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Stay far away from GSM Builders and Greg / Gregory McIntosh. I hired him to build a pool and landscape our yard as I was amazed by his previous work pictures on his website. Much to my dismay I found out the pictures on his website were stolen and it was not his work. My pool looks nothing like we were going for, it was not done in time, and Greg is extremely hard to work with.

Greg has a complex to him and is extremely cocky. I was doing a full renovation on the house at the time and he argued and fought with every one of my other contractors. When I expressed my displeasure with him and his work he mocked me and responded ‘LMFAO’.

I have had to pay a significant amount of money to fix issues that arose from his work. He misplaced sprinklers, installed the wrong water meter, and did not pull permits for certain work I have been told. The color of my pool is far off from what we were going for, and our hot tub takes 12+ hours to heat up, and one of the lights in the pool is broken. He didn’t explain how to use equipment just said to download a few apps. He tried to charge $500 to pick up extra pavers from my house after paying him $140, 000+ for the job.

He stole many of his pictures from a company called AAA Custom Pools and Signature Pools. If you look at an archived version of his website( ) you will notice the great majority of those pools are on AAA’s or Signatures website. After I reached out to both companies he threatened to sue me. Fortunately, I know the laws and my rights and he quickly receded and offered to settle with me. I insisted he remove any stolen pictures from his website and requested a clause in the settlement that nullified the agreement if he posted any stolen pictures in the future which he refused. Greg is a fraud and a complete liar, still to this day he has pictures of work he did not do on his website.

Pool contractors are a dime and a dozen in South Florida. Don’t make the same mistake I did and do more research when hiring a contractor.

Jun 09, 2017

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