Great Eastern Insurance / Agents Service failure and attitude problems

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Hi all,

Complain on an agent from Great Eastern regarding his service attitude and service failures.

This person was an online friend I knew and represented himself as a Great Eastern agent. We first had lunch together and since he was fine and I was interested in finding out more on investments, I told him about it.

I approached him regarding my interest, and not only was his not interested and was choosing his clients, he did not even outright reject me that he did not want to be my agent.
After some discussion, he told me he had some systems problem and couldn't meet me as usual and this I had to wait for 2 mths. Not only did he offered me an apology politely, he wasn't even interested in sharing some basic insights on the types of policies they had to offer claiming that he only do so after meeting me up.

I told him that I was fine with meeting him for an official discussion and even gave him the liberty to pick the date and time less the location. Not only did he inform me that he couldn't make it prior to the meeting, after asking him on SMS, he claims systems down again and wasn't in the mood to meet me up for an official discussion.

Throughout, he didn't even offered me any sincere apology nor initiate to reschedule the meeting, he immediately asked me to look for another agent instead. The other issue was that he had told me his schedule was packed due to his other clients, problem is if his systems is down and can't meet me, what's makes him able to meet other clients? This happened in the span of 2 mths where he said systems down.

I would like to go through an official complain regarding his unfair judging of clients and outright lying to prospective clients just not to meet a client.

Aug 20, 2014

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