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1 1300 S University Dr, #502, ZIPCODE 76107Fort Worth, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (817) 332-8009

When I joined Great expectation on the 6th of Oct of 2009 I was not going to signed up for any packages but Eva LaFavers and Jim Halpine guarantee that I was going to get at least 50% back of my money if within a year I did not meet anybody that I was interested and attracted to. Jim Halpine, Supervisor signed on the bottom of the Membership Agreement a statement stating: “GE guarantees Claudia will meet a minimum of ten men she is interested and attracted to in her first year or we will refund 50% of her membership.”

GE, false advertisement is against Visa regulations. I was promised that I was going to meet at least 10 men that I was going to be interested and attracted to, and Great expectations did not deliver such services to me. I did everything on my part. I went on blind dates, I went to GE events but GE always have the same old people attending their events therefore I never met anybody new nor my age. When I first joined GE she showed me pictures of guys around my age and good looking, but after I paid the $2, 500.00 with my Visa credit card, I went online to find the same guys and they were either taken or in-active. That is call false advertisement and it is against the law. If any guy was interpreted on me, they would go to the site and pick me, I would get an email stating that I have been chosen, and to view their profile and choose if I wanted to go out with them or not. The majority of the guys that picked me on the GE website could have been my grandfathers, they were not my type and I was definitely not interested on them.

GE promised and their contract read that I was going to meet at least 10 in one year, and up until now I have only met one, which is Derick. I paid for a promise that they made to me, but they did not deliver the services.

I want the full membership price back for emotionally damages. I tried to talk to Eva and explain to her what was going on. I sent her an email about my cancelation request and asking her to refund me the money but she stated that they do not refund. If I paid for services and I did not received what they promised, why should I pay for it? GE, Eva and Jim failed to deliver for what I paid for, therefore is nothing but fair for me to get 100% of my money back. GE, Eva and their staff are only interested on making customers enroll on their dating services for a high fee, but they do not care about customers emotional well being. I paid for services, I expect to get what I paid for and I never did.

Credit card purchases are protected under the Fair Credit Billing Act, therefore I am entitle to at least get 100% of my money back from GE for damages, false advertisement, lack of delivery of services. I tried to resolve the issue with Eva and since she stated on an email (a copy is attached) that they do not do refunds, I decided to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Texas Attorney General, the FTC and Bank of America. I believe that GE is taking advantage of customers, overcharging and under delivering. On my case, GE did not deliver the services they promised to me.

I am completely unhappy with my transaction with GE. Attach is a copy of the emails I sent, I called their [protected] number, I left messages after messages with Laily and Lauren, but all my efforts were worthless until I decided to file a dispute with my bank. I told Jim that I wanted my money back, and anything less than that would be unacceptable since they failed to deliver what I had paid for and for breach of contract. The services that GE promised were not deliver and the quality of services that they provide are poor, not worth GE being in business and stealing from customers. The level of services that GE provides is not worth the money they charge, GE is stealing and taking advantage of customers. GE should be put out of business and should be stop from committing such unlawful acts. GE have not deliver the services that they promised in writing and attach is a copy of the statement the Jim wrote and we agreed upon. I am dissatisfied of the way that Eva and Jim the representatives of GE Fort Worth have handle my cancelation request. The FCBA law protects me from GE wrong doing and the illegal ways of their dealings; therefore I am requesting 100% of my money back.
Jim Halpine and Eva LaFavers should go to jail for stealing from customers.

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  • Sw
      18th of Aug, 2011
    -1 Votes

    so did you ever get your money back? please help me too, as i was duped by the same place and cant do anything about it... please email me at
    hope to hear from you.

  • Sc
      28th of Sep, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I sent you an e-mail, I too am currently being duped by the company. Could you respond to my e-mail please.

  • 1c
      16th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I do not know why the FBI wont put this people in jail. what we need to do is report Great expectations fraud offices to the IRS and the FBI. the more complaints they get, the more they will take us seriously.

    Sweet get a lawyer, I got one 817 251 1040 Pebbles, he is in tx though.

  • Ra
      4th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    there are a great deal of money making schemes and scams so beware, I feel your troubled heart hope you and any body else can draw from my experience as well.

  • Cl
      22nd of Sep, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Yep this company is a fraud. They have now changed their name in the DFW area to Fort Worth Dating Company and Dallas Dating Company. They were also operating as Chicagoland Singles. A friend of mine told me that he dated the marketing director at some point and they practice predatory pricing tactics. Under the guise of background and credit checks to assure quality candidates, they run credit checks to see how much money they can get out of you. Whatever is left on your credit line is how much they will charge you for membership.

  • Om
      22nd of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    Thank You, all, so very much for your insight and valuable information. FORTUNATELY, for me, I have not taken that "first step" with this company!! However, they continue to hound me, expressing the desire that I stop by for a "90 minute interview" during which they will show me around the "facility, " get to know me, and get me started on the road to dating . . .

  • Jo
      17th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    Did anyone have success with a lawyer that didn't cost as much as you lost in Texas?

  • Om
      20th of Jun, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Nope. Everything remains: Status Quo. No "Lawyer, " and the folks at "Fort Worth Dating Company" stopped bothering me - once I told them that I had already met a young lady...on my own...with no help from church. As if !!!

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