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grants360 / rip off w/unauthorized charges

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This company advertises a month of service for $1.95 and then you can cancel if it doesn't serve your purposes. What they do is charge your credit card for the $1.95 and also for $38.21 for a Tax Refund Guide that you didn't authorize and also the next day $57.61 for membership.

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  • Ju
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    grants360 - ripped off
    Phone: 519-941-1537

    I applied for a grant at grant360, Im a single mom wanting to go back to school. I seen this advertised on facebook, so I filled it out and it was only suppose to be a charge of 1.95. Well it turned out to be 128.07 dollars before I even got a statement. To top it off I havent even received anything no mail or e-mails on this except a bill for 128 dollars. I used my parents credit card, and they want there mony back. We are looking into a few things, if I dont get the money back further action will be takin place. I felt that grant360 ripped me off. I will be willing to pay if I was able to received a grant for me to continue my education so I can better myself for my children and be able to be home with them in the evenings. Thanks for talking the time and I hope this will get dealt with before further action takes place.

    Thank-you Julie

  • Ka
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    grants360 - un authorized credit card charges
    grants 360
    United States

    And when looking at the link you see above there is an area of small print which descrides the charges ..This was not there when I signed up for the 1.97 grant information.. I know what is to good to be true usually is. If they are going to charge me 57.00 for information then the information should at least be good right..I think so. Then to charge me another 37 .00 for information about taxes which i never even asked for in just fraud plain and simple.

  • Te
      29th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I too tried something called a 7 day free trial. Free my toe how is being charged 1.00 processing fee free? After giving them my info I was told I would receive an e-mail with my login and password info, which I never received. I called to question this and was given the info over the phone. When I tried to use the website I was not even given a website that could be logged into. I called and cancelled their services. WARNING... You must call all three service numbers in order to cancel all the services they signed you up for.
    Finding the real phone numbers was a challange. One of the phone numbers I was given was a psycic phone line.

    Cancellation phone numbers
    FRAUD PROTECTION...800-712-7226
    EARN CASH FORM GRANTS...866-279-5581

    Make sure when you call to cancel these services you get the conformation # and agents name.
    I've cancelled I just hope this nightmare is over!

  • Th
      4th of Apr, 2009
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    These companies all rip people off since that's how they make money. They only offer a "product" so that they can avoid prosecution, not because the product has any actual value worth marketing. That being said, the fine print seems to confirm how their "free trial" works and is thus not going to help you in claiming that they ripped you off. In the future I suggest you read all of the fine print in the future to avoid (

    "For a limited time only, receive a free 1-day trial to our full grant package and research guide for a small processing fee of just $1.95. To cancel your trial, simply call 1.866.955.1669 within 24 hours and you will not be charged. After the trial period, you will be charged $57.61 for every thirty days of access to our grant resource. In addition to the grant guide, you are receiving this years tax guide, a one-time purchase of only $38.21, which will be billed to your credit card at the same time as your trial. Click here for our full terms & conditions for our risk-free trial offer."

    So basically their "free" trial costs $1.95, thereby invalidating the claim that it's free, and on top of that they charge an additional $38.21 for their mandatory tax guide. All in all the 1-day "free" trial costs $40.16. On top of that, it's extremely difficult to reach most of these scam companies, so anyone expecting to receive a free trial, review it for usefulness, and then cancel within a 24-hour period is slim to none, meaning the free trial is probably going to cost another $57.61 on top of the $40.16.

    They disclose all of this on the front page of their website, making it so technically they're not lying to you about the charges. Their business plan revolves about people like you, however, who sign up without exercising critical thinking and reading all of the fine print. They make almost $100 for setting up a webpage. Quite a grand business plan, eh?

  • Us
      7th of Apr, 2009
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    grants360 - charged outradgus price
    3145 Derieux Drive
    United States

    I was charged outragest price i thought it was a 1.97 then they added anouther 70 dollars i would like my money back they never sent me an e-mail.

  • Ja
      12th of Apr, 2009
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    Hello William,

    Our records now also show you have been issued a FULL REFUND. If this is not correct we invite you to post otherwise here.

    Grants 360

  • 52
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    grants360 - unautherized charges
    United States

    I signed up to grants360 for $195 but today found out that my account has been charged over $38.00 extra for something I didn't order. I'm contacting the fraud deprtment of my bank to sere if I can get help.These scam artist need to be stopped .They are preying on people who are trying to make it in today's mess economy and really NEED help not shafted by some nogood .

  • Ma
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    It was advertised for $1.95, I was charged that plus on my bank statement I just received today an additional $57.01. I am a student trying to get money for college and I can't afford this!

  • Da
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    grants360 - unauthorized charges

    charged a total of $128.56 which price was to be $1.89 which i did not email back to confirm enrolment

  • Ka
      19th of Apr, 2009
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    I have also been ripped off. I was to pay only $1.95 for shipping of the info about grants and have been getting constant new charges for over $90
    on my credit card - have received nothing for any of it.

  • Ki
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    On April 9, 2009 I signed up to recieve some information about grants thinking I was only going to be charged 1.95 but when I checked my account they charged me 1.95 plus 38.21. I called them to request my money back and I was told that I had to send a email to some taxguiderefund. Well I did that and still I've heard nothing and my money has not been refunded. This company is a scam and I would'nt advise anyone to sign up for anything they're offering. If you ask me they need to be prosecuted for scamming peoples hard earned money.

  • Ja
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    grants360 - Scammed
    United States

    This company like so many others have ripped me off as well. I got charged 1.97 for the first fee i agreed on, then I got charged 38.59 same day for a tax refund guide I never agreed to. I called the company they told me I needed t email the company. I emailed the company and they only gave me a partial payment of 25.00 back. Then I was charged 9 days later of 58.19. When I called the company they informed me that I had already cancelled and they have already sent a refund of 40.00. My big problem is that I canceled before they charged me again for 58.19. They are scamming everyone and everyone needs to know it.

    If anyone knows who I should contact let me know.

  • Gi
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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    grants360 - overcharge
    Baton Rouge
    United States

    I was overcharged on my debit card by I would just like my 38.21 that they overcharged me. I was only to be charged 1.95, I cancelled my subscription before 30 days. I first made the transaction on April 2, 2009, I noticed the problem and was credited the 38.21 back and Grants360 came right back and took my 38.12. This is the refund information my credit card company gave me, My name is Aleisha Jones .

  • Ro
      7th of May, 2009
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    The grants 360 website didnot make it clear that my debit card would be charged an additional 57.61 and 38.21 for a total of $95.82. I want this money refunded to my account. Reference no. 2193992 Thank you.

  • Ru
      12th of May, 2009
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    grants360 - unauthorised money out of my debit card account
    United States
    Phone: 18669781121/8669781125

    seen this add in my email easy grant info only$1.95 they took that no problem, then i see$38.21, then57.61 then 31cents then 02cents then 46cents, from 1.95 too, , $98.56, , i cant afford this rip off, i only get little over four hundred a month, , nowhere did it say anything extra coming out after the $1.95, , i was just trying too help my situation too do better, and got ripped off, now no money for food

  • Mi
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    I ordered free cd for $1.95 s&h. They then charged my account for $57.61 without my ok. They claimed I had 1 day to cancel offer.(never stated) then they offered to give me back $40.00 of the $57.61. Why only $40.00 I don't know. Am reporting to my bank, which says they are aware of this company and will give me back the entire amount. Something needs to be done about this fiasco!

  • Ce
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    grants360 - refund of money
    Cerise Thrift
    United States

    I was supposed to be charged $1.95 for shipping of a CD regarding grants. I was called by my bank and the said there was an extra charge of 56.71 charged to my account plus 6 cents (whatever that was for). I called today and asked them to cancel the order. Why in the world would they add an extra charge and not tell you? I will not ever do that again. This a learning experience. In fact, I won't order anything else online. The company should be put out of business. Is this how the government makes it's money?

  • Ri
      25th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    i want my money $24.61 put back on my card i did not ask or authorized this so please put it back . my code#2965841

  • An
      6th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I autherized a charge for 1.95 and the following day i was charged 57.oo. I want my money back now!

  • Be
      7th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes
    grants360 - anitra holmes
    438 SOUTH Anza St. 92020
    El Cajon
    United States

    it told me it was just $1.95 and that i was going to get an E-mail link it gave me a username an passwork already! The e-mail address i gave was but if there was a problem my other e-mal address is

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