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GOTTSCHALKS / Horrible customer service!

1 Sacramento, CA, United States

I had the WORST experience in Gottchalks (Sacramento) last night. I went to return a product that was given to me as a gift. I called earlier that day and spoke to a woman in the lancome dept telling her my situation (no receipt) and she said that they would give me store credit. I was fine with that. I drove there in the rain, went inside and asked to return the product. The woman there, Angelique, asked if I had the receipt. I said I did not and that I had spoken to Melissa (her manager) earlier in the day and she had said I could bring it back. She said, well it doesn't have the price on it so I cant return it. WHAT?!?! What GIFT would have a price on it?? I was calm (no reason to be upset yet) and told her I had already spoken to Melissa and explained that it was a gift and she said its fine to bring it in. Well, this woman insisted there is nothing she can do because they returned the product to lancome at the end of 2007 (its jan 8) so she doesn't have a sku and I cant return it. I tell her "Its a lancome, these items don't go on sale, there is only one price, find the sku, call another store, find it on paperwork, etc, DO SOMETHING, find a solution because you are not being paid to tell me 'there is nothing you can do'". She still insists there is nothing she can do and I ask to speak to her manager. She calls the manager and on the phone she's smirking saying "I already told her that... I already said that" so I tell her "ask your manager to come down here". Here comes this PIST OFF pregnant lady who tells me the same thing and that the SKU is in Melissa's office so she cant get it and thats it - I cant return it - I have to come back. Apparently Melissa leaves everyday at 5 pm, and I'm not a stay at home mom - so there is no way I can come during her work hours. I tell them "Dont just tell me there is nothing you can do - FIND THE SKU # SOMEWHERE, CALL ANOTHER STORE - I mean, why is it so easy for these reps to tell customers there is nothing they can do?? So the pregnant woman huffs and puffs and jerks her head as she gives me attitude saying "i'LL CALL THE AREA MANAGER... I WORK 2-3 JOBS AND ETC ETC" . Long story short... I received really bad customer service from Gottchalks - I'm done with them - and will probably not even use the store credit. Anybody want it? $40 bucks... I just don't want to step into that store anymore.

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