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Anyone attending a presentation or who may have bought at the Mayan in Los Cabos should read this. On your presentation, one of the tricks they play is with the timeshare you currently own. You will hear in the presentation the they have this association with a company in Seattle, WA call the Equity Exchange Company. They will say that they will fax a request for the equity quote of your timeshare to this company. Then, if your property qualifies, they will give you that value towards buying their timeshare.

First of all, you should know that there is no such company. I have checked online and con not find it. Second, as an employee, I have seen that they simply give that form to a manager who decides what they think they want to tempt you with and them give it to a room boy/girl who will go into the back room, type in a couple numbers and then run it through their fax machine with the fake name and number for this mystical firm.

Knowing that you have a timeshare, they will inflate the prices you are being shown and at some point, will deduct that fictious amount to give you a screaming deal. You are paying the same price as anyone else but have been tricked to belive your timeshare has this great equity. Oh by the way, if you owe money on your timeshare, they will do what is called a corporate tax credit - this is simply bait and switch where they will take your timeshare but then give it back to you for a dollar because they have no intnetion of making any payments on it or to buy it outright. What they do with your timeshare after you give it to them is a mystery as the management will not tell the sales reps what they do with them.

Also you should know that another lie the closer will tell you is that they guarantee rent for whatever your buy. If you heat that, ask if it is in the contract and if for some reason you do buy there, make sure they add it to your contract because in reality, they cannot and do not guarantee any rent or future investment.

The project director Dean Lane has told us to say whatever it takes to make a sale, we hear he has this huge bonus the company has promised if he makes a certain level at the end of the year.

All I can say is that you should take a tape recorder or a note pad to ensure you have all the crap that they will tell you. If you happen to get one of the really worst sales reps or closers, do yourself a favor, agree with them, buy the trade and travel and then call Jack to cancel the next day.

If you don't buy something, they will keep you there for at least 3 hours and some have stayed up to 5. Some way to spend you vacation.

In closing, unless you are truely interested, don't go on a presentation. If you are that hard up for cash and only go to these for the gifts and money, well you deserve to be lied to and treated unfairly. Some of us sales reps are actually good people and are trying to earn a living for our family. Some of us are really honest but must tell you what our boss forces us to say or get fired.

I don't know if the program really does what we tell you, a lot of owners come in and complain but we do end up in many cases selling them more so who knows, anyway, take notes when you hear something too good to be true like, your unused weeks at the Grand Luxxe can be given back to the company for a refund of your maintenance fees if you don't use it or the guarantee rental or that the San Fransico Exchange company will give you 2 for 1 - well they do but you have to pay 300 bucks for that second week. Also if you buy into the Registry Collection, did you hear us tell you that it costs 250 per year to be a member and it is 250 for each exchange?

Good luck

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      Oct 06, 2010


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  • Ra
      Apr 03, 2011

    OK you own Grand Mayan and want to book a room in Cabo. Well, first you have to book within your 6 month booking window. Try it at midnight, 180 days out and you will find there is not a room available. Not the master suite you may own or the master room or the studio. Not one single room is available for you the member to use. Now you can go to and find rooms at the Grand Mayan Los Cabos and other Groupo Mayan resorts too. If you win the auction you will also find the room you couldn't get as a member available. You will also likely get it for less than your maintenance fees cost. So why spend thousands of dollars buying a timeshare ownership at a resort as owners that you can't get a room. Just buy it from skyauction. Also if you travel to Los Cabo and couldn't get your dates at the Grand Mayan. Stop by the resort and you will find as we did that it wasn't full. There are rooms empty for some reason owners can't get reservations. Don't buy a timeshare at the Grand Mayan unless you don't want to go there.

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  •   Apr 05, 2011

    Dear "razors edge",

    At Grupo Mayan, we do our best to make booking a vacation with us a simple and convenient process. We want for our customers to know how much we value them, and we would like to clear up any problems our customers are having with our reservation process. Our members are our priority.

    Some customers mentioned they had trouble making reservations through the appropriate website. These complaints come from users who are confused about making online reservations. This confusion among users is usually caused by navigating to the wrong website. Please go to to make online reservations. You must register to use the service, if you have any problems please contact us via phone at [protected].

    In other complaints, people voiced displeasure about having to book reservations online. We offer telephone reservations for our customers if it is more convenient for them and this is our recommended way of contact. The number to call for reservations is [protected].

    By using either of these resources should help clear up any complaints associated with customers who are having trouble making reservations.

    Some customers voiced problems booking reservations for the dates they wanted. We have many customers. Remember, the sooner you book, the better the chances are that you will get the exact dates you want. Most of the complaints that mention issues regarding reservations can be resolved by making reservations well in advance.

    We value our customers, and are doing everything we can to correct all of the complaints we have received from customers having reservation issues. If you have a complaint about reservations, following the previous instructions can help resolve or totally eliminate most issues. Otherwise, contact us at [protected] to be able to provide you personalized assistance.

    Thank you for your time.

    Karen Rose
    Customer Support Representative.

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      Apr 12, 2011


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  • Ma
      Sep 30, 2011

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  • Ld
      Jul 19, 2012

    Cryin Mayan!!!
    Do yourself a favor and DO NOT take part in the Grand Mayan timeshare presentation. Whatever they offer you, it will not be worth it.

    This group will say anything, and I do mean anything to get you into the presentation. We were lied to at the airport on the location of the property! When we first arrived, we were told they dont like kids and they had to leave. I was insulted at the start...They give you instructions to be "Respectful" during the presentation..I felt scolded before I even had breakfast! Once you are there they will be brutal in trying to get you to give over your hard earned money. There is no such thing as a 90-min. presentation. Some people have spent up to 5-7 hours being hassled by sales sharks.

    Especially watch out for "eric wilson".
    At our recent presentation, we filed a formal complaint, but now looking at the numerous complaints on trip advisor, I am sure this was just another days work for these folks and he is still earning a paycheck... were told Eric was going to be fired that day, but after reading reviews he has been there since 2011 threatening and harassing others. One review on July 17 on trip advisor sad he threatened to KILL them and knew what resort they were staying at and the room number!!! He will ridicule and harass you, this resort scam should be shut down!!!. Please - your vacation is not worth the money they will promise you. Many people just walk out without their promised gifts. Just walk away and be smarter for it. We will never go to another time share presentation again!

    The Grand Mayan Los Cabos is a timeshare scam.

    You have been warned.

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  • Ba
      May 06, 2013

    My husband and I purchased a Mayan palace timeshare, when we arrived at home my husband saw several negative comentarios on the internet, so we decided to call to cancel our timeshare, but we were out of our 5 rescission period, we didn't know what to do, we had been calling to the resort but they always said that our salesman and the sales manager were not available and they never returned our our calls. Fortunately enough, we were able to cancel, i recommend you to read this article from Mexican Timeshare Solutions on how to get out of a mayan palace scam:

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  • Fi
      May 07, 2013

    Just read Razors Edge report from 2011 and guess what? The same exact thing is true today (May 2013) as it was then. I am an owner and know how to make reservations on line, 180 days out and guess what? There are/ were no rooms available for Oct 2013. But I can and did go on sky auction and was able to book rooms for 33% less than my maintenance fee. When I bought my Grand Master Suite (2 bdr) in Cabo I was told that I would never have a problem booking at the resort. I have called 180 days out and gone on line 180 days out and there were never rooms available. We truly bought something that has no value or use. Even if I could I couldn't in good conscious sell it or give it to anyone. I watched as a sales person had an elderly (70's) women in tears chastising her for putting the future payments of her ownership on her heirs. "It will ruin their credit if they don't pay your contracted fees when your ownership is passed down to them. She was told that she must upgrade to Grand Bliss to eliminate the future problem. They kept her there from 8:15 until 4:15. She finally just got up and fled to the bathroom. The sales group is a pathetic bunch of lying scavengers. I wish I could have video taped and recorded their promises and antics. It would have made for the kind of publicity this group needs Beware there are plenty of evil beings lurking in Mayan Paradise and they will be preying on you if you attend any presentation by them.

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  • Th
      Oct 31, 2013

    We were also scammed with a Mayan Palace Timeshare. They claim they don't misrepresent themselves. Yet the promises and the drinks ease you into signing. Once you've done that, you are screwed. Through all the other initials on your contract, you realize you initialled, that they don't misrepresent themselves. Now you are up the creek. We had 2 timeshares they claimed that Alliance marketing would sell for us in 3 months max. We would recoup the money we paid at the Grand Luxxe and would net out ahead of the game. Well 15 months later, I am out $30k and I still have the original timeshares. I have also not heard a word from Alliance marketing in several months. Plus I found out they are a marketing group, thus not legally allowed to sell. I have had to take a 2nd mortgage out on my house. All the answers I have seen from the Mayan on various websites show they are not at all interested in helping out. Do they not have a concious?

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  • Lt
      Jan 30, 2017

    Went to Grand Mayan presentation (was told it was for something else) and was insulted by 2 of the 5 rotating salesmen there. We were escorted out a side door and had to ask one of the pool attendants where to go to receive our 70$ deposit. Do yourself a favor NEVER go to the cryin mayan; the mgmt. may have changed but the tactics haven't. Almost 5 hrs of wasted time and only my threats got us out of there

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