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I purchased a stater kit & Accessories for 19.98. I got my credit card bill in the mail today and find they charged me 99.99 on 03/06/12 for something I havent yet gotten.

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  • Md
      30th of Jul, 2012

    I too was charged $99.99 on my credit card. I have called the company Gpn Fastecigs 877 210-9580. I have in no uncertain terms advised them to refund my credit card or I WILL take action. Just another SCAM COMPANY.

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  • Ri
      27th of Aug, 2012

    i too was billed 99.99 0n charge card, for no reason, all i got was a sample for4.95. i have not called them as of yet, too early in the morning

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  • Lo
      24th of Sep, 2012

    My husband was sent an email -- He is a smoker and had tried Blue Cigs so when he got this email he desired to try their $ 4.95 trial offer. Not realizing that as a trial offer he was to be charged on a later monthly subscription. When he rec. an email saying his order had been shipped he 'spaced it out', wondering why he got two little packages of four cartridiges. --- The kicker? My, his spouse's credit card, has been billed for $99.99. for something that should not cost more than $50.00 and then has it set up on a monthly, automatic, payment schedule.! Besides reporting it to my bank as a fraud, I will be taking what I have on this to my local District Attorney's Fraud Unit!
    Lovetra M. Sullivant

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  • Pe
      20th of Oct, 2012

    At first they sent me a refund on my card and I called them and cancalled it when they sent me some refills but they still charged my crredit card. I don't know what to do but contact my bank and have them to stop the account.

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  • Gp
      22nd of Mar, 2013

    I was also charged $99.99. Called company and got so upset...did not order anything. They finally agreed to give me half my money back $50.00 but have confirmation on that. I called bank and they are disputing charge. It is totally unreal. Companies should not be
    able to rip you off like this.

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  • Dy
      27th of Mar, 2013

    OMG I just noticed they charged me the $99.99 on my bank. I never saw anything saying there was a recurring charge. I am calling them to get a refund and cancel any future charges. I will be contacting my bank as well. Wish I had read these reviews. I just spoke to Allen and he said he would cancel future shipments and to keep the current one. I said no I wanted a refunded and would sent the shipment back. He said he could refund $50. I said no I wanted a full refund and would send the stuff back. He said he would do a $50 refund and then the rest would be refunded when they receive the shipment. I asked for a RTC number and he said it will be emailed to me. I will be sending the shipment certified/return receipt. I don't trust them to say they got it. I want proof so I can make sure i get the rest of my money. I hope this helps someone avoid this issue in the future.

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  • Mi
      13th of Aug, 2013

    I knew this was too good to be ###ing true, I was also charged $99.99 and it said do a survey from itself and pay $9.00 worth of SHIPPING

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  • Li
      1st of Dec, 2013

    OMG It happened with me too. I was signing up for the library and this e-cig showed up at my screen telling me that I won something and I just had to pay $4.95 for the shipment, the problem is they didn't say it was a trial, they said it was a gift. Somebody called me later and tried to sale me more products and I said that I didn't want to pay for anything, he could say that I should cancel in 15 days or that I would pay for the e-cig anyway but he let me think that its was ok and I didn't have to pay anything else. Then I give to my friend as a gift because he is trying to stop smoking. Imagine my surprise when they charge me $99.99 and I called them back they said they could refund $50. I said no I wanted a full refund and would send the stuff back. He said he would do a $50 refund and then the rest would be refunded when they receive the shipment otherwise if I want to keep the equipment I should pay $19.99 . I spent 5.65 with the shipment and I would spent I don't know how much more to send back, and how can I tel my friend to give me back his gift? I was forced to pay $19.99 for something that you can buy at THE ALI EXTREME site for les than $5.? I want to do something about it because im feeling so betrayed, they do it on purpose, I will try what the Loretra told, besides reporting it to my bank as a fraud, I will be taking what I have on this to my local District Attorney's Fraud Unit! I will post this review everywhere that I can.

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  • Ke
      29th of Mar, 2014

    Same thing happened to me they only said I would be charged 4.99 next thing I know Im being charged $99.99 and also 19.99 a month for extra refills, I did not see anywhere where on the page where it said I was being charged for all of that, they only refunded $50.00 and said when it is returned I would get the rest of my money big time scam!!

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  • Bo
      1st of Jul, 2014

    My husband got the starter kit for $9.99. He called and cancelled, when I told him they would keep sending refills at $99.99. After he called and cancelled he received a package of refills in the mail and the credit card was charged. He called to complain. They said they could only refund $50 - as they don't refund shipping and handling!! And if you don't send the starter kit back they will charge $99.99 for it. He mailed back the refills and the starter kit. That was just this morning so will see what they actually refund. This, in my opinion, is a scam company.

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  • Al
      25th of Aug, 2014

    I was charged $ 99.99 for E cigs that I did not want this & I want my money returned now .Alice Wallen 3140 whittington Dr, North vernon, Indiana

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  • Bi
      10th of Sep, 2015

    iwon a gift from cable company (just $4.00 shipping) I started filling out the form then I saw recurring fee 99 a month so I quit filling out the form .the next morning I got a call, the guy told me I wouldn't be charged $99 just the $4.99 I got charged $99 plus 4.99.i called to send back then guy offered me 2 boxes (10 refills ) for 19.95.imstill one my first cig .willsend back anymore

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  • Ch
      19th of Feb, 2016

    I just received my bank statement and was very shocked that there was a charge of $99.95 on the statement. What is going on, I did not order this and right now am trying to call 817-2109580 to dispute the charge. Next I will call the credit card co. I did not order this and do not want it. . Spam scam. DO NOT SEND ANYMORE !!! THIS CARD WILL BE CLOSED. Charlotte

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  • Aa
      19th of Apr, 2016

    Who ever this company is, they are committing several crimes. I made it a point to not select anything that would attach a roll over payment.
    They literally stole that $100 dollars from my bank account. If anyone needs my participation in any action against these thieves, I can be reached at [protected]@

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  • La
      13th of May, 2016

    This is is a total scam...for taking a quick survey through this is what I get, a 100 dollars stolen out of my account. I intend to take this up with Amazon, as well as reporting this as a SCAM. I have filed a police report, as well as internet theft of money with the FBI. I spoke with "Kayla" and "JP", certainly no real names or last names, somewhere in California, then send the ecig stuff to Missouri...I PAY POSTAGE OF COURSE..

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  • Ja
      23rd of Jul, 2016

    You are criminals! How dare you deduct a second $99 from my acct. I will retaliate. You can be assured! James Mackovich.

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  • Fr
      24th of Sep, 2016

    Went to Sears to buy a electric can opener (girlfriend had to have a red one). Cashier said to take survey online that they had several winners, so I did. Said I could get e sig for free just $4.95 shipping. I sent for it and got it, but later was charged $99.95. will be contacting my bank as so as they open.

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  • I received the same charges on my credit card and agree with the comments above. It's a scam. N. Flaim

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  • Ti
      19th of Nov, 2016

    I To was Chrged $99.00 on my Credit Card today for something i never got its a fraud and a scam

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  • Vo
      11th of Feb, 2017

    I saw a commercial for getting a ecig for just 9.95 I tried it for my daughter and a month later I get a charge of 99.95 on my debit card
    What total ripoff scam

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  • Ar
      3rd of Feb, 2018

    Did the same survey as others and was offered the cig for shipping costs only to end up with a $99 charge. They should not be able to do business this way! Someone gets wealthy off this kind of business and should have their money taken away...Is there any way to f o so?

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  • Mo
      9th of Feb, 2018

    I was also charged $99.99 by this company and disputed the charge with my bank and had to cancel my card and get a new one, and still was out that $100. My bank would not refund nor would this company.

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