Gustav Fogarascher Fogo / Gustav Fogarascher Fogo is under litigation

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Mr Gustav has failed his evaluation as an English teacher by the company and at the Stree Samutprakhan school on the basis of poor performance in teaching basic grammar in English and furthermore Mr Gustav was reported from the English Department that he repeatedly use swear words to the children as method of discipline. The company has rightfully terminated his employment during the three months probation based upon this report from the school. Furthermore, Mr Gustav repeated offended and slander the management and the shareholders of the company who include the Ministry of Resources of Thailand on Facebook and many other media sites. As of right now Mr Gustav is under civil litigation which includes slanders and exhortation without morals. As a company of Edknovate Limited, we do not recommend any school to hire this individual since the institution might be liable for civil lawsuit that related to him in the near future.

Gustav Fogarascher / Fogo / Somchai, Austrian, 54 year (10/02/1957) สมุทรปราการ ถ.สุขุมวิท ซอย 37(35) 12 อัสวนนท์ 2 10270 สมุทรปราการ ประเทศไทย – [protected]-
Fogo.yes.[protected] พาสปอร์ตเลขที่ P 5175598

Gustav Fogarascher Fogo

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  • Fo
      Mar 13, 2011

    an typical attend to turn facts in a total opposite direction - this guy is really psychical sick and needs urgently help by a medical specialist! just read the complaints of many other teachers - and after this my complaint - and you get the correct perspective.
    show me one company on this planet, where the sister of the owner is doing the evaluation of employees - and finally - you can ask SSP (many thai teachers of the language department) and they will tell you a very different story - one reason why edknovate/smartkurve lost the contract with SSP for next academic year.

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  • Fo
      Mar 14, 2011

    ... and why kirk is using a pseudonym - thailand defeder - to make fake statements - mental sick!

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  • So
      Nov 26, 2012

    If you ever meet this guy, walk away, or better run away!
    Axiom Or Smartkurve Or Edknovate scam school...
    This thai teacher recruitment agency school is not to be trusted. Owner Kirk Phatumanun.
    Find a picture of the owner of this horrible teacher teaching thai job agency bangkok right here:

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  • No
      Jan 28, 2017

    This Austrian, with a south-German / strong Austrian trying to speak English accent, is absolutely difficult to understand, makes so many mistakes in one sentence, that I gave up counting. He slanders along everyone who do not shares his views 100 percent. Sad existence.

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