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In 2004 Great Seneca Financial who was part of Wolpoff & Abrams and Mann Bracken LLC obtained a default judgment against me in the Clay County Circuit Court in Liberty, MO. In 2004 I didn't get proper service as I wasn't living at the address that the papers were served to which lead to a default judgment that I didn't learn about till 2010. However Great Seneca Financial is now out of business along with Wolpoff & Abrams as well as Mann Bracken so their is no one to pay this judgment too. In 2004 when Great Seneca Financial obtained a default judgment without proving that the debt was mine nor did they provide the court with a detailed accounting of charges that they should have received from Providian thus leading to a judgment that should have never been entered due to Great Seneca's abusive collection practices. Now I'm trying to buy a home and I'm having a hard time getting this judgment released as I have filed 2 motions with the court to vacate and both times the court denied the motions stating that I need to pay the judgment even though I provided the court with Great Seneca's dissolution paperwork which I obtained from the state of Maryland. I've located one of the officers that was listed on Great Seneca's dissolution paperwork and that person told me they couldn't help due to the fact they no longer work for Great Seneca nor do they want to be affiliated with Great Seneca. I'm guessing that is due to the fact that Great Seneca violated a dozen FDCPA laws. I'm wondering what I need to do or obtain to get this judgment released. Surely there has to be a way to relieve a person from being held with a judgment when the company is no longer in business. Any help or advice would be great.


Nathan Young

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      Aug 26, 2016

    Nathan Young,

    My name is Steve Hofer, I am an attorney in Indianapolis Indiana. We have a lawsuit against some companies that are collecting Great Seneca Financial Corporation judgments.

    By the way, the following companies were in the same family, and they all went out of business in 2009. If you have a judgment by any of these companies, I would like to hear from you, and I can provide you with information and refer you to a consumer lawyer who is a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

    Centurion Capital Corporation
    Great Seneca Financial Corporation
    Colonial Credit Corporation
    Monarch Capital Corporation
    Platinum Financial Services Corporation

    Steve Hofer
    Consumer Law Office of Steve Hofer
    8888 Keystone Crossing, Suite 1300
    Indianapolis IN 46240
    (317) 662-4529

    I will post more information on my website at

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