Gobinder Chopra Gary Chopramedical malpractice

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this doctor kep me wiaiting in hir reception for over one hour. when I as finally called cack to his small ugly little offices in this ugly building, I had to wait another 15 minmutes. he then come in and tell me how busy he is taking care of critical ill pateints. I don't understand mych of what he said and he didtn spend more than 10 minutes with me and told me I need to order a llot of tests. ia sked him why and he said that medicare tell him he has to do it.

I left him and saw another dr. who told me I don't need any tests and that chopra was in trouble with the feds before and committed fraud os something like that and that he is not respected in community. I can see why not.. my advice I to stary ofway from this docrtore.

Feb 13, 2015
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  • Ac
      Jun 11, 2015

    this guy is a disgrace to the medical profession. I waited in his office for an hour before he saw me then we he sees me he orders up all of the tests for me. does this guy get paid kickbacks or what. I saw another neurologist, Dr. Diaz and he is a great guy. stay away from chopra and go see dr. diaz instead. he ordered only one test instead of like four.

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