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Goddess Empire / investment money never returned

1 1351 E. FLAMINGO LV NV. 89119Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 702-362-7666

I was sent an email by "wanda dee" (to find out later it was from her husband eric floyd) about their upcoming shows they would be launching "soon". I know this family because eric is mine and my childrens acting coach so i've heard him talk about his upcoming shows. I saw different pictures of posters they would be posting on billboards and in hotel lobbies etc. So it looked ligitiment. I gave him a check on sep. 9th for $8, 000. And on the receipt and in his "investment letter" he promised a double return in no more than 90 days! Even if his business shows didn't launch he personally guaranteed it from his own funds he claimed he had over $200, 000 in the bank, and that he had already put over $600, 000 into the business dealings of his shows. I later found out that he had sent these same letters just with different opening dates to numerous people and he gotten others to "invest" after his deadline date. I emailed him he emailed me (and his other investors) that he would be coming into town (allegedly from the east coast) and that he wanted the name of who to make out the check to. I sent him my information to only never get a red penny. He claimed because others have bashed him on the internet it messed up his business deals. I then said just pay me my initial investment and again he said no. He would pay me when he worked everything out. I told him he guaranteed it and all the sudden he "moved back east until he got this worked out" I have now found another woman who gave him $5, 000 she has tried to have him served and he has avoided the constible. I have all documents emails and hand written receipts to back this up. My attornies have attempted to send demand letters to several addresses, (1) 10190 corbet= moved w/ o forwarding address
(2) 1350 e. Flamingo #558= p. O box letter was not returned however, no response from mr. Floyd either
(3) jack barnwell 3585 s. Maryland pkwy. = is not a real resident agent or address, mr. Floyd has not responded to any emails or anything else I think he thinks this will just go away. He is dead wrong! I plan on doing everything I can to ensure noone else is the victim after I was caught up in this deceptive web I found out there were victims of the same scam from mr. Floyd from years ago. This has to stop he took all of our savings and I told him I was giving that to him and of course he was only trying to bless my family and me! A curse is more likre it!!!

Goddess Empire

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  • Fl
      27th of May, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Sorry... I wholeheartedly agree!
    rachael, as another victim who got tangled up in this organization's 'web of lies' I am truly sorry to see that eric has striked, once again. I have so much that I am still trying to recoup from and pay for because I trusted this man and his 'family'. I wish you well in your pursuit of him... he's really good at 'hiding'... and getting away.

  • Ha
      17th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    are you still in pursuit of Eric's whereabouts?

  • An
      17th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    His whereabouts are always a mystery, but I tell you what, I had seen him recently. He still suckering investors. Try the las vegas hilton. He just had a show there.

  • Bl
      21st of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    yes, he's got a show at the las vegas hilton, here's the link

  • Sb
      22nd of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes

    What's truly unbelievable is that Rachael & all of the other investor's in Goddess Empire have all been recieving regular R.O.I. checks via Fed Ex throughout the year, with more to follow. Why don't you haters ask Ms. Richardson to confirm that!

    Eric Floyd, like any other business man in THIS ###ed up economy is doing the very best he can to keep both his multi-national enterprises afloat, food on his table and his limited number of "investors" recieving returns. Remember, it was just a few short months ago when Ms. Richardson along with other "anonymous" Goddess Empire haters, all were posting unfair and inaccurate stories about how Eric Floyd was a fraud and con man who really knew no stars at all, and whose shows never happen or manifest into anything.

    Well, it's safe to say now that after his 5-night consecutive stand of wildly successful shows that Las Vegas is still talking about in mid-August with over 40 stars in 5 nights of his OLD SCHOOL PARTY, DIVA FEVER REVUE & his Son, SIAMEZE's shows with the likes of his celebrity friends & clients like VIVICA A. FOX, ANTONIO FARGAS, VANILLA ICE, SISQO, SISTER SLEDGE, THE EMOTIONS, MELI'SA MORGAN, VESTA, C&C MUSIC FACTORY, MONTELL JORDAN, DOUG E. FRESH, KOOL MOE DEE, FULL FORCE, THE FORCE MD'S, ROB BASE, THE EMOTIONS, THELMA HOUSTON, CAROL DOUGLAS, CAROL WILLIAMS, FREDA PAYNE, FRENCHIE DAVIS, ANITA WARD, etc., etc., etc... where are all of the Goddess Empire / Eric Floyd haters & bashers now.

    The man has clearly proved himself to all his would be detractors for what other Producer in Vegas could have pulled off so many stars, over 5 consecutive nights, full page ads in the Review Journal's Neon section, tremendous presence on 4 radio stations and sellout ALL his shows in just under 10 days worth of advertising at a major hotel casino.

    So you haters can say what you want, but I went to ALL of the shows, and this was the real deal, and Eric, as co-host with Vivica, Full Force's Bow Legged Lou & Paul Anthony, as well as Antonio "Huggy Bear" Fargas, killed every night with impeccable comedic timing, heartfelt sincerity & dancing up a storm when the spirit hit him to do so. And knowing two of his investors firsthand who BOTH got checks this Summer and have more on the way, as a CEO, he should be commended & applauded for hanging in there and having the genius, contacts, resources and balls to still put on & Produce shows in this economy that MAKE MONEY!

    I think Ms. Richardson quite simply is a new time investor, unfortunately gave Eric Floyd far more money than she should have, and lacked the true patience, vision & faith that every savvy investor needs to recoup and see their R.O.I. (Return On Investment) through to the end in the capable hands of an experienced CEO whose mantra is 'FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION'!

    I just got tired of reading the ### about this truly remarkable and generous man, whose family have been nothing but good for Las Vegas and everyone they've come in contact with. I, for one, am someone who The Floyds have helped out on a personal level (getting our 2nd family car fixed to the tune of $2, 000 and even helping us to move into our new place when we lost our home to foreclosure, which I know personally set them back at least another $4, 000). And they have done this for me and my family without even asking us to sign any paperwork and/or expecting ANYTHING from us in return.

    I mean really, in this day and age, who does this? I wish a lot more people that The Floyds & Goddess Empire have helped (and there are hundreds around the world) would also have the nerve to come forward and share their stories to balance this contrived ### out that's being wrongly printed about them.

    For guess what? If Ms. Richardson and others are recieving checks on the regular from Mr. Floyd & Goddess Empire, then that completely debunks the myth that he is a con man who has "defrauded" these "investors' out of their money. And if he's doing (show) business still in Las Vegas & around the world, then that would also mean that he still is a commercially viable Producer with enough juice in the industry to Produce quality star studded shows that make money.

    I suggest that they leave the man alone, let him work his magic and collectively enjoy the fruits of his many labors, for as long as those checks are being Fed Exed to them.

  • Ra
      23rd of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I will confirm, I'll confirm you are a BOLD face LIAR ERIC! you can type in 3rd person if you want but I NOW smell you from miles away! I'll speak for myself and the few other "investors" I know we got 1 fedex package for $500 THAT IS IT!!! Checks have NOT been coming throughout the year! Also you said after this Hilton gig we would hear from you, only 2 NOT hear from you, just like old time sake! I'm glad you gave your diva review a good review bcuz Everyone I spoke to & reviews I read made it clear that this is not the beginning it's the END! This battle is no longer mine, it's the Lords and you WILL reap what you sow!!
    How come when I handed you all my $ you didn't say it was to much for a 1st time "investor" you said I could "trust you, you would never mess up your own money &/or mine" I confided in you about my cancer, you even sent me to the best holistic doc in town & promised I'd have the $ for treatments by Christmas! I learned
    (once again) Eric, man will always fail me, God won't! I had to press in & touch Jesus, I had exausted All options when I was weighting on you i should've been waiting on Jesus, and EVERYTHING the devil himself meant for bad, the Lord turned it around for HIS honor & glory!
    Thank God this has happened, it's yet another benchmark in my walk with the Lord. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my 1st option HAS to be the LORD, then He will order my steps in the way of other "options". i have to seek His kingdom first... acknowledge Him in ALL of my ways...His word will not return void, it will set out to accomplish what it's supposed to, temptation may come as an accident, but sin is NO surprise!! You knew exactly what you were doing to us "investors" those who know to do good & don't, to them it is SIN=Death...Salvation is FREE, but we still have consequences for our actions &/or reactions, I've never posted anything as Anonymous, i feel extremely ignorant for doing what i did, however, I'd feel much more ignorant if I let it happen to ANYONE else! I don't mind being the sacrificial lamb, Jesus was! If it takes me losing it all to save any cancer stricken, middle school dropout, teenage pregnant, recovering addict, single mother &/or newlywed, struggling actor who's willing to do almost anything for you with hopes of "making it" lost, poor, helpless &/or hopeless person then I will gladly give it up!!! I will not stop telling the TRUTH to anyone who will listen! Sooner or latter He will take Vengeance & these little postings have NOTHING on Gods wrath! So those of you who feel like you've been suckered, don't shrink back, be open & transparent Eric may have gotten us but let's make it our business to try to prevent ANYBODY from going through what we've gone through! thanks & God bless

  • Bl
      28th of Aug, 2009
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    Wow. Rachel that was deep. Don't worry Eric Floyd and all his accomplice will soon go to prison.

  • Qu
      20th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Eric Floyd also stole $5, 000 from me back in 2007. I recommended a so called friend to him by the name of Wynette Williams. She ended up getting pregnant by him, named the baby R. Kelly and moved back to Jersey. He surely stole my money and wasted my time. His whole family is fruadulent. I don't care what anyone says.

  • Qu
      20th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    They need to go to prison. I will testify on my life. That they are some lying ###s! And I am so happy that it is starting to catch up with them. He is gay and engages in incestous sex with his son Syameze, His wife Wanda is a lesbian and would not get out of my face. They are disgusting frauds.

  • Un
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    -3 Votes

    Mr. Floyd, Ms. Dee & Siameze are a loving, talented & hard working family, who have been extremely generous to any and everyone who has been blessed to be in their midst. And to insinuate in the least that Mr. Floyd is a homosexual and an incestuous one with his own Son, is preposterously stupid and incidiously vicious!

    Kitt, his assistant, wanted to have his baby, and as she was consentually lovers with both Eric & Wanda, she asked their permission to be impregnated by him before her 30th birthday; they obliged, and remain one big happy loving family til this day. And FYI, the babies name is Robyn Kelly Floyd (so once again it's clear that you don't even really know this great family and obviously remain bitter because your friend that you "recommended" is reaping the full benefits of their love energy, and you are not)! They've never hidden this part of their successful 25 year marriage from the world, in fact, just read the very real & accurate expose' on them and review of their shows now playing in Vegas, and you'll see for yourself how candid they are about it all.

    If he and his family are frauds, then how do you explain the footage, reviews and accolades all listed down below!? Seeing is believing. The nonsense you've & others have written about The Floyds & Goddess Empire clearly shows you for the sick & deranged bunch of dead beats that you are.

    If you weren't among the lucky to actually see it all go down, night after tremendous night LIVE IN LAS VEGAS from the fabulous LAS VEGAS HILTON HOTEL & CASINO, here's a sneak peak at what is shaping up to be THE hottest new show on The Strip.

    Eric Floyd's
    celebrating the musical best of the 70's, 80's & 90's Classic Hip Hop, Dance, Disco & Soul

    PART 1
    Eric Floyd's Old School Party 1
    PART 2
    Eric Floyd's Old School Party 2


    Show Review by Doris Schwartz -

  • Ra
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Eric stop it!!!

  • Ra
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I'm soooo tired of hearing about what you are doing Eric when all I care about is the people you have ripped off!!! You are a fraud ans coming on here talking about yourself as if you have people who actually like you & your family is just as CRAZY as you are!! I don't know about your sexual orientation/preference & don't care to each his own! I do know I (along w/ several others) trusted you & no matter how successful anything you call yourself doing as long as you have scammed us you are still a failure!!! I for 1 will not stop until I'm paid IN FULL!!! Then I have no problem giving you props for anything you do that is worth paying good $ to go see!! This is not a hate campaign, this is life! TRUST NO ONE BUT GOD HIMSEL[censored] I'm sooo sorry I had to learn this lesson the expensive way!!

  • Ra
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    +2 Votes

    P.S. you got some NERVE calling ANYONE a DEADBEAT!!! No matter how many pats on the back you get ERIC we all still got a kick in the pants from you!! That's not right!! You are not who YOU make YOURSELF out to be!!! However, if GOD be for me, who can be against me!! He is my defender! I post after you come on here and try to defend yourself in 3rd person!! These others who have trusted other things to you & your family I know nothing about so i don't comment however, when YOU get on here and try to talk about yourself as if WE did something wrong by TRUSTING YOU that's when I must stand for the TRUTH because THE TRUTH WILL SET ME FREE!!! Hopefully, FREE from your mess!! Get it off my chest!!

  • Ra
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    +2 Votes

    You eric talk about this show as if it is the NEXT BIG THING, The PHOTO DIVA thinks NOT...God don't like UGLY you OVER EXAGGERATE EVERYTHING ...EVERYTHING Don't take my word for it...Here's her review from

    Then there was Siameze. From the moment the band, the Alley Cats, started playing an elongated opening of Elvis’ version of “C.C. Rider” I was worried. I mean, c’mon, the Hilton showroom is the stage that Elvis made history on and this weekend was the 32nd anniversary of his death. (In 1969, Elvis Presley performed for 58 consecutive sold out shows at what was then known as the International Hotel, breaking all Vegas attendance records, then broke his own attendance record in February 1970, and again in August 1970, and August 1972 and lived in the penthouse suite when performing there until his last one in December 1976.) My worry was justified when this kid — who hadn’t even been conceived when The King graced that very stage — bounced onto the stage wearing a white outfit with a red cape very reminiscent of an outfit that Elvis might have worn with a hint of James Brown. Soon the cape came off and then the shirt…oh no…..Now, I’m not saying the kid’s not talented. Oh, no, it’s not that. Siameze, who’s only in his early 20’s, has a fabulous multi-octave vocal range with a beautiful tone and can dance his ### off (and yes, quite hot) but much like what has become of most pop stars’ shows, his performance is so overproduced, overacted and over-the-top it comes off as shallow, phony and a clear rip-off of mega-entertainers like Prince and James Brown. I did enjoy his combo arrangement of “Ballroom Blitz/American Woman” and the beginning of Bacharach’s “Walk On By” but then he started in with the crying and overacting to the song’s lyrics and I completely lost interest and unfortunately it just got worse with the costume change into a devil outfit, complete with plunging neckline, hip cutouts and enhanced packaging. Overall the show was just too gimmicky and just too Vegas of 20 years ago for my taste and would much prefer to see this kid take it down a level and cut out the acting crap all together and tone down the James brown and Prince rip-offs and that way he can possibly connect with the audience more and build a following.I get the impression that after having a successful limited engagement at the Hilton’s Shimmer Cabaret (filling in for the Sin City Bad Girls while they took some time off), Siameze Floyd (his parents are Eric Floyd and Wanda Dee) is now looking for a bigger and better venue to perform in but I don’t think the 1, 600-seat showroom is necessarily a good fit. Not entirely sure what the demographics would be for this type of show but I’m pretty sure it’s not the type of people that go to the Hilton. Perhaps I’d feel a little differently if it was less like PEEPSHOW and more like MANILOW.

  • Co
      1st of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree with all of the negative feedback that's been internet posted on Mr. Floyd and the "Goddess Empire, LLC". Mr. Floyd, after multiple bad dealings, fled the east coast approximately 5 years ago. Many individuals and companies were affected by his web of deceit. He made Las Vegas his next home and continued his deception there. Mr. Floyd not only robs investors of their hard earned money, but he is also guilty of manipulating young men and woman, all aspiring to become actors/actresses. He commits identity theft and seduces them for his sexual pleasure. Stories are starting to flood the internet regarding how he has hurt so many young people. There is one that moved me to tears ... regarding a young, 19 year old female who was lost her college tuition and had Mr. Floyd manipulate her into fulfilling his sexual fantasies; told her that to be a successful actress, she had to have the ability to "play characters", etc. (/URL removed/).
    As consumers, you must understand that you are protected by Nevada's Deceptive Trade Act ( We can post comments all day about how we have been negatively impacted by Eric Floyd, Wanda Dee, and the Goddess Empire. However, to really make a change, we need to start filling AS MANY COMPLAINTS as possible with the key state and government agencies.
    You can start with At this site, you will find the statewide Fight Fraud Taskforce which is comprised of representatives from the BBB, FTC, IRS, and Attorney General, and many more. There are links for each agency and you can submit complaints on-line.

    I commend Rachael Rich for the steps that she has taken. I understand that she has had multiple failed attempts to locate Eric Floyd. Well, I have some inside information that might be of assistance, but you need to work quickly. Eric Floyd and Wanda Dee's last known PHYSICAL address is listed below:
    10190 Corbett Street
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
    Rachael, I was very moved by your postings and it inspired me to start a blog. I hope you don’t mind, but I transferred your first posting (the one that started this chain) to the blog:

  • Ar
      13th of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    WOW! I am a victim too Rachael!!! I thought Eric was a great guy, I truly adored him and his family, I did nothing wrong to this man and he tried to Black Ball me by posting complete lies about me and my boyfriend on Why??? Because I refuse to have sex with him. Eric dogged me out on many occasions; I decided to cut all ties with him and his obvious fraud. I was hired by Eric to perform at his Old School Party events at one time and received a contract, but later cut all ties to him. I was in a serious Dental Malpractice lawsuit and of course Eric was waiting for me to win my case so I can invest all my money with the Empire. After I cut all ties with Eric Floyd, my lawyers decided they wanted to call on him as a witness in my case, Eric emailed me and tried to BLACKMALE me by saying that he will not cooperate with my lawyers unless I have sex with him. I forward the emails to my attorneys and they thought he was wacky and a dangerous man.

    A week prior to my trial Eric called me to give it one more time after he had been stalking me. I told him I was not interested and I am in a relationship, Eric became furious and the next day teamed up with the opposing attorney in my law suit, who is also a scam lawyer that should be in jail, and bashed me on [redacted].com Eric and Michael Prangle (the lawyer) said the most horrible things about me that were completely false and fabricated stories. The things he wrote were the same lies the scam lawyer for the insurance company and dentist I was suing, were saying about me throughout my case. It was surely Eric's writing, as you know Eric has a pattern to his writing. I should know, Eric has sent me 1700 emails of different people he had to tell off because they did not want to join the cult (Goddess Empire) or was able to see through the Bull. Eric Floyd and Michael Prangle together tried to damage my career and my reputation. I even received bashing emails that he wrote to other people who did expose him and for some reason he thought I did it, maybe because I knew about all his fake deals. He later found out that it was not me, I had moved on, Eric contaced me again, when I confronted him about the emails that was forward to me, Eric tried to lie and say that he did not write the emails. Eric somehow wants every one to think I slept with him, his son, and his wife.

    Eric is good at writing in 3rd person as you call it, he did it to me, and he does not realize that we all know his pattern of writing. I think he has a mental problem. Once he is called out on his lies and scams he begins to brag and namedrop and write back as if he is someone else. Eric saids that he is too busy with all of his shows to write such things. The many times I was at Eric’s house, I witness him on the computer witting and bashing people for hours. That is all he does.

    The bashing he did on me, Eric tried to make it look as if other girls wrote it when it was clearly Eric Floyd writing, It was very funny and scary at the same time. The girls that he said wrote the slander on /link removed/ and the ugly emails were contacted by me, All of them said they had nothing to do with Eric, one of them was his last live in assistants who said that Eric scammed her. She was truly hurt and mislead by his family. All of the girls could not believe that he used their name as the persons who committed the defamation of my character with these lies.

    Eric tried to scam $100, 000.00 from a guy who he knew and was chosen for a show called Dance Machine; Eric Floyd lied and said that he was his manager to the TV Network, then had them send his prize money to him. YOU WILL NOT BELIVE IT!! READ THE ACTUAL COURT DOCUMENTS!

    Eric did the same to me. Eric called SAG and had my checks from a commercial I shot and my royalty checks come to his house. The only way I found out is I had seen one of his male assistants, (who he uses to drive his Rose Royce and pretends it is his car), told me that he had just deposited some checks for me in Eric's account. He thought I knew! I was in shock. I had to call SAG and get things straighten out.

    Read what Eric Floyd did to me, and some of the bashing letters he wrote about me and other people. I have the actual screen shots of the emails. Also you can see how he plotted the slander and lies he wrote about me on [redacted] here. ERIC FLOYD IS BUSTED by his own writing. It is now time to expose the truth! THE GLOVES ARE OFF NOW! I AM ON THE SAME MISSION AS RACHAEL! I see clearly now. There is a lot to read, as long as the [redacted] slander is posted, This will not be removed from my site. I DID NOTHING TO DESERVE THIS, I MEAN NOTHING! THIS WAS TOTALLY DONE TO HURT ME BECAUSE I REFUSE TO BE WITH THIS MAN AND TURN AGAINST MY FAMILY FOR HIS CULT.



    You may want to go to [redacted].com and search Eric Floyd, Goddess Empire.

  • Ar
      13th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Busted! The leader of the Empire, Eric Floyd, Goddess Empire

  • Li
      11th of Apr, 2010
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  • St
      16th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Eric next show will be at The Las Vegas Hilton
    May 21, 22, 23, 2010

    OMG Everyone knew that Siameze was not Eri's Son.

    EVERYONE LET's STOP ERIC NOW!!! Send any and all law enforcement to the Las Vegas Hilton on the dates mentioned above. LET'S PUT HIM IN JAIL! Vernon Johnson, PLEASE WAKE UP!!! YOU TOO LaWanda!!! God Help you!

  • Ma
      26th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have not heard from Vernon for atleast 6 years, but had known him for close to 15. I am looking for information as to how to get in contact with his mother. I know that eric's fraudulent behavior is alarming but I am wondering why no one noticed that he was never in the cast of Fame, that "Jerome" was never a character on the show at anytime between 1982-till 1987 the final year of the series. In the production of The Tap Dance Kid, he is nowhere to be found. I can tell you all that Siameze is unreachable, and has always been a loyal child even till this day. If my math is right he should be turning 29 or 30 this year. So from what I understand the "family" is now in Vegas. Had the police known of Siameze's formative years before the age of 18, then you may be able to do something now...

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