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WHAT THEY OFFERED ME WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND DEFINATELY NOT A $1000!!! SO...i called in today and got really angry and sturn with the matter of me wanting my subscription cancelled. i have called three times previously and got the same response of how they couldn't cancelle because of the 7 day time frame. so i called today and stressed the matter of what i was told when i got the offer was completely different than the information from the letter i sent i the mail and if it was my misunderstanding or not i was not happy with this subscription and i wanted it cancelled immediately. of course she faught me on it and wanted to review my tape from my inital call, i told her she could if she wanted but i knew with the scam they were pulling they would find it in their favor anyways. she put me on hold and then came back to tell me that she did cancelle my next 14 months of subscriptions but the one month they already took out could not be processed back to me. i told her i was fine with that but i wanted to make sure i understood it completely that my subscription was completely cancelled and i would not be charged to my account anymore for sure. she said yes and that a verifier would be in contact with me within the next two days. i called my bank right after that call and explained the matters to them, they said they were doing debit purchases for the subscription and that they would cancelle my card and send me a new one but i was to recieve anymore transactions on my account from this company i could disput and recieve the money back. hope this helps guys!!

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      12th of Sep, 2010

    these people have totally messed up my monthly bills.i cancelled so called subscription on the 7 th of august, 2010.i just checked my balance on my card and these people took $39.80 off my walmart prepaid credit card.i only put enough on the card to pay my monthly bills, and now 2 of my bills were not paid this month and i have a balance of -$6.44.i am disabled and get social security and can't afford my electric being turned off because these people stealing my money.and to boot, i tstill haven't recieved a fricken thing.why, because i cancelled my subscription last month within 2 days after it being offered.i better get my money back or else i'll get the federal government to do something about it and stop these people from ripping anyone else off.its good to have family members in government offices.

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      9th of Nov, 2010

    To anyone who is getting scammed by this company I would suggest you cancel your debt card and get a new one. I helped me. These people where taking $100 a month out of my accout and we tryed blocking them but that did not work so we canceled our cards and have gotten new ones. This way they can not take anymore money out. This is the only way we could do it. We tryed talking to them but that was useless. I would suggest everyone who is getting scammed by them do this. Good luck to everyone!!!

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