of course it's easy for them to justify wasting my time since they weren't paying me a cent. I also witnessed them lying to prospects on the phone, saying things like, "We want send someone out to educate you about your water, it'll only take 30 minutes." Complete lie, we were required to spend at least 1 hour and 30 minutes on the demonstration. We were promised 2000 bucks a month regardless of how many sales we made, as long as we did a minumum number of demonstrations per month. If you miss that quota, you get nothing. All you get is the commission from any sales you made, if you made any at all. The way they get out of the 2000 bucks a month promise to you is by firing you just before the 1 month mark if you haven't made any sales. So, you spend all your own gas money to drive around the state doing these demonstrations for people with little to no money to spend; working for Hague Quality Water amounts to advertising their product in a dishonest way at your own expense.

  • Yo
      21st of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    i work for this company in olathe kansas everything bad is true they force us into selling these systems we set 100 leads a day and only go to 5 then we just reschedule the other leads four or five times before eventually mailing them the gift the gift is a joke too the whole place is a scam and matt connely is a fake republican anti christ who cusses and iscontroled by satan money and his own ignorance

  • Th
      5th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I was a Hague dealer for 6 years. I quit selling Hague units for a number of reasons.

    1. They started selling the same unit at Menards and Lowe's (home improvement stores in my city) priced less than what I could buy them from Hague for.
    2. The water softeners, although innovative, were of a poor design. The brine injector valve leaked in every unit I installed within 2 year. The computers that controlled the regeneration of the units were redesigned at least 3 times in the 6 years I was involved with them.
    3. There were at least 6 mineral tanks that exploded in peoples basements and although they honor the warranty, I am charged for freight to get the tank replaced.
    4. The finance companies they deal with charge exhorbitant interest, and I determined that it was unethical to promote a 60 month pay back period when it penciled out to approximately 96 months if you only paid the minimum payment.
    5. I have sold Fleck and Autotrol models models since I quit Hague, and I have sold as many Fleck and Autotrol Models as I have Hague. 95% of my service calls have been on Hague softeners.

    Hague water softeners are extremely overpriced and the quality of workmanship is less than one would expect for the price paid.

    I have 25 years experience in industrial water treatment and have a degree in chemistry. I understand the mechanics of water softening and would rate the softeners on the market in the following order:

    1. Kinetico: very expensive but good quality. This is a Cadillac
    2. Autotrol - the best bang for the buck. Can be designed with all the features of the Hague and costs about 1/5 the amount.
    3. Fleck- good machine, but needs more service than the others. Moderately priced
    4. Clack - Equal to the Autotrol in price and performance, but easier to service.
    5. EcoWater

    If they were cars

    Kinetico = Cadillac - Expensive, high quality, good ride
    Autotrol = Chevrolet - Dependable unit, economical salt usage
    Fleck = Ford - Dependable unit,
    Culligan = Lincoln, No different that a fleck or autotrol, just more expensive. The dealers are established so service isn't a problem
    Clack = Buick - Good salt economy, easy to work on
    EcoWater = Save yourself some money and buy a Sears Kenmore, they are essentially the same machine

    If any of you folks need a softener, give me a holler at we can work a deal.

  • In
      30th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Well, well well what a way to do advertisement. Mock the last company you could'nt make it at and then try to sell the one your selling now. What kind of credability does that look like? Scam!!! I see everybody has an opinion on things but has anybody tried to contact a lawyer about these problems. It would seem to me that if all thing things where said about one system and wasn't true then you could do something about it legally, but because I don't believe everything on the internet I would have to see facts. People can say what ever they want on the internet but as you can see they don't even sign it with a name. I can't see how one company could be around for over 50 years and still be in business if they where all that bad. I know that every person won't be happy with everything they buy, but try to work it out with the comapny before you go around bashing them. Wal mart has over a million complaints a year but are they all that bad of a company? NO!! O ya, about the machines you mentioned what kind of warrenty do they come with? One year or maybe 5 at the most. If this company is all tha bad do something about it legally. Find all your so called complaints and get together and get it changed, but if they are not true then I guess it is just easier to blame someone else for something you wouldn't follow. Dave G

  • 12
      20th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Thank you "WaterGuy" for the inside information. I am a retired locksmith after running the business for 20 years and can relate to what the WaterGuy has stated. Locksmiths have delt with many security products that are evolving due to the feedback from people who service/install them. The reason locks evolve is due to the ecomony and the changing levels of difficulty to defeat locks. The one thing locksmiths strive for their Clients is "No Return Calls" due to to faulty lock equipment and especially if the lock was defeated by a crook. So, locksmiths actually do describe levels of difficulty to defeating lock applications to their clients the same way WaterGuy shed some light on the products he has serviced and installed. Not all locks are undefeatable, so what you look for is a lock that takes "a longer time" to defeat so that it discourages the would-be thief from continuing to penitrate the barrier and provides additional time to be detected while in the Act of commiting the crime. Prison Locks are very durable but Prison Guards are still needed to keep watch for escapes. The same goes for your home or business. Alarms are installed and triggered during attempted break-ins. But if you are at home asleep, would you want the extra time to prepare for your defense while you are trying to fully wake-up right after you hear that strange noise? The choice of locks you decide to use and how they are installed can make the difference. I am thrilled that WaterGuy provided insight to his use and installation of his products. Another company that offeres insight on products is Consumer Reports Magazine. I found this webpage only because I was doing "Research" on providing Water Quality. I currently have Bottled Water Delivery from Sparkletts and was very happy with our delivery guy for years. Then, someone else took over his route and has just started falsfying delivery records; claiming they picked up a bottle of water and leaving a fresh bottle. After three months of video recordings (something locksmiths also install & use) I have determined it would be much easier to terminate the Bottled Water Delivery Company and start considering the use of another water provider or solution. Just move on... I started to consider Culligan for a more lengthy commitment but found complaints of their service, Then, I found Hague is doing the same service but with complaints about their products. Maybe I should just do it myself since I already have "Indoor Plumbing" and thought I should start looking for a better product and see who provides the service for it. So, Thank You WaterGuy! Thank you for the heads up and your input from your 25 years of collective knowledge in this field. I am sure you will be getting many silent "Thany You's" from the other readers.

  • Th
      9th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I regret the day I ever called this company! After receiving a pricey quote from Culligan, the Hague salesman appeared to offer us a much better deal with a sleeker system look and a pricetag $2000 cheaper. Just before we were ready to write a check for the full amount, the salesman conned us into a lease agreement where we "didn't have to put all that money up front". In 90 days he agreed to call us to remind us that we needed to terminate the arrangement and put that in writing on the contract. 90 days later I never received a call. My calls to the company remained unanswered/unresponded to. We are now locked into a leasing arrangment for 60 months where they are charging us more than the contracted amount and the total for the system will be several thousand more than the original quote. They do not reveal an interest rate, nor do they ever mail you an accounting of your payments -- even when you request. This is so that you do not realize you have agreed to essentially doubling the price of the system. Unlike any other financing arrangment I've experienced, they penalize you if you attempt to pay off the system after 90 days. I'm taking the information to an attorney to see what legal recourse, if any might apply. Once I finally did receive a return phone call from a manager from Hague, he basically told me that i'm out of luck. Do NOT do business with this company!

  • Pa
      9th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    More happy customers of the Hague Quality Water Scam:

  • Fu
      24th of Apr, 2013
    -1 Votes

    We have a lawsuit against Hague right now! They came to our home and said we were purchasing a unit and later said it was a lease. Someone signed for my husband and the sales rep. This company is TERRIBLE and the ATTORNEY GENERAL needs to do something NOW!

  • Aq
      27th of Jun, 2013
    +1 Votes

    All of the complaints on this site are about the Company that sold the Hague Systems and not the systems themselves. I have been a Hague Quality Water Dealer in Texas for 19 years and have over 10, 000 satisfied customers with some of the hardest water to treat. The Hague Systems, when applied properly, do an excellent job of providing top quality water. I think people should do a little more research on the company they are buying the equipment from. Ask for references that have had the equipment in for several years, look them up at the BBB and Angies List. Hague Quality Water has always stood behind their products and we have never had an issue that was not taken care of!!

  • Be
      5th of Dec, 2013
    -1 Votes

    The Hague Systems are simply over priced. When you take a simply process like softening water and make it complex ( the Hauge 2 hour sales presentation) the consumer thinks they have something special. Not the case..
    As for the BBB, kind of a joke if you understand how they work. Pay them every year and all your reviews will be kind.
    I have been in the water treatment industry for 34 years. Here is my advice. Call 3 companies and get pricing..
    Any claims about what a product will do must have certifacation for the claim.
    I just saved you thousands of dollars.. and i have not asked for a thing... Good Luck

  • Ja
      19th of Feb, 2014
    0 Votes

    Classic bait and switch! We were told that we would pay $80.00 a month for 5 years by the salesman that came to our house. The system was installed before we signed any paperwork and when the "supervisor" showed up with the paperwork - after the system was installed - we were told that our salesman was fired because he was lying to people. The actual cost was considerably more per month. We decided to keep the system since it was already installed and have regretted it! They called us and told us we had to have the filter changed and it would cost us more than $200.00. The salesman told us we could buy the filters anywhere and install them ourselves. Another lie. This is a dishonest, bait and switch company. If I thought there was anyway of recouping our money, I would sue in a heartbeat!

  • Oh
      7th of Apr, 2015
    -1 Votes

    Here's my horror story with Hague, I had the Hydro Clean installed at over $2500 in 2012 for my well, I had them out twice to fix problems with the valves on top, there are two tanks one to soften and one for Iron, plus a Potassium tank which I came to find out is not needed and the Brine tank.
    I was still having problems with endless cycling on both tanks in 2014, I called them and they wanted to charge me for a service call, I refused to pay for it, as free service calls were for the first year only, so I was at a dead end, all the while I'm paying $83.60 a month for something that did not work.
    They said it could be sediment in the valves, I had a sediment filter before the tanks and the man that installed them said to take it out, clear run around there, in that same conversation I asked if I could buy parts from them to repair it and they refused.
    So I called Culligan and the man came out and did a water quality test, noted that I did not need two tanks let alone the Potassium tank, I rented a Culligan unit at $63, 00 a month and it works flawlessly, no more white stains on the fixtures or rust stains in the commode and the water is clear now.
    As it stands now I have no other recourse but to contact an attorney and try to get out of or reduce the amount I owe on the Hague units, my recommendation if you are considering a Hague unit or they contact you, run, run as fast as you can away from them.

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