Grasshopper Services / Lawn care and snow removal

I wish I had never stopped using the lawn service company I used before but I wanted one stop service for getting springs up and shut down, lawn mowing, and snow removal as I travel quite a bit and need good reliable service. Made a major mistake in choosing Grasshopper Services in the Lakewood, CO area as they will find every way possible to gouge you. After they turned our water off in early October they came and cut the lawn twice in November when it wasn't really needed and after it had already snowed. In September they were asked to do some pruning and cutting down of our wildflower bed so it would start germinating. This wasn't done until December after a bunch of snows and was worthless to do at this point. The poor pruning job is another point of issue. As for snow removed, it turns out they use shovels and are out when there is not enough snow to really be cleared and well under the HOA guidelines. Was told it was for their workers safety. Then the cleared three times in two days when the snow amounts didn't call for it but I was out of the country and couldn't try to stop them.

Tried talking to them on the phone to complain about the bills for services done poorly or done when they weren't needed so they could make money and we were met with - your bill will be sent to our collection agency. Wonderful business tactic.

Avoid them at all costs if you don't want to get ripped off.

Mar 01, 2016

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