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Customer Service - I always had to make the phone calls to see if or when they were coming. Then they cut our cable wire when installing the fence and I was told they would call to get it repaired and we did not have to be home (which was not correct) We ended up calling the repair company and we did have to be home and miss a day of work.

Installation - when they installed the fence I had to call and find out when they were coming and I was told it would be a two day job however, the person installing the fence was only going to show up for 1/2 days. After the installation was completed there were gaps from the bottom of the fence to the ground and the fence company should of filled in these gaps with dirt.

I had to buy bags and bags of dirt to fill in the gaps. When I notified the company I received some song and dance about they do not do that. The gaps were not there with the old fence and should not be there with the new fence for the money we paid. The only thing I was told was they might reimburse me for the dirt. Well by then I no longer had my receipts for all the dirt I bought. I want to post as many bad reviews of this company as I can. My satisfaction will be that they will lose potential customers. I have already steered 4 people away from their company which is probably abour $20K.

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      17th of May, 2010

    STAY AWAY FROM GUIER FENCE!!! Go to Home Depot or Lowes - they will stand behind their products. Guier does not warrant any of their products - it is up to the manufacturers and they will not do a thing for you. I have $15, 000 lemon of a vinyl fence purchased from Guier that is JUNK. They know it is junk and have quit carrying the product. They could care less about me, the local consumer. Kelly Guier, the owner will not ever respond to my inquiries for assistance. Way to take care of the local consumer!

    Go the big box stores - if you do have a problem they stand behind their product.

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      19th of May, 2010

    D for customer service-estimate changed from phone to initial appointment and of course it was more expensive. Crew finished two weeks late. Worst part was I, the customer, had to call every single time to find out when the crew was coming, where the crew was at, and reschedule when the crew didn't show up. Also, broke my sprinkler system and didn't give specific information on where. Lastly, broke my underground dog fence which didn't matter but it took almost a week to finish the job once it started-without letting me know. Loved chasing my dogs around the neighborhood. Extremely disappointed because there are a lot of fence companies out there but the reputation of Guier was the best. Not building a house, it's just a fence. No way in hell I can recommend this company to any of my neighbors. Not planning on using this company ever again. Still not completely finished but I don't expect anybody to show up in the future.

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