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Gym Membership / ABC Financial

1 Stratford, CT, United States Review updated:

I made the costly mistake of joining the Fitness Edge in Stratford, CT. This company uses ABC Financial to collect their membership dues. I joined last December at one of those booths that they had set up in the Trumbull Mall. Well I should have taken the time to read their contract before I joined because they have a lot of gotcha's that they don't disclose at the time you sign up. For example: I used a debit card to pay my membership each month which was $21.20 per month and didn't have a problem for the first 9 months but then the magnetic strip on the back of the card started to fail. So I ordered a replacement card from my bank. I didn't realize at the time that they change the number on the card when they give you a new one. So when ABC tried to run the card for my monthly payment it didn't work. Instead of them giving me a call to resolve the issue I got a bill in the mail about a month later (just before my next payment was due - go figure) and they charged me:

$26.20 membership dues - somehow it jumped up $5.00 with no explanation.
$17.50 finance fee - not mentioned when I joined.
$8.00 late fee.
$51.70 Total

This was my first time missing a payment and the fees alone $30.50 were more then my regular monthly dues. That's 70% increase. I remember when loan sharking was 20% or more.

I guess the Fitness Edge is really hard up for money. I have been a member at Planet Fitness for more then 2 years. They take care of their own dues and I've never had a problem. I would recommend to anyone looking to join a gym in the Fairfield County area to avoid the Fitness Edge and join Planet Fitness. I have documentation to prove all of this if anyone needs it.

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  • Ti
      4th of Dec, 2007
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    I just had the same exact problem but I had a membership with Gold's gym. Yes, I was 14 days late due to not realizing my card number wasn't the same. ABC didn't bother to call, email or send me a letter telling me there was a problem even though they had all of my contact information. I wish there was to actually take action against them.


  • Yu
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    you people need to understand how it is on the financial end i work for a financial company and the reason we dont start correspondence fpr 30 days is because the customer usually knows this and gives is the heads up. YOUR contract weither it be for bills or for a gym membership HOLDS YOU RESPONSIBLE!! and its perfectly legal.

  • Tb
      10th of Jan, 2009
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    I was a member of Fitness Edge and love it. This was a $60 a month fitness facility and they lowered there rate to $21.20 saving me the customer over $400 per year. I never had any problems with the club. They are constantly adding equipment and the staff is nice. Plant Fitness is terrible.

    As anyone knows, when you change your Debit or Credit card you need to notify everyone who is debiting it or it will decline. When that happens you typically would incur some sort of late charges that in most cases can be waived if you conduct yourself in a good manor. Ultimatley the biller wants to keep you as a customer.

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