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Purchased two Siamese kittens for 1800. Was assured they were healthy and had been to the vet for shots. Veterinary signature on documents states kittens were in good health. Henri Pelletier of Gotier Siamese emailed me the pedigree but the one that arrived with the kittens had a different date of birth. Clearly some shady stuff going on. However the most alarming concern was their state of neglect and poor health. These kittens are literally covered in fleas and blood from flea bites. Both have upper respiratory infections and one is severe. I am pasting my email to him below.

I'm at the vet right now with the boys. One has a severe upper respiratory infection. They have obviously not been well cared for considering their condition and the fact that these are not new fleas. They are riddled with bloody bites all over their little bodies.

I intend to lodge a complaint against the vet on the paperwork for signing off on their "health". Speaking of forged documents, I also noticed that the pedigree you sent me has a different date of birth than the one you emailed me earlier. Not that I care about the paperwork for the inhumane and selfish reasons breeders such as yourself do, but the fact that you have already produced false information makes it impossible to determine whether these two have ever received proper care such as vaccinations and deworming since it is yours and your vet's word claiming such----neither holds weight considering their condition.

Know that I intend to report your cattery to whatever governing bodies have the authority to decommission a place with deplorable conditions, you are clearly violating federal laws that protect innocent animals from being treated this way. And know that I intend to share my experience with your cattery with anyone and everyone that may listen or read. This type of animal cruelty should not go without repercussions...and I am the most tenacious person you have ever met with an unmatched conviction for animal rights.

I've attached a few pictures of these precious kittens' injuries under your care--i hope to God it keeps you up at night. This is what people will associate with YOU and YOUR Cattery. You should be ashamed.

Gotier Siamese Cattery

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    Sometimes words and pictures aren't enough. Sometimes people are understandably skeptical. For those who fit the above, there is a dedicated website to substantiate these claims. If after viewing, you're deciding not to consider Gotier, I would ask you reconsider. It's these catteries run by these type of people where the kittens are suffering. By "purchasing" from bad breeders, you are essentially rescuing these little angels. I wouldn't trade my two boys for the world. I love them with all my heart and a little over a year later, in a strange twist of fate, I'm glad I stumbled upon Gotier. I can only hope this experience has communicated that there are consequences for neglecting the kittens, and I hope as a result, it has improved Henri's care of the kittens. If he has not, I can only pray these little babies will be bought up as quickly as possible so they don't spend any more time than they have to in the conditions that mine did at Gotier.

    Please visit
    For access to all documentation substantiating this claim; including documents from the USDA and Florida Dept of agriculture.

May 10, 2017
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      10th of Oct, 2017

    Both the USDA and the State of Florida Dept of Agriculture investigated these false claims and each determined they were totally without merit.
    Henri Pelletier of Gotier Siamese posting.

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