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Please, don’t do business with these thieves, they are running a huge scam. They stole my money and I don’t know what to do. I called them countless times, but every time I called there was loud music, so I could not understand a thing they said! Even the Dubai government can’t do anything. These people are not human, their are just criminals and liars. Please, stay away from this company, save your money.

Sep 18, 2014
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  • An
      Sep 18, 2014

    Hi dear
    I am another victim i really dont know how i pay i think they put something in their coffee because i dont remember giving them my card and how i sign without reading the contract because when i read the contract at home this was so different 13 weeks all lies even one week in goa they are giving me for 1200$ which i can get through tripadvisor for 800$ please help me how i can get my money from them they even showed me burj ul arab for 200$ a week but know they say that in dubai we have some enirates grand and i have to book before 9 month and the price will be 999$ for 2 person ### i can get betteroffer from any booking hotl sites everything they say is all lies please be carefull and never even go to their place because the put something in their coffee they wiil take your money

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  • Ma
      Sep 19, 2014

    from golden weeks everyone who suffered like me to come forward, contact me on my mobile phone +971509275361 and lets March in to the deira Police Station together with what ever papers or evidence of Presentation that you haveon you to present the case to them.With my first posting which they saw after a month when a client of them gave a print out( may be another sufferer) i got a call from them where they threaten to me. Contents of this call, the caller name and the number where this call was placed from is already registered on my mobile phone which I will share with Local Police authorities. I need you all to come forward and support the cause. My cause and your cause to get back our hard earned money from these People working in a organised way,
    practices taking place under the nose of crime detection authorities.

    ! Report Spam

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  • Ma
      Sep 19, 2014

    I need help some one from the Police undercover here in Dubai who can help me recovering this money from The Vacation International Staff who are gang of people and guide me advise me how can we tackle this case amicably where they can return our cash and we go our way. I need help I am family man with one small child to take care.

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  • Vi
      Sep 20, 2014

    their so called free gift dont beleive this they will never give you anything you have to pay for the food which is compulsory and its around 80$ per person 80*2*7 tthey will charge you 1120$ for 2 person accomodation only and they call it free shame on can find 5 star hotel accomodation for 500$ in greece and egypyt so know you decide

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  • Na
      Sep 20, 2014

    Are you a victim o Golden weeks timeshare fraud?You’ve answered a
    phone call and attended a free presentationabout making money from
    a timeshare property investment. You have already signed a contract
    and have agreed to pay a joining fee.What should you do if you’re a
    victim of timeshare fraud?Stop contact immediately and don’t pay any
    further money to the fraudsters.Report it to Action Fraud.Keep copies
    of all paperwork about the transactions, as well as notes of any phone
    conversations.Under the Timeshare Regulations 2010, if you sign a
    timeshare agreement in the UAE, legally you have a 10-day cooling
    off period to cancel the contract and any related credit agreement.If
    you sign a timeshare ), you will legally have a cooling off period of
    at least 10 days to change your mind.You should cancel in writing,
    preferably by recorded delivery.

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  • Na
      Sep 20, 2014

    Be Wary Of The Hard Sales Pitch
    When it comes to purchasing a new timeshare, the salesman may try to
    give you the impression that the papers have to be signed that same day.
    Remember that you always have the right to leave the sales office,
    . Read your contract to determine what cancellation rights
    you have after you have signed the papers. Before buying a timeshare, you
    should consider whether you will want to return to the same vacation spot
    each year. Remember that once you buy it, you may not be able to sell it
    due to a depressed resale market.

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  • Ma
      Sep 21, 2014

    They apply high pressure tactics to convince gullible customers. if
    you look at the maintenance fees the amount payable yearly is sufficient
    to get a serviced apartment for 1 week in Dubai. so what's the point in
    investing thousand of dollars to invest in something which is
    unsaleable. they also reserve the right to increase the maintenance fee
    without your agreement. in fact this is where they make a killing. in
    fact to maintain an apartment it does not cost more than 250 usd per
    month anywhere. Here they are charging 800 usd per week for a small
    apartment. if you give them your money its gone

    ! Report Spam

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  • Ma
      Sep 21, 2014

    Golden weeks is a worse scam i see and i would like to
    tell people to be aware for those people, people without heart and i am
    so worry about those innocent they are cheating avery day.and making haram money
    so be aware

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  • Na
      Sep 21, 2014

    Dear Friends, One of the biggest fraud company running this business come
    collect free giftbut before u have attend our 90 min demo and more information about our
    company, so we said ok, they forced to ustake me their membership that
    cost 22k aed. They offered world tour every year below 2000 AED. Even i
    also tempted to join and take the membership. They ask me pay 23k right
    now, i smell soething fishy i informed i dont have money withme now, so they asked me do u
    have credit card so that we can swipe the amount, i informed hardly 1000
    AED is available in CC. So they told we will arrange credit card for
    different banks, within days u will get credit card we will swipe.
    Atlast i simply said i need one more day to think and i left taking the
    holiday package which i didnt use till now. Even this package is also
    fraud. when i searched about this company in google then u will come to
    know about this company. Even yesterday also i saw their representative
    in abudhabi jewellerys to collect only indian family Mob num+address.

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  • Ne
      Sep 21, 2014

    My family also was invited to the presentation
    .Their representative asked us our detail at a
    Dubai mall. He explained to us that there was
    a draw for holiday package at a certain location
    . He asked about our family and even asked my
    husband if he had one wife or two.This is because
    only 6 members are allowed. He took our details
    . Next day was Saturday we received a call that
    we had won a package and that there was a
    small party that we were invited to attend and to
    report by 3pm latest by 3.30pm.The lady also
    told us that we would not have to pay anything
    on the phone.We thought it was genuine so we
    rescheduled the appointment for later.The whole
    setup is so that the person who visits must sign.
    The sales persons who attend are trained to dupe
    gullible people to shell their money.In the sense
    we were told that we had to take a decision on the
    spot after eveything was explained to us, it has to
    .The sales person took two hours after that the manager
    came to explain how much we needed to pay. Initially
    at the counter we have to disclose our income also.
    Though we did not pay anything but could feel the
    pressure as the manager looked quite angry especially
    with the sales person as he could not initiate the sale.
    In the beginning we were told that we would get a holiday
    package to any destination around the world but they
    only give only at SHAM AL SHEIK in EGYPT Greece.
    The persons behind this are very clever and use
    their charm and an attractive thoroughly professional
    setup to dupe innocent people. I hope the persons
    who have given the money and signed the agreement
    get their money back.Please note that Google the
    company first before do anything.I

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  • Ne
      Sep 21, 2014

    Golden weeks is a scam, please do not fall in to their trap, I
    request DED to confiscate their license and seize all the guys
    passports who are associated with this company with immediate effect.
    After i got in to the trap and after so many visit to their offices and
    meeting mohammed and finally got 70% of the amount paid atleast (lots of
    I am disppointed to see their stalls in all the major malls in dubai and
    mall management also should take action in not permitting them to have
    their kiosk and by then they can protect their customers and getting
    cheated by such companies.take some action as soon as possible

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  • Na
      Sep 24, 2014

    Golden weeks/Vacation international promoting timeshare contracts has cheated more than 10, 000 clients, including a large number
    of Saudis indian philipino and iranian with contracts. there are claims that the victims have lost more than millions dirhams due to the contracts with the same company and even now they are cheating more guys.

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  • Ah
      Sep 25, 2014

    thanks for leting me know about this scam because i was invited today but i thought let me google it first and i found you guys nowaday dubai is no more safe thank God and you guys for saving my time...

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  • Aa
      Sep 25, 2014

    My Time Share is not worth what I currently owe on it. I do however continue to pay my bill monthly plus maintanance i can never use it no availabity always . Even though I never miss a payment, golden weeks people harasses me constantly. They call five or six times a day and email me. I have complained not to avail their services anymore. The staff is rude beyond words they never receive your calls. They sold me a bill of goods, a worthless Time Share. I need more people to complain about this horrible company.

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  • Ah
      Sep 30, 2014

    Dear Golden weeks victims please read
    The DFSA’s RoleScammers cheat people out of
    their money. The DFSA, as the financial services regulator of the DIFC,
    will take action wherever possible to stop scammers who target the DIFC
    or use the DIFC to promote their scams. Many scammers remain
    anonymous and out of the reach of regulatory and enforcement
    authorities. Consumer education is, therefore, a very important way to
    minimise the impact of this threat. The DFSA regularly publishes Alerts
    on its website about the most recent scams affecting the DIFC and
    How to contact them Please contact us as soon as possible if you have information about a scam:• perpetrated in, from or through the DIFC; or
    • which uses the name of the DIFC, DFSA or persons associated with the DIFC or the DFSA.You may contact the DFSA through the complaints portal which is located on the DFSA website at: Please click on the hyperlinks below for more information on:
    (A) Typical Scams

    (B) How to Avoid being Scammed

    (C) Who to Contact

    (D) Lists of Common Scams

    (A) Typical Scams1) Cold callingCold
    calling is a sales contact (phone, email or fax) which has not been
    asked for. The practice of cold calling itself is not a scam, but it is
    a common way in which scammers make initial contact with intended
    victims. Cold calling about financial products or services by
    unlicensed firms claiming to be from the DIFC is illegal. You should
    check the Public Register of the DFSA website for a list of all persons
    and Firms licensed to provide financial services in or from the DIFC.
    is common for cold calling scams to be operated by overseas companies.
    Cold calling investment scams operate internationally so local agencies
    such as the DFSA do not have the jurisdiction, and therefore the
    authority, to investigate and close down their operations. Buying
    financial products or services from overseas cold callers is high
    risk. If you receive a call from an overseas broker selling shares or
    financial products you can protect yourself by enquiring with the
    relevant overseas regulator as to the authenticity of the caller.
    Simply performing an internet search may not be sufficient protection
    for you as many scammers have developed sophisticated websites to
    conceal their true purpose.2) Fake bank emails/phishingThis
    scam takes a number of forms. The most common is an unsolicited email
    which claims to be from a bank, credit card company or some other
    service which you may use. It asks for account details, and sometimes a
    PIN, either by return email or through a website.The email often
    states that these details are being requested for 'security and
    maintenance upgrades', the 'investigation of irregularities', ‘surveys’
    or 'bills' or 'charges due'. These emails can look genuine by using:
    • the names of real people;• the right logos and branding;• links to pages from the real website;• official-looking fine print; and• a site that mimics the real thing. Technically, it is easy to copy and paste genuine pages to a new fake address.Fraudsters
    scan the internet for email addresses or generate them at random. They
    may send thousands of such emails. Even if only a few unsuspecting
    people respond, it is a good result for the scammers. Banks and
    financial services companies will never ask for your personal financial
    particulars over the internet, and therefore you should never provide
    these details over the internet. If you have a concern you should always contact your bank. 3) Ponzi schemes
    One of the simplest, yet most effective, scams perpetrated on
    unsuspecting investors for many years is the Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi
    scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to
    separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent
    investors, rather than from any actual profits earned. In these schemes:• the promoter promises investors a very high return on their investment and says it is secure;• part
    of the money deposited by newer investors is used to pay dividends or
    interest payments i.e. new investor money is used to pay the older
    investors;• the scammer continues paying dividends for a couple of
    months until investors are more comfortable with the investments, and
    decide to invest more;• the investors also begin to urge their friends and relatives to invest as well;• there is, therefore, a steady flow of funds into the scheme, and the number of investors grows; and• the
    scam collapses because the number of new investors entering the scheme
    is not enough to sustain the payment of dividends to all investors,
    and/or the scammer spends the money generated by the scheme too quickly.If
    the scammer is disciplined about how much money is left in the account
    to pay "dividends", the scam can go on for many years. Theoretically,
    if the scheme continues to draw in enough new investors, it could go on
    indefinitely. A very recent example of a large and long-running
    ponzi scheme is the one run by Bernie Madoff in the United States (US).
    For information on The Ten Nastiest Ponzi Schemes Ever go to: 4) Lottery scamsA
    Lottery scam involves an unexpected email advising that a prize has
    been won in an international lottery. The Lottery described is usually
    based overseas and one that the recipient of the email never entered.
    The scammed victim is usually excited about the windfall and keen to
    claim the money.The victim responds to the email, and the
    scammers reply in a polite, professional and helpful manner. The
    scammers will invariably request a 'fee' that is required in order to
    process the winnings. That is the fraud. Nothing has been won at all,
    but winnings are dangled in front of the victim while the scammers try
    to get as much money as they can in fees and charges.Lottery
    scams can take many forms including requests for you to participate in a
    fictitious lottery. For further information about lottery scams go
    to: 5) Boiler room scamsBoiler
    room operations are share scams. The operator will sell worthless or
    low value shares at inflated prices to investors. To make matters worse
    these shares are usually impossible to sell once purchased.The
    ruse is simple. A broker, usually operating from an overseas firm, will
    cold call an investor and propose they buy shares in a particular
    company. The company’s shares may have also been promoted on online
    message boards and forums as part of the scam.The scammers use a number of alternative ruses. The company:• will
    probably be listed on an illiquid market, so the shares cannot be
    freely sold, and the price being charged by the scammers will be hugely
    inflated; or• could be a small, unquoted company that the broker claims is planning to list; or• will not exist at all, and the broker is simply selling shares in nothing before taking the money and running. The
    firms will operate from boiler room 'hotspots', such as Spain,
    Switzerland, Japan, Bermuda or the US, so they are outside of the remit
    of the DFSA. They may have a UK-listed address and a grand sounding
    name to give them an air of legitimacy. These scams are called
    'boiler room' scams because of the highly pressurised sales technique
    employed by the broker. The broker can be forceful, persistent and
    highly aggressive. A common tactic is to create a sense of
    urgency about a stock, such as telling the investor it will rise in
    value any day so they need to invest quickly. It is not only novice investors that get duped. Often experienced and sophisticated investors also fall victim to these scams.
    In the majority of cases, the shares being sold are worthless and the boiler room vanishes, leaving the investor out of pocket. There
    is a lot of information about boiler room scams on the internet. To
    protect yourself from these scams you should contact your local
    financial services regulator if you think you are being asked to invest
    in shares or other financial products by a boiler room.6) Advance fee fraudsAn
    advance fee fraud may take many factual forms but in essence it
    involves people being persuaded to advance sums of money in the hope of
    realising a significantly larger gain. The gain is, of course, never
    realised. One example is being contacted by someone asking for help in
    transferring money out of the country. This type of scam has targeted
    many people around the world. It is also sometimes called the 'Nigerian
    letter scam' as many of the scams originate from Nigeria.The
    scam varies, but usually the victim will receive a letter, or more
    often, a fax or email offering a business 'proposal' or transaction.
    The persons writing may claim they are a government official, the widow
    of a government official, or from a charity or business group. In all
    cases, they promise a benefit or reward in return for help in offloading
    some cash or other commodity.To ensure a 'hitch free transfer' of
    the benefit or reward, the scammers will often ask for bank account
    details. The scammers will then ask for payment of all sorts of
    'advance fees' (e.g. customs, taxes, bribes) to facilitate the
    transfer. These fees are the real purpose of the scam, and may add up
    to tens of thousands of dollars. It is estimated that over US$5 billion
    from victims has been lost to scammers.Sometimes the scammers
    use the names of reputable organisations to create the illusion that
    they are legitimate. An example is an email purporting to be from the
    DFSA, or from the past and present Governors of the DIFC. These emails
    offer to give investors alleged access to 'frozen/seized' funds. These
    types of emails or letters are the same as the advance fee fraud, just
    in a different form.Letters have also been sent to people
    advertising homes for sale on the internet, pretending to be from
    interested purchasers. The letter goes on to ask for help in
    transferring money from the purchaser. It is best NOT TO respond
    to any such email, fax or letter. There is a lot of information on the
    internet about advance fee frauds and you are encouraged to familiarise
    yourself with the various scams that are being perpetrated world wide.

    (B) How to Avoid being ScammedYou can avoid being scammed by:•
    checking the relevant regulatory agency’s website to see if the company
    you are dealing with is listed and regulated. You can even contact the
    regulator to verify whether the company is regulated;• doing general searches (e.g. on Google) to see what information can be found about the company you are dealing with;• only dealing with people you trust. Dealing with individuals you have never met carries a higher risk;• getting independent advice before entering into a transaction, or getting a second opinion from a trusted friend;• using common sense. Be wary of the tell-tale signs of a scam such as persons who:- communicate only via email and telephone with a reluctance or a refusal to meet in person;
    - are reluctant or refuse to provide information on who regulates their activity; and/or- use generic email address such as Hotmail and Yahoo; and•
    keeping paperwork safe. When entering into any new relationship ensure
    that you maintain good records of all paperwork you receive and keep
    records of all your meetings and conversations. This may not prevent
    you from being scammed but will assist in the event that you need to
    take any action.Remember:• If you receive an offer of an
    amazing deal out of the blue, don’t believe it! If it seems too good to
    be true then it is probably a scam.• If you receive an opportunity to invest in a financial product which:
    - looks real;- offers bigger and faster profits than real investments;- offers less risk and less effort than real investments;- offers something special that genuine investments don’t offer; and- urges you to act more urgently than the real thing.

    (C) Who to ContactTo find out more information or complain about scams, you can contact the following:• DFSA
    The Dubai Financial Services Authority is the independent
    regulator of financial and ancillary services conducted in or from the
    DIFC. You can lodge a complaint online by visiting the DFSA website.• SCA
    Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) is the regulator of
    securities and commodities within the United Arab Emirates (UAE),
    excluding the DIFC. It is responsible for ensuring transparency,
    integrity and justice as well as the development of investment
    awareness.• Central Bank www.centralbank.aeThe
    Central Bank of the UAE is the regulator of banks and other financial
    institutions in the UAE, excluding the DIFC. The main responsibility of
    the Central Bank is the formulation and implementation of banking,
    credit and monetary polices to ensure the growth of the national economy
    of the UAE in a balanced manner.• Dubai Police
    Dubai Police seeks to ensure the safety and security of all citizens
    and residents of Dubai and the UAE. It provides a service by which
    individuals are able to report suspicious or criminal behaviour.Dubai Police also has an Economic Crimes Combating Department. The Department can be contacted directly on +971 4 203 6341.

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  • Pu
      Sep 30, 2014

    Who to ContactTo if you paid find out more information or complain about scams, you can contact the following:• DFSA
    The Dubai Financial Services Authority is the independent regulator of financial and ancillary services conducted in or from the DIFC. You can lodge a complaint online by visiting the DFSA website.• SCA
    Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) is the regulator of securities and commodities within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), excluding the DIFC. It is responsible for ensuring transparency, integrity and justice as well as the development of investment
    awareness.• Central Bank www.centralbank.aeThe
    Central Bank of the UAE is the regulator of banks and other financial
    institutions in the UAE, excluding the DIFC. The main responsibility of
    Dubai Police
    Dubai Police seeks to ensure the safety and security of all citizens
    and residents of Dubai and the UAE. It provides a service by which
    individuals are able to report suspicious or criminal behaviour.Dubai Police also has an Economic Crimes Combating Department. The Department can be contacted directly on +971 4 203 6341.
    (D) Lists of Common ScamsLists and details of common scams may be found at:• IOSCO Alerts• DFSA Alerts

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  • Sa
      Sep 30, 2014

    Hello guys
    There is fake company named Golden weeks
    in Deira dubai they have the same deal everyday
    but says only today everything they say is lie
    .they give people lucky draw coupons
    in different malls saying that if you win this draw you will get free vacation/accommodation in selected day you
    will surely receive their call.they will invite you to one place where
    you will see many people who they are trying to fool around.they
    will make you sit with one of their representatives who will give
    you at least 2 hours to convince you / push you to purchase their
    package..he will tell you that today is only special offer that you
    could avail and for that you need to make thepayment today and rest in installments.please don't get trapped...they are playing with innocent
    people..Dubai goverment where are you??? Stop them asap..they are cheating people.currently they are trapping people on the above mentioned
    address.they change their location and name..its a whole network
    of fraud people.
    Plzzz b careful.

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  • Th
      Sep 30, 2014

    Hi For All
    Dears :
    I would like to inform you the truth and tell you about the right way to be ware from this cheater's,
    First of all golden weeks company it is the same stuff and same company
    vacation international they Chang the name of them company from the
    economic department government of Dubai. And they shift from the
    previous location next to hammer ain center 21 St century building
    office nom. 501 to new location called almasood building al qarhood area
    floor number 11 with new name golden weeks, but the miserable things
    they still have the same stuff ( the most amazing cheater any where).
    They do this because there is so many complain against them so they want
    to come with new solution and new way to cheat the people.
    I am a new victim same all of you but I don't blame my self because once
    I do search on my I phone once I attend the presentation I didn't find
    any complain, until I went to the economic department then I know all
    the story, so for my brothers and sisters and family's be ware BE WARE,
    INTERNATIONL the one who cheated more than hundreds of family's in Dubai
    and they come with new solution to keep going cheating the people.
    Even I asked them to show me the license copy the try so many times to
    hide it from me . But because I show them that I am interested to pay
    the head of management he brought it to me and I took the number to ask
    then I come to know the truth.
    This people they will never ever stop cheating others unless we do one
    complains against them or we do some records for the presenter to use it
    or even take time to read our contract .
    Finally to all my brothers, sisters and precious family's be ware from golden weeks they re same vacation international .

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  • Na
      Oct 15, 2014

    Hello guys
    There is fake company named Golden weeks in Deira dubai.they give
    people lucky draw coupons in different malls saying that if you win this
    draw you will get free vacation/accommodation in selected countries.the
    very next day you will surely receive their call.they will invite you
    to one place where you will see many people who they are trying to fool
    around.they will make you sit with one of their representatives who will
    give you at least 2 hours trying to convince you / push you to purchase
    their package..he will tell you only today you can avail their special
    offer and for that you need to make the payment today rest you can give
    in easy installments.please don't get trapped...they are playing with
    innocent people..Dubai goverment where are you??? Stop them asap..they
    are cheating people.Their is group of network who keeps in changing name
    and location for trapping innocent people.currently they are located on
    above mentioned address.authorities plz take some action.

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  • Pa
      Oct 15, 2014

    Hello Ashutosh,
    I am also a victim and am interested to take this case to the court. I will try to reach you please send me your no.

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  • Me
      Oct 15, 2014

    hello, Victim of Golden week llc,
    Yesterday my husband and I were shopping in Outlet Dubai Shopping Mall. There was a counter with 2 guys who gave us a voucher to fill, 1 per family, with a chance to win free holidays in 3 different destination. They said if you win, you will get a call tomorrow and they will invite you to attend a party at 2 pm. At 11am next day a woman called me and congratulated me that my husband and I won a free Gift- 4 night/ 5 days holidays. Invited us to attend a special party where 2 winners will get their gifts and we are one of them. This woman told her name Basma, tel. and started to call us every 30 min to check how we are doing and if we left house, if we find our way, she was telling us to take a taxi, she started to hurry us up telling us that we are late, and she was calling us every 2 mins.
    When we reached their office next to Deira City Centre, the receptionist gave us a form to fill. I didn't want to fill the income column but they insisted so I just choose a random number. The office was dodgy, very dirty, looked cheap. The staff were dressed badly. I started to ask where is the party, we dressed up to attend a posh party, Basma was calling us every 2 min to rush us up and now we are waiting here, in the hall. Receptionists were giggling as I told them the whole telephone story. Then a young Egyptian guy came out and invited us to another room, the same dodgy as the hall, said he is 27 though he looked like a teenager, started to ask stupid questions and telling about his ex girlfriends and women in general...Two and a half hours he was trying to make us sign a paper. When I said that we have to do investigation about the company, check its reputation, show this paper to our lawyer, he said its not possible. We asked his business card, he didn't have it. We asked to provide us any printed info about the company, offers, etc. He said: why you need a lawyer? you don't trust us? I showed you a website already... I asked to take the papers where he was writing and drawing their offers and deals. He said its confidential info and he cannot give us those papers. I told him it's very suspecious, I want my free holidays gift certificate and asked to finish this presentation asap. The Egyptian teenager was trying to convince my husband to sign the papers. Out of politeness, we were still listening to him and waiting for him to finish his presentation "brain washing". After two and a half hours I became already inpatient, told him lets finish it, the guy brought me a paper where it was written with a lot of grammar mistakes that 4 night stay certificate, I have to send to them 21 days before my hotel stay but conditions: you have to paid before check-in for buffet dinners and breakfast!!! I regretted that my husband and I wasted our valuable time. Also now I can recall that there was 4 people who were trying to convince people to give them their money, one of them was an Arabic woman, 3 others - Arabic men. All of them had customers, all customers exept us were Arabic: a single old woman, a couple with a child, and 2 young men. I don't know if those 'customers" were real or not, or it was a role-play for us. Anyway, after that I googled and found this website. I felt that I have to share with people about this scam!!!
    ! Report Spam

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  • Ab
      Oct 15, 2014

    Golden Weeks Dubai – Scammers in Dubai Bullying the Middle Class Salaried People
    I, Mathew Abraham was shopping at Al Ghurair Centre Dubai when a sales representative for Vacation International suddenly handed-over a raffle coupon and told me just to fill my contact details and drop in the box at their stall booth and if shortlisted I will receive a week’s free stay for 6 persons at their Dive Inn Resort at Sharm –El-Sheikh, Egypt.
    In the evening I got a call from vacation International office telling that I have won the gift and to get it I must attend a party at their office along with my spouse on 20th July 2011 evening.
    We went there and there was no party but were taken to a hall preset with background music and a representative call Mr. Burhanu, well trained, brain-washed us for three hours showing the Interval membership card, Trade License of Vacation International, Bank Guarantee of AED 1 Million deposit with Dubai Economic Department etc. and told us to by the timeshare for Resort, Sharm-Al-Sheikh Egypt and if any non-performance from vacation International then we can go and claim our money from Dubai Economic Department against the AED 1 Million Bank Guarantee. Then they made us to sign a contract and took AED 17950 upfront immediately with a verbal condition that they will issue us the Interval Membership card ( immediately and assist us to sell the time share online. To brain wash us Mr. Burhanu sat with us with a laptop computer and started creating a registration for an online site, but afterwards I realized that he was befooling us to get the contract signed and to collect the cash from me.
    After that many days, weeks & months passed, we visited their office many times, met Mr. Mohamed Serri – Customer Relationship Manager. He also gave us many false promises but till today we did not get even the Interval Membership card which means they duped us our hard earned money of AED. 17, 950. Moreover they kept the original contract with them for 15 days to pass the legal period for cancellation.
    Realizing that I am duped by Vacation International, I have investigated about their past and present and the result is alarming and they have duped hundreds and thousands of middle class people like me (who are their main target).
    Some facts about them are as follows;
    - Vacation International, Dubai started in Rigga Street in year 1996 with Mr. Burhanu, Mr. Khaled, Mr. Hamdoun and Mr. Mohd Serri at customer care.
    - Then they shifted to Holiday Inn from year 2005 to 2008
    - Then near Hamrain Centre from year 2006 to 2013
    - Now they shifted their office and changed their Trade License Name and I know the new name and location because they cannot dupe people with the Vacation International LLC name anymore.
    - I know many people like me are duped by them.
    To conclude, at this juncture, I want to take up this matter of clear cheating with the authorities and get our money back.
    So, please anybody who are in a situation like me please feel free to contact me urgently on my Mobile +971 55 8762086.

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  • Na
      Oct 15, 2014

    The same thing happened to us too, , we visited the center near the naif
    souk i think its called al manar center.. There was a guy who took down
    our details and said it was a draw and all that. The way he behaved was
    also slightly dodgy.. He tried calling us for a presentation the next
    day but my husband refused. Yesterday a lady had called saying that we
    had won and she wanted us to come visit them today... they were
    persistent that both me and my husband visit them instead of me visiting
    them.. When I goggled about golden weeks I found this complaint am so
    glad I did..

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  • An
      Nov 03, 2014

    Hello Golden weeks victims,
    this is a sad story about how our hardworking people are being scammed daily by a Golden weeks company
    They usually hustle you Dubai but they have recently become more daring and taken their trade to all mall .

    Once you go to mall, they have people who approach you at the mall where they have a stand to make them look legitimate. They ask if you want a free gift . Who no like better?
    They say you just have to listen to them for 2 hours and there are no obligations.

    Once you are at their office, the scam artists start telling how timeshare is growing and you can own a share of a resort, apartment or hotel for many 13 weeks a year. Now comes the best part. They say to you that you do not even need to stay there at all. They will rent it out for you at $1, 000 a day so you will make serious profits.
    All you have to do is pay a deposit now now now and then pay for the timeshare for about 2 years and it is yours for 99 years. Sounds great right? Your total annual investment will be about $1, 000 but you will make $7, 000 and pay only 30% as commission.
    So as a typical man, I calculated my spending of $1, 000 and returns of $7, 000 minus 30% which is only $2, 100.
    Profit without any effort is $3, 900.
    Since we know Dubai has high standards and low crime, we checked them up and they sounded okay all round.

    Here is the trick: they can NEVER rent the place for $1, 000 a night so they tell you they cannot guarantee rental in the contract. Indeed, they never intended to rent the place for you.
    When you complain, they say it is only for holidays since rental is not guaranteed. This leaves the poor, hardworking family to now be saddled with a $1, 000 a year charge and a 1-2 week room you cannot use because of the extra travel cost. Remember you can get a room in Dubai for as little as $50/night.

    Now the best part of it all is that because Golden weeks know you cannot afford to come to Dubai and enjoy the room yourself, they simply sell out the apartment for some other costomers the same appt is own by thousand but for no use my friend bought something 5 year ago till now cant get a single vacation for inavailability so, they make a cool amount of money daily and force you to pay the annual fees or lose your investment totally. This is so cruel that we have to petition in the Government to protect its people like the UK government has been doing for many years from Spanish and other timeshare scams (See (Timeshare Consumers Association).

    We want to petition the Honourable Minister of Tourism and other agencies, travel agents, etc.
    If you too have been affected by thisGolden weeks scam, please please get in touch as we need strength in numbers.

    Brothers and sisters, please reply to this post in support and advice on how we should tackle these people.

    Please send an email to [protected] with your name and Contract Number if you too have been a victim of these scam artists. Your case will be treated with all confidentiality necessary.

    Thanks DD

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  • As
      Oct 29, 2015

    Dear All,

    Addressing you we are all victims of Vacation International Real Estate, Located in Deira, Dubai. P.O. Box No. 22899 (Trade License No. 240735 & Commercial Register No. 35783), currently which they are running in the name of “Golden Weeks“, and an affiliate of Interval International Real Estate in Dubai are practicing deceitful and fraudulent activities bypassing Emirates Juristic laws.

    They are trapping the customers like us and they are selling the Time-Share Plan on behalf of “THREE STAR for touristic constructions Founder of Dive Inn Resort, Blue Star for touristic investment founder of Dive Blue Beach Resort, Vacation International Real Estate have official group presentations repeatedly, where they provide wrong and deceitful information regarding their services and offerings, back up their credibility by the fact that they are approved and granted license by Dubai Government. Their strategy is to customize their presentation according to their audience. For example if they suspect that a particular client has financial concerns, they deceive him / her by claiming that this offer should be looked as an investment and source of income and that Vacation International Real Estate (Golden Weeks) will help them to rent it out their resort to make extra money or in case if we want to sell the contract they will help to us to sell it. They make false promises of providing 5 star hotels in all major countries which are available for an exchange against the payment of the fixed amount of US$200. They have also added that the Company will provide 50% discount on all IATA based Airlines etc.

    Through their 90 minutes presentation, they manipulate and convince the clients to sign the contract on the same day. Given the great reputation and healthy business environment in Dubai, unfortunately many of their audience fall into their trap, including us, thinking that the Company has been approved by Dubai Government, if they are allowed to practice their business activity in such an open and systematic way, they are trustworthy, and therefore we agreed to sign the contract with Vacation International Real Estate (Golden Weeks)

    However once investors pays their savings / hard earned money to them in huge amount, they are faced with the disappointing truth regarding their offerings. As per the law and the contract, the investors have 10 working days cancellation period during which they can cancel their contract if the investors are not satisfied. Also the investors were informed that if we decide to re-sell the contract then they can re-sell it after 30 months. To know more about this Company the investors must have access to their company’s website so that they can see the real offerings and services of the company in order to make the decision whether or not they want to keep the contract but as per Vacation International Real Estate (Golden Weeks) clear intent is to deceive the clients, none of the customers are given their Log In ID and the Password which is necessary to log in to the system. It was promised that the Login ID, Password and the membership card would be dispatched from USA and will be received only after 10 days.

    This is a clear indication that this Company is non-compliant with the requirement of the UAE law. By not providing the access to their system, Vacation International Real Estate (Golden Weeks) keeps their Investors blind during 10 days which is cancellation period and after that they are not replying on the further update, till date we have not received the User ID, Password & the membership card.

    After knowing the fact, all of us, on our own ways visited The Economic Department Dubai, Chamber of Commerce, RERA department, Dubai Police & Dubai Court, but unfortunately we have not got any positive response from any of the Government Authorities. One of the investor is fighting this battle since 2008.

    Recently, we were successful to get in touch with the Company Chairman & the local Sponsor Mr. Majid Al Mulla on his mobile phone. Mr. Harish Chander, Mr. Mathew Parakkal Puthenparampil Abraham & Mr. Ashish Raval (Husband of Sweta Ashish Raval) has visited his office located at 2ndFloor, Dnata Travel Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Dubai land mark: Near Metropolitan Hotel on 23rd Dec 2014, from there we have come to know that Mr. Majid Al Mulla has resigned from the Emirates Dnata office before 6 months. We have also tried contacting him on his Mobile and discussed with him about our problem which we are facing with his sponsored Company Vacation International Real Estate (Golden Weeks), We tried calling him several times on his mobile but till date we have not received any positive response from him, neither he has shown any courtesy to help us in resolving this matter infact he told us to sort out this matter by visiting Vacation International Real Estate (Golden Weeks) Deira office.

    We have also tried convincing him that we have been chasing his Company Managers by personally visiting the office, calling them on their office telephone number & mobiles but we were unsuccessful, we have also sent emails & text messages to Mr. Serry but we have not found any positive reply from any of them. Infect they threatened us that if we keep on calling their office then they will complaint to Dubai Police.

    Therefore we all 5 victims of Vacation International Real Estate (Golden Weeks)’, requesting you & the higher authorities of the concern Government departments to take just and necessary action towards this case, such unethical and illegal activity which is damaging the healthy reputation of business environment in Dubai for the residents of Dubai, and guide us to the legal path forward for canceling our contracts and pass justice to the Dubai Residents.

    And also we want to draw your attention to the cases which were filed in Dubai court one by a Ethopian Couple Case No: 2013/1003 Dated: January 14, 2014 & the Case No: 18/2013/17 Dated: July 02, 2013. Both had the same agreement, however the Ethopian Couple has got the judgment in his favor (Won the Case) and my case was rejected due to clause number 33 (Arbitration). There is no clarity why there were two different judgments given on the same case.

    My message is for those Expats who visits the Malls frequently & get trapped by their lies. Please stay away from this Company.

    Victims Name 1: Mrs. Sweta Ashish Raval.
    Email I'd: [protected]
    Year of Amt Invested: 2012
    Amount Invested: 21, 940/-
    Mobile No: +971 55 9996428

    Victims Name 2: Mr. Harish Chander
    Email I'd: [protected]
    Year of Amt Invested: 2008
    Amount Invested: 11, 450/-
    Mobile No: +971 50 9275361

    Victims Name 3: Mr. Sanoop George
    Email I'd: [protected]
    Year of Amt Invested: 2011
    Amount Invested: 18, 250/-
    Mobile No: +971 50 3221497

    Victims Name 4: Mr. Mathew Parakkal Puthenparampil Abraham
    Email I'd: [protected]
    Year of Amt Invested: 2011
    Amount Invested: 17, 950/-
    Mobile No: +971 55 8762086

    Victims Name 5: Mr. Sameer Haridas Chandra
    Email I'd: sam.[protected]
    Year of Amt Invested: 2012
    Amount Invested: 15, 950/-
    Mobile No: +971 50 92507227

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  • In
      Jan 04, 2016

    I tok got a call from the company, 3 days ago ..spent almost 3 hour s talking to mohamed, which by the way, does anybody knows his surname ? He's from Egypt nd has gorgeous light brown eyes, I was pretty convince that the investment is great, until now that I have seen the comments, I'm not going to invests now

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  • No
      Oct 23, 2016

    Hello People

    I am also a same victim as you, So the best solution is to the time to take action against this company and take to Dubai Police, and see what they will do for us, we have to unite against them,

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