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Grace Removals / Goods damaged

1 Queensland, Australia Review updated:


The office staff were very friendly, helpful and accommodating, very reasonable quote as well compared

to other companies. The actual removalists were very pleasant to deal with as well.


The state my shipment of goods arrived in at the destination.

Everything left clean (even the computer desk which the uplift form marked as soiled/dirty, not even

dust was on that).

Everything arrived covered in dirt. Not dust, this was dirt.

I did expect a certain amount of dust would arrive with the goods, but not dirt and dead insects.

All the boxes left in good condition.

All the boxes arrived squashed and damaged.

It is basic common sense to put lighter items on top of heavier ones, common sense which does not seem

to have been applied.

Also it is common sense to put similar sized boxes on top of each other, not a smaller heavier box on

top of a larger lighter box so that the top box doesn't even have the support of resting on the edges

of the box below. This only creates a nice deep groove in the bottom box and puts pressure on it's


There were several hard plastic boxes that were cracked, broken and damaged.

There were several foam boxes that were broken and damaged.

One foam box full of computer equipment seems to have been demolished. It was very thoughtful to

include the last 2 pieces of foam that used to make up the box. Even more thoughtful to literally

haphazardly throw the contents into a cardboard box so that the books would get damaged, and disks and

equipment get tossed about. I have yet to check whether the equipment even works anymore.

I expected far better from a business whose primary function is to shift furniture around the world.

Twice previously I have used a heavy haulage company to transport boxes for me. The first time the

shipment arrived in excellent clean undamaged condition. The second time unfortunately the goods were

damaged and boxes were squashed and broken open. I decided the next time I would use a proper

furniture removalist, I thought with choosing Grace I had, sadly I was mistaken. The shipment of

goods arrived in as bad if not worse condition.

The only good thing I can say about the experience is that there was only minor damage (scratches)

caused to the goods themselves, and that while the boxes may now be completely unusable and cost me

$100 to replace it seems the contents have survived intact. (I did take out insurance but it hardly

seemed worth the effort trying to reclaim this sort of damage.)

I also did not appreciate feeling pressured to sign the form which stated that the goods had arrived

in the condition they'd left, even when I pointed out that all the boxes were damaged. And that the

company was timely. I was told they would arrive between 11am and 1pm. I rang up at 1:30pm and was

assured they would arrive in no more than 15mins. The truck arrived at 2:15pm, over an hour late. It

would not have mattered so much if I'd at least been informed it would be late.

But wait there's more. My shipment was the last to be delivered for the day. There was a large

plastic box without a number on it, it was not my box. I was repeatedly offered by the younger

removalist to take the box as it would mean they would've have to deal with it. So comforting to know

that it could've been my box out there being offered to a stranger. He didn't seem to know what to do

so I looked through the box and found some papers with a name on it. That name didn't seem familiar

to either of them but they took the box back. I hope the owner eventually recovered his possessions.

Truth be told, I did consider taking the box only to try and find the owner myself, as the attitude

seemed to be one of apathy. I thought better of doing so however as this is not my responsibility.

The icing on the cake was picking up a piece of a broken box from the ground behind the removal truck

as it drove away with a nice little form to hand in that said everything was in order and everything

arrived in as good as condition as when it was handed over.

Appalling, truly appalling.


Competitive price, good service, but be prepared for minor damage at the other end, even hard plastic

boxes are not safe, make sure everything is packed extremely well.


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  • Pa
      20th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Could you please contact me on

    I have had a similar bad experience, and I will not put up with it. I am building a group of complainants to take this higher.


  • Ch
      20th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have just received my furniture that I had shipped by Grace from Sydney to Los Angeles. I am absolutely horrified at what I have found. I am missing a 32 inch television, playstation 3 (including over 10 games and 4 controllers), an expensive block of kitchen knives, expensive clothing, expensive boots, hundreds of dollars worth of six flowers - not to mention the thousands of dollars in completely destroyed and damaged items. This move cost $50, 000 and I was told by a woman called Jenny that they were the best removal company in Australia. The American removal company that unpacked our furniture could not believe how badly Grace had packed things up. They were shocked that Grace had packed 50" plasma screens in their original boxes - advertising exactly what it was to any would be thieves. They were appalled at how hugely delicate items had been packed in flimsy boxes. The team of men (at least 8) that took 3 days to pack up my house in Sydney were useless. On the last day, we came home to find them about ready to drive off - an hour before scheduled. We insisted they come back down to the house to have a final check that everything had been packed and we found that they hadn't even packed up the bathrooms! We even joked that did the guy that was meant to pack up the bathrooms take the day off? Hundreds of dollars in toiletries and linens just left behind! After that - we found they had even left some artwork on the walls! Then we went outside and saw they had left some of our outdoor furniture!! Truly shocking! Not only that - but the insurance company says we need pictures of all items lost to claim. Grace told us all we needed to do was to send a list os all the items we had and their value. Which we painstakingly did as we have ALOT of stuff. Now we find out that was the wrong advice from Grace - and we could have saved ourselves countless hours of inventory by just taking some pictures!! I INSIST THAT ANYBODY CONSIDERING USING GRACE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. THEY HAVE LET US DOWN MASSIVELY.

  • To
      6th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Grace removals did a rush job at origin, quick to leave the house after packing. Did not individually wrap all fragile glass items. the packers just put everything into bigger boxes, no padding. Did not fulfil their promise of re-packing and padding at their depot. Upon unpacking at destination, some glassware were broken, mirror broke, and some plastic containers were badly dented and squashed out of shape, beyond repair and rendered useless. Rubbish incompetent liars who do not care at all.

  • Jl
      24th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I would never recommend Grace to anyone! The customer service over the phone was brillant before the move and when my goods arrived interstate, I was shocked to see the condition they were in. They were covered in dirt and dust and my furniture was covered in chips and scratches. I sent them an email and have heard nothing back this is what part of my email included: This is the list of items that have been damaged:

    1. Side Buffet- Lock was knocked off one door (I know have had this fixed and this unit is only 6 months old)
    2. 2 x Cardboard boxes were totally squashed and as a result the cardboard had actually popped out the contents was exposed- as a result everything was broken and had to be thrown out ( Please note that everything in these boxes was wrapped in paper followed by bubble wrap and then wrapped in towels or sheets.)
    3. TV UNIT- The front of the TV unit has 3 large chunks taken out of the top panel? I thought everything was wrapped in blankets
    4. Bedroom Suite (This is also only 9 months old)- There are a lot of chips and indents in the furniture
    5. Small TV UNIT- This TV unit handle was knocked off the bottom drawer and I have not been able to locate it
    6. Bedroom Suite bed side table- one of the drawers will not roll out as the tracks have been damaged

    Very disappointing!

  • La
      30th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree! my stuff was covered in dust, my furniture was scratched, dented and chipped, they rushed the packing (I was helping them pack because they were so rough with my things I couldn't trust them!) When It arrived at my new house they were in such a rush they dropped all my stuff off, shoved the papers under my nose - and asked me to "Sign these" to say the goods were received. Little did I realise by signing the papers and ticking the boxes I agreed they arrived in good condition and all of it was there. I called the complaints department and I have been handballed OVER AND OVER with NO resolution. Grace is THE WORST removal company I have ever dealt with, they are UNORGANISED, ROUGH, AND CUNNING! I will NEVER use their services again - and when I told them I had read people experienced similar problems (reading here) they brushed it off - Well I will be telling EVERYONE not to use their services because I have been Brushed off and Handballed to no end and left with dented furniture I worked hard for.

  • Gr
      9th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Appalling Company with dreadful attitude to customer service. Quoted a door to door delivery and then when the good arrived in the UK, demanded payment for the delivery of goods to a Uk address. There is no option to pay this or they won't deliver. When attempting to reclaim this money after the event, they either ignore you requests, or tell you that they have no responsibility for the additional charges, despite the fact the contact is with them. Add to the the amount of damaged sustained to the furniture during packing. The goods arrived and many items were damaged, in particular screw threads that had been ripped through wooden furniture by being force screwed the wrong way. This had to be done at the time of dismantling and packing the furniture, but at the time the Grace staff never informed us that they had broken the screw threads, instead just packed and shipped the furniture, leaving the problem at delivery stage. Best Advice - stay away from these cowboys, unless you want a truly horrific moving experience.

  • Fn
      18th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    oh how i wish Id seen these reviews before moving with Grace. We chose them as the office staff were pleasant and responsive to our inquiry, giving a reasonable, timely quote in comparison to other companies. After that it started going badly (in ACT) when two rough looking guys turned up on our doorstep and simply said 'wot ya got'... thats all. They were intimidating and didn't pack our goods as we had requested but left most of them in the shabby temporary boxes we had put them in ready to be packed. This obviously now has implications for the insurance, despite paying for the packing service and full insurance. To move my precious Electra bike I have no idea how it was protected, with an old towel I think. So, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best, 'she'll be right!'. A few months later, after our things had been kept in storage in Brisbane by Grace, we received our goods. To be fair, they arrived in good condition, apart from the flat tyre on the bike and the strange red stain on one of the boxes (fortunately it hadn't got inside). However, one box appeared to be 'double labelled'. One sticker looked torn, like it had been peeled from another box, which we now know is the case. They somehow 'lost' one of our boxes, and have tried to pass it off as double stickered. Having contacted Grace about this, their first response was 'there is no box missing'. I have now found a manger who seems to want to help, so fingers crossed but after reading the above Im really not holding out much hope for my box. Maybe i should start looking on Ebay for my clarinet and a large number of recipe books! One thing, my company is paying for my move and thus I have been able to withhold payment until delivery (they seem to accept a corporate agreement like that). Still optimistically withholding payment in the hope it might be an incentive for them to trace my box...

  • Fn
      26th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    An update - I got my missing box back! No idea where it had got to but Im relieved to say all my goods finally arrived at their destination shipped by Grace. I feel better towards this company now, as they eventually believed my box was missing and went and found it for me. Indeed, I found their office staff/communications quite acceptable (our reason to choose them in the first place). Would I use them again? I don't think so, but then maybe its better the devil you know...

  • Ro
      10th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    i left my goods in storage with grace removals in Broome Western Australia was in storage for quite some time then when we arranged for it to be transported to Bunbury depot thought great soon have all my gear back wrong they lost 2 pictures & 2 boxes containing dvd's computer programs for my business & music cd's as well as a lot of personal & business info on disc's, all my pictures that had been individually packed had some how wound up all lumped into a couple of cartons all jumbled together with no regard for damage.
    to date i have had no satisfaction they couldn't care less, their attitude was well what do you want us to do about it it could be anywhere.
    that about somes up these cowboys.

  • Br
      16th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    used grace for international shipping and domestic packing and storage. To sum up:
    international - damage and poor packing leaving goods disformed.
    domestic - pre paid storage only to receive threatening lettings regarding failure to pay invoicing and goods to be auctioned.
    Interested to see what industry or complaints body this organisation answers to. will be taking it further as incompetence should not be allowed to continue.

  • Ni
      14th of Feb, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I worked at Grace Moving in Sydney for a while as a removalist. I'm from a foreign country so I thought it was good to make some money.

    First day the boss or warden or whatever berated everyone that it's not OK to drink beer while driving to a client. Apparently some workers had been doing that. Anyways. Without any knowledge me and some pothead was sent out to pick up furniture and deliver them to the clients new home. This process took quite some time - I believe we worked about 10-11 hours that day. Some items was destroyed (not by me thank god) but the client still gave "us" some tip. Meaning I didn't get ###.

    Do not hire these guys, they are awful, the boss is awful and they are doing an awful job.

    And oh I didn't get paid by Grace Movers. At all.

  • Ju
      2nd of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    I used Grace to move from one side of the city to another in Brisbane.
    I also used their full packing service.
    The principal packer is their permanent staff but others are foreign workers on overseas work visas and do not speak very good English. This made working alongside them with instructions, very difficult.
    We were to make a short-term move before purchasing and settling. So, certain boxes needed to be clearly marked for usage now and the rest were to be stored in the large double garage at the rental property.
    There was a lot of stress in the move as only 2 containers were ordered and 3 were required.
    I paid in excess of $6k for the move.
    Upon arrival the unloading was chaotic and many marked 'for now' or what they call with their green stickers 'on forward' were stacked in the garage and we were left with no pots and pans, glassware or essentials.
    Several fragile furniture items were not professionally packed and arrived damaged and broken. Also, a heavy piece of a cement fountain was left on the side of the driveway.
    I attempted to call their Brisbane depot to discuss my concerns that items were broken, lost and damaged.
    After 6 calls I spoke in person to the Manager and he promised to investigate, the situation and to call me back before the end of the week. He also promised me to get some staff out to find our essential boxes and get the concrete bowl off our lawn.
    None of this ever happened. I never heard back from them.
    If a Manager of Brisbane operation is unable to follow up essential customer service what hope is there for anyone using their services?
    Needless to say, I wont be using them again on our forward journey.

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