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This contractor is a liability. They are unsafe and unfit to work in your home... That is if they ever make it to your home. After using your personal possessions without permission they will perform half the work they were aupposed to then leave an unsafe a gas leak... or insufficient combustion air which leads to carbon monoxide... Or the heater will not stop running until you throw the breaker... Do NOT engage this contractor. You will be sorry if you do.

Feb 23, 2017
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  • Vb
      Sep 17, 2019

    I requested a plumber back in early August received a day for the plumber to come; only to receive a call a day before from a rep stating we need to cancel this service because the plumber they use only works half days on Tuesday. So now my appointment moved from 8/14/19 to September 4th. The plumber comes on that day but was only able to fix my toilet but was unable to fix my tub needed a screw or something so he placed an order & could not fix my sink. So now a young man comes to my home on yesterday did not know what he was supposed to do could not snake my sink because he only had a large snake & did not know how to fix the tub so now we are going on another day without my plumbing issue begin fixed. Keep in mind I had to pay a $75 deductible which was taken out before my service was even done I should have gotten my $75 back because of the poor service. So now I call on yesterday 9/16/19 spoke with another rep who apologized but this is of no help to me when I have water running in my bathroom and a water bill of $77 due to this. She assures me that I will be the 1st customer on 9/17/19 for the 12 noon time but guess what its now 2:30pm and the plumber is still working on his am customers & there is still one in front of me. This is ridiculous I had an issue like this last year with Greenway but it was a water tank I am going to have to find another home warranty company to deal with. The last time a nice gentlemen by the name of Devin Williams call me and had the water tank issue fixed and I appreciated the President of the company for doing that. I know everyone needs a job but the person must be experience you don't go to a job site and ask the homeowner so what do you want me to do you should have already known what the issue was before you came. V. Bryant Murfreesboro, TN

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