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Goodwill, Guadalupe and Rural, Tempe, Arizona / customer snatching an item from my cart while I was paying for it.

1 Tempe, AZ, United States Review updated:

1/27/2018, 50% off Saturday.
I saw the large ride-on toy I wanted in the toy area. (I buy toys for children in a couple of local domestic violence shelters.) I was a bit surprised to still see the toy, because I did not get to the store early on sales day. However, no children or adults were around the toy, there was no sold tag on it, and it was not in a cart. As I was about to turn a corner with the toy in my cart, some kid hollers to me that the toy belonged to his brother. Yeah, right. No kid was around the toy when I popped it into my cart, kids are always proprietary about toys that's why they fight over them, and no adult with money was around to lay claim to it.

So, I am in the process of paying for the toy when a woman comes up to my cart and removes the toy---saying that the toy belonged to her grandson. The cashier and I stood there befuddled. She asked me if I wanted the manager, and I nodded. The first manager doesn't know who to believe, so he gets the main manager. When the toy grabber sees the final manager, she begins to speak to this manager in Spanish---so that I can't understand and to let the manager know that they share ethnicity. I felt like I was not going to get unbiased treatment because of that. The manager stated that if we could not come to an agreement she would remove that toy from the store and no one would get it. How about reminding that woman to designate that an item was in the process of being purchased. Daaaa! I would not have taken it if there was a sold tag on it, or a kid in it, or if it were in a cart. You can't just expect people to intuit that you have dibs on an item. I was made to feel like a criminal---for what? Buying a toy for a domestic violence shelter?!!

Turns out that the woman rolled the toy over to me, because I wasn't going to give up---I had done nothing careless and nothing wrong! She was making excuses about why she wasn't around the area to lay claim to it. So? There was no way for me to know that the toy was in anyone's mental shopping cart---let alone someone who was not in sight.

You'd think that this was the end to the drama, but nope. As I was once again in line waiting to check out with the same toy, the woman left her cart to bring her grandson near me to put on a show. She was telling him, "Don't let her see you cry. Cover your face. Hide your face. Don't let her see you cry." Can you imagine the idiocy of this? The manager felt sorry for the woman who snatched the toy from my cart at check out, and opened up a register to ring her up with special treatment---compensation for the mean witch who couldn't read the mind of an invisible person.

Now, every time I check out at Goodwill I will feel compelled to shout out, "Before I pay, is there anyone in the store who wants something from my cart?" Thanks Goodwill at Guadalupe and Rural in Tempe, AZ for the pleasant shopping experience of being made to feel like a witch, a criminal and absolutely the wrong ethnicity.

  • Updated by CMC2294, Jan 28, 2018

    #1---I only posted on one site. The other post you read must have been written by the grandmother who took the toy from my cart. I have no use for the toys I buy but to donate them to kids who leave their homes with NOTHING!! I have no grandchildren, I don't sell things on e-bay, and I can't fit into that plastic toy. #2---When I was checking out for the last time, grama LEFT her cart and PUSHED the grandson O-V-E-R to me to let me S-E-E him cry. It was a cruel and purposeful PLOY. She used him to try to intimidate me. You're right, it wasn't idiocy, it was deliberate grandson ABUSE. The store's cameras should have captured that, but there will be no motivation to watch the truth. #3---He was a five year old---too big for a toddler's toy. I bullied no child and certainly no TODDLER. #4---When you are shopping, don't you designate your intent to purchase---usually by putting items in your cart? If you don't do that, how is anyone supposed to know that you intend to purchase them? Oh, I forgot, we'll know when you snatch things out of our carts at check-out. #5---The LESSON that the grandmother and grandsons should learn here is to DESIGNATE what you intend to buy. DAAA. Most people "get" this concept!!! It prevents trouble. I hope you've learned this now, too. #6---I expected to get comments from bleeding hearts. Truth is---the boys and grama were careless and they screwed up, but I didn't know that until the toy was snatched from my cart. I wasn't the one who was careless, I'm not a mind reader, and I don't like paying for someone else's mistakes. Being straightforward and sticking up for what's right does not make someone a bully---even when a child cries, even when a grama wants to be a heroine. If I were that grandmother, I would have admonished the boys. "See, you should have stayed with the toy instead of wandering off. Guess that toy wasn't so important to you, hah? Now you suffer the consequences of being careless. I hope you've learned." I certainly would NOT teach them to lie about what happened and to play the victim in order to cover up for carelessness and mistakes. That's also child abuse.

  • Updated by CMC2294, Feb 01, 2018

    The toy got snatched from my cart while I was with the cashier. My debit card had already been swiped. I didn't know some adult was going to buy that toy.

    Grama was shopping somewhere else in the store. The kids were NOT with the toy. How was I supposed to know they had dibs on that toy? SEE, that's the question!! Is that simple enough for you to absorb?

    Grama didn't get the toy---that's why SHE complained. I complained because someone SNATCHED something from my cart and started all this. A shelter in the Phoenix area has that toy---not Grama.

    For me, it's the principle of all of this. That Goodwill is abused by Mexicans. People get in line early on half-price Saturdays, and Mexicans, usually in groups of three, will push the early-waiters out of the way so they can get through the doors first. Before half-price day, the Mexican "Goodwill mafia" will stash designer clothes in suitcases and try to get out of the store just by paying for the suitcases. I've watched them do it for over a year. I've mentioned it to cashiers, but no one seems to care---so I started thinking that there might be store complicity. That's why I got my back up when Grama right away started speaking in Spanish to the store manager. Grama pulls a toy from my cart while I was paying for it. Who does that?!!! Someone who thinks she has the power to break NORMAL rules.

  • Updated by CMC2294, Feb 01, 2018

    How do you know someone SAW it first if they were NOT AROUND when you put it in your cart? This has been explained many times. Do you not comprehend what you read, or are you just so invested in bullying me that you can't THINK.

    I see a lot of items first. If I want them, I put them in my cart. I'm never going to take something from someone else's cart claiming that I saw it first. NEVER.

    Do YOU do things like that?

    You have a point about why the manager opened up a register to check grama out separately. I still think it was to placate grama. However, the manager MIGHT have KNOWN that the grama did not have a stable personality, and getting her out of the store rapidly would prevent more trouble. After all, the grama pushed the child in front of me, promoting the crying, EXPLOITING him to bully me. Grandmothers who care about their grandchildren would try to smooth things over, would use the event as a teachable moment---"you want a toy, you don't abandon it in a store." But, no. She promoted his crying by pushing him toward me, using him to bully me----that's ABUSE because it exacerbated his discontent.

    But, actually, how IMPORTANT was a toy that was abandoned by ALL of them?

  • Updated by CMC2294, Feb 01, 2018

    When I shop for toys, kids are ALWAYS saying, "It's mine." The parents always shake their heads or say something to indicate that kids always want everything, but they aren't the ones paying for it. There was no adult anywhere around. AND, the kids were not in the area.

    Actually my parents never did let us wander around by ourselves, tearing up stores. Did yours?

  • Updated by CMC2294, Feb 02, 2018

    Kids are always telling me that toys are theirs. Kids are very proprietary---that's why they fight about toys. " MINE, MINE, MINE." I'd never buy toys if I listened to kids when they tell me that toys are theirs---they do it ALL the time. I'd only listen to the adults that have the money. But, adults always put the toys in their carts when they want to buy them---or get a sales ticket taped to the item. That's how it works---I thought EVERYONE knew that until last Saturday. My eyes have been opened by the ignorance I have confronted. You all shock me.

    By the way, "wonder" is not the same as "wander." It is a testament to your arrogance that YOU would question MY educational level.

  • Updated by CMC2294, Feb 02, 2018

    First, "grama" is an often used colloquialism. It was not misspelled accidentally----unlike you and "wonder."

    Secondly, your last name is what I expected---which is why you are so defensive.

    And that toy, if it had been sequestered to the back room, would have eventually ended up with the Spanish speaking grama.

Jan 28, 2018
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  • Fi
      2nd of Feb, 2018
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    Ignore the poster hat you are arguing with. He is trying to get you to reply back to A. Troll, and B. Make his post count go up. While I disagree with you about the racism and accusing the grandmother of child abuse she is doing a poor job of him. She is setting a bad example by grabbing the toy from the cart what you paid for. But i also think that the reason the cashier served her was not due to special treatment, but because she did not want to hear some child cry and the adult not take care of him. If he really is five years old then he would outgrow it in a year. Instead of allowing snatching the toy she should have told him that he has lot of toys, and the kids that you are giving it to have nothing. That if he does not stop crying she will put everything back and not get him anything.

  • Jo
      2nd of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    The woman who picked up the toy, had it in her cart and checking out at register with toy has rightful possession. Imagine this happening in a grocery store concerning a food item. Does the item sitting on every shelf automatically belong to someone located somewhere else in the store so that whenever another customer puts an item in their cart, they are to defer back to that random person laying claim to what s/he was too busy/distracted/undecided to put in their own cart and check out with it? The immature, manipulative and disagreeable person is the person with the crying child and had absolutely ZERO right to remove something from someone else's buggy : 1) she had an opportunity to give her grand/child a teachable lesson in manners and 'first come, first served' values 2) she had an opportunity to show her how a mature adult behaves when you don't get your way or things take a turn in a direction you didn't anticipate 3) she showed her grand/child that lying to a store manager to try to persuade him/her was appropriate when she was indeed wrong. The women who rightfully purchased the toy SHE loaded in her cart and SHE paid for should not bother wasting her precious time and words on someone who is so infantile and ignorant of any courtesies that she demonstrates only being capable of dumpster-diving with her level of manners. Amen.

  • Jo
      2nd of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Jo Billoh Jo Billoh, thanks for defending me. All the other users except for firstorntriplet are ignorant. While I do admit that I lied about donating the toy to the shelter. The whole point is the toy was in my cart and grama said that it was her grandson's. I told her that I hope her grandson dies because he is such a brat. I do admit that the grandson was holding the toy, I pushed him aside because there was no adult around to pay for the toy. I had already had the toy in my cart and was about to pay for it when the grama snatched it from my cart. Her older grandson informed me that I had pushed his younger brother. This was only because he did not let go of the toy. Then the manager came and started talking to the grama in Spanish. I was forced to lie and claim that I was donating it to the shelter to get the toy for my own nephew. Well my nephew has the toy now. Honestly if the Grama and manager want to live in our country they should earn how to speak in English. Once again thanks for defending me. No one else did.

  • Je
      2nd of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    Sure, seeing something first does not give you ownership and certainly does not give you the right to take something out of someone else’s cart. I will stand with you 100% on that. In fact, I was entirely on your side until you started throwing a fit about “Mexican Mafias” taking over Goodwill. What the hell are you doing on that side of town, where a generous amount of Mexicans live, if you don’t want to associate with them? In fact, what the hell are you doing in Arizona? I was born and raised here and have only ever heard complaints like that from transplants. Stay in the Midwest if you can’t stand the sight of brown people. Changing topics, have you ever considered that there was a reason that little boy wanted that toy so badly? Maybe his grandmother can’t afford new toys for him. What makes this little boy so different from the ones in the shelter? Ill wager a guess that you just didn’t like the color of his skin. I’ll concede the toy was rightfully yours, but come on. Be the bigger person. Do the right thing, not the thing you think is “right.” Obviously you have a guilty conscience about it if you feel the need to keep defending yourself.

  • Jo
      2nd of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @JessJessJess I am not throwing a fit. I am just staring the truth. Besides this is my country not theirs. You brown people need to leave our country. Of course his grandmother could not afford the toy for him. These people just come to our country to live of welfare. The whole point is who takes a toy from someone else's cart. I do admit to lying and saying that i was going to donate the toy to the domestic abuse shelter. I doubt that people from Goodwill will read this, so I will confess that the toy is really for my nephew. I only lied to the manager about donating the toy so that she will think I am doing a great deed. I even came up with the story that I was abused by my own father and had to stay in a shelter and had nothing so I wanted to make a kid who is in my situation happy.Maybe the grama should get a job instead of living off our money. This may be a town where Mexican's live. But this is not their country. They should go home and Trump should build that wall. I am surprised that that little boy is not in a domestic abuse shelter himself because we all know how Mexican people are violent and beat their family. This grama proved all the bad points of Mexicans when she stole the toy from my cart. Yeah I did grab it away from the boy but there was no adult around to pay for it and kids are alway saying that the toy is theirs. Usually the parent is not far behind and lets me have the toy.

  • Er
      6th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Jo BilIoh I totally call B.S. on this post. No way is this from the original poster. No way. This is probably ccarede on a different account.

  • 0 Votes

    @Erikst It was her. you can tell from all her original posts that she is a liar and would lie to get what she wants.

  • An
      4th of Feb, 2018
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