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1 Lake Havasu City AZ, United States

Guy Muha, dba A to Z Home Improvement, 2855 Jamaica Blvd. S, Apt C, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406, [protected]). BEWARE - his ethics and workmanship is very inferior, substandard and of extremely poor quality based upon my experience with him doing a new bathroom tile shower stall and floor. It's very obvious he is not qualified to do tile work which I had confirmed by other contractors who later inspected his work. I would also question his basic home repair capabilities including things like caulking and resetting a toilet. The tile grouting was extremely poor and exhibited numerous cracks including areas of missing grout or voids. There were also several pieces of floor tile that had been cracked during installation and numerous areas where the tile was cut so much it was very obvious they did not fit the area where they were installed. It was also obvious that he did not establish a true starting point before tiling because the tile is very mismatched in many areas including various grout width lines and did not figure out the layout of the tile scheme by measuring all areas to be tiled as well as the tiles or at least make a diagram of each wall to help decide placement of tiles. Unfortunately, I was not present when the work was being done and only later did the nightmare begin.

The linoleum flooring was replaced with tile and exhibited the same substandard workmanship as the shower stall. After he re-seated the toilet, it was not securely bolted to the floor and moved side to side and swiveled on the floor. He did not allow for the bolt dimension change from linoleum to tile. The toilet was also missing the caulking around the bottom. I later had the toilet situation repaired at an additional cost to me. There were also numerous areas around the shower door that were void of caulking that caused water leakage on the floor. Also the caulking around the shower door was extremely poor, uneven, wrong color and very disappointing to look at. Grouting/calking was entirely missing around the newly installed soap dish and the wall tile was cracked from the soap dish installation.

He also left parts out of the installation of a shower head and valve which he later said were not needed. But after calling the manufacturer, they said the parts were very critical and are required to prevent children and elderly persons from adjusting the hot/cold valve beyond the critical hot position which would cause scalding. Because of that information, I had the shower valve fixed correctly at an additional cost to me.

I have to honestly say that I highly question Guy Muha's ability to do any type of work of this nature. This experience for me was a nightmare. The shower now leaks because the lack of and cracking tile grout, caulking, cracked tile which has created a situation that will cost me a substantial amount of money to make right. When asked about all the issues, and requesting to make things right, he replied "I have a life too" in addition to making numerous promises that he never honored. Based upon what he had done, I would not trust him to attempt to fix his work including fear that other problems would arise. At this point, I would only accept reimbursement of the monies so I can have the job done right which he refused. Quotations to redo the job average $4, 000. To document his inferior work I filed a complaint with Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) and they performed an inspection and the final report results were to replace the entire job. He also did not obtain a needed building permit for the drain which he later lied about. The complaint with ROC also resulted in his license (No. 262282) being suspended for not meeting numerous regulations and for poor workmanship.

The ROC Investigator also reported that the shower dam was also not done correctly and the entire shower may have to be re-done to make things right (that just made me sick). He also said that the grout areas may eventually cave in causing additional problems which also confirmed by the ROC Inspection. I have numerous photographs to document Guy Muha's work and continue to pursue this matter. BEWARE BEWARE of this so called licensed contractor.

Additionally, I received recently a judgment against Guy Muha, dba A to Z Home Improvement in Small Claims Court, Lake Havasu City, AZ and currently pursuing the collection of that debt. Again, BEWARE; BEWARE of Guy Muha, dba A to Z Home Improvement.

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    UPDATE Info - Arizona Registrar Of Contractors (ROC) Investigator Summary Of His Inspection Of The Job Done By Guy Muha, dba A To Z Home Improvements (License No. 26282). License was suspended for quality of work.

    ROC Complaint No. 2015-2919

    Complaint Item 1: Missing Tile Grout and Voids

    Complaint Item 2: Cracked Tile

    Complaint Item 3 Tiles Not properly Spaced. Various Grout Line Thicknesses

    Complaint Item 4: Water Leaks From Cracks In Grout

    Complaint Item 5: Silicone Caulk Around Shower Door Missing

    Complaint Item 6: Toilet Not Properly Seated (Corrected by other prior to inspection)

    Complaint Item 7: Shower Dam Not Constructed Properly

    Complaint Item 8: Soap Dish Not Properly Grouted. Cracked Tile.

    Complaint Item 9: Shower Floor Tiles Have Cracked Grout And Voids

    Complaint Item 10: Shower Valve Installed Without Scald Limit Installed (Corrected by other contractor prior to inspection because of safety).

    Complaint item 11: Contractor did not obtain city work permit which was required for relocating a drain.


    Note: The business address is incorrectly listed and should be 3700 Beachview Dr, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406. I found this out the hard way by having to track him down to serve a Small Claims Court summons. I was awarded a judgment from the court and currently trying to collect and contractor is failing to honor the judgment. I plan on further action. Hope this helps anyone thinking about doing business with this so called contractor.

Aug 25, 2016

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