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Due to the fact that Gryphon Financial aka Gryphon Daily was served with court papers by the S.E.C. in cooperation with the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York and the U.S. Postal service and all of those working for Gryphon were arrested and all of the funds of Gryphon and the individuals were frozen by court order, the affiliation that the law firm Adorno & Yoss LLP had by responding to the responses of another person on your web site from one of their two offices in Ft. Lauderdale, FL there is going to be an investigation by the U.S. Attorney into what type of agreement and connection Adorno & Yoss had with Gryphon Financial as the statements made by the attorney supposedly representing Gryphon Financial were untrue and that untruth is clearly indicated in the indictments handed to those accused. This places Adorno & Yoss as accessory to the fact for which they can be held partially liable were the court to rule they are partially liable. In this regard I am requesting to contact Mr. Roger Burlingame of the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York at [protected] and inform them your firm has the URL of the Adorno & Toss posting so it may be tracked to the source. I would think you would rather cooperate with them on your own than be served a summons to provide all your records on any and all postings by the law firm Adorno & Yoss. There is a lawsuit pending by the S.E.C. and the investigation is continuing in full force and many people, including myself are to be interviewed by the U.S. Attorney’s office in the coming weeks. I will mention the fact of the posting made by Adorno & Yoss to the U.S. Attorney and I suggest you phone them on Monday April 26, 2010 and inform them prior to my informing them as they may just file an injunction against to cease and desist until they are provided with the URL of Adorno & Yoss to confirm that the posting by Adorno & Yoss was in fact made by Adorno & Yoss or made by someone else posing as Adorno & Yoss. Were the posting to have been from someone posing as Adorno & Yoss it will be necessary for the U.S. Attorney to have the URL of the person or company that made the posting. Were the posting to have been made by any of the principles of Gryphon Financial there may be additional charges filed against them, which if they were found to be guilty of will add additional time to the charges pending against them were they also to be found guilty of those charges and they all face possible sentences of 20 years in Federal prison. I suggest you make the phone call to the U.S. Attorney’s office and when you do make reference to Case No. 21494.

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  • Su
      3rd of May, 2010

    Thank you for posting this information. I was also a "subscriber" to Gryphon Daily and I too am out money. I plan on calling the US Attorney you listed to see how I can help and to see if there is any chance of getting any money back.

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  • Fl
      3rd of Aug, 2010

    I too was a victim of their extortion. They were unmerciful in how they treated me, they demeaned me, they made promises to me, they ridiculed me, they were terrible. I worked with Robert Vincent, who ended up moving me to one of the "Senior Partners, " Richard Lansa. The girls in the office all talked street talk and threatened you if you asked any valid question.
    I gave over $10, 000 and lost more than that. I plan to contact the US Attorney as well. It was pure fraud and extortion and I became a victim of their tactics. I did do a "charge back" once and boy did I get hit. Dummy me, I believed then and paid it back in hopes of making some financial gains in the market.

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