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Heather 'Wait'll I Get My Claws On YOU' Clawson is promoting theft from hard-working artists through her 'style blog',! Notified that she had (acidentally? intentionally? as a shill?) posted designs stolen from Dallas area artists by Design Legacy (aka Legacy Trading Company, Kelly O'Neal's Interior Design, etc.) - along with links documenting O'Neal's (or, as he's known locally, O'Steal's) long-time history of swindling and con artistry - Clawson responded with obscenity-laden emails indicating that she couldn't care less where her featured products come from and it's not her problem if the designs are stolen. Question: Is this the kind of hack, unethical, unprofessional 'journalism' you want to rely on for product and service recommendations? Or do you think that anyone holding herself out as an arbiter of 'good taste' should do the minimal research necessary to insure what she's fobbing off on an unsuspecting public hasn't been posted in collusion with known thieves and criminals? Please BOYCOTT Heather Clawson/ until Heather Clawson no longer features stolen designs and swindled merchandise. And remember: Anthropologie, Neiman-Marcus and The Horchow Collection all now absolutely refuse to carry O'Steals' tainted goods after their buyers did due diligence and researched this so'-called manufacturer...why would Clawson feature them on her blog, if not that she was PAID to do so? Food for thought.

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  • He
      21st of Mar, 2013

    Everyone knows Heather Clawson is a shill and a ### (and not the kind people
    find amusing). She'll be exposed and deposed someday...count on it!

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  • Mr
      29th of May, 2013

    She bugs the crap out of me. I just read an "interview" she gave that showed pictures of her apartment. What the hell. This woman calls herself a designer? Tired of her vomiting out other's ideas on a a regular basis. Commented on her blog a while back when she was throwing a tirade about House Beautiful and another magazine (forgive me if these are not correct) not allowing her to post their photos on her site. SImple: it's copyright infringement. Of course, my comment was not posted. Go figure. She nauseates me to no end.

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