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Go Relax Travel / Fraud and scam

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Go Relax Travel
My wife entered a 'contest' on a Latino radio station. They said if you name the singer you 'win' a vacation for 4 people to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico or other exotic locations. She called, named the singer and the station said she 'won'. Later Go Relax Travel called and said she had 'won' but needed to pay $383.99 to 'reserve' the trip. They said don't worry you will have 48 hours after we send you the package to cancel if you don't like it. When we got the package on 1/28/9 we found out it did not include airfare, taxes and food plus we had to sit through a 90 minute presentation on 'the benefits of vacation ownership'. We really didn't know what she had 'won' and were going to have pay almost $3000 to go to the Bahamas.

As a result my wife canceled the next day on 1/29/9 (within 24 hours) and sent Go Relax Travel a cancellation notice. It's now 2/26/9 and we have made approximated 16 calls to Go Relax travel and they will not return our money.

If you check them out on the internet (she should have done this first but she trusted the radio station) you will find nothing but negative things about this company. The Florida Better Business Bureau rates them a D+. They have had 34 complaints in the last 12 months. There are numerous negative stories on the internet about his company. Check out their web page at www.gorelaxtravel.com. They have and official looking seal that read's "Florida Bureau of Travel and Tourism, United States of America". If you Google this name you will find there is no organization by this name in Florida. This company is nothing more than a scam and rip off from start to finish and the people there should be in jail.


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N  5th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Go Relax Travel - no refun
go relzax travel
United States

They said i could cancelled, to fax them in written cancellation. time pass by then said never receive it, to fax them again and then never did cancelled. they put me on hold for ever. Finally, said it was too late to cancelled. They have no paper signed by me. Mail to wrong address information. They have me under a different name but sure got my credit card . Gave me wrong numbers, names of people and just let me hold on withouth explanation.
A  5th of Feb, 2009 by 
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totally agree
A  4th of Mar, 2009 by 
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my wife did the same thing she paid $300.00 to disneyland in anahaim but whe she called to make the recervation they said that she need to pay $20.00 for a reservation fee and also the package just included 2 adult passes for 1 day to disneyland and we sere supposed to pay for my 2 children admition tickets and we are not certain what do next, on wheather to continue with it or to cancel since the more we go through the process the more hiden fees thet come up with.
We do want to state that when the radio station plays the ad they play the following " this is not a radio station promotion, this is a paid advertising and this readio station is not responsable for any of the producst or offers being sold on it."

I just believe that unfortunatelly, " we, latin people are too naeve" and we don't check anything out before we deposit our trust and most important our money on these companies that their only purposse is rip you off your money.
A  9th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I called Rumba radio station they were advertising a free trip to puerto rico or any exotic location of your choice. I called the number advertised from the radio station and a representative from go relax travel answered and told me i won a free trip to Puerto Rico for four people. They told me i had to pay $343.00 for taxes and fees. I told the representative while our conversation was being recorded that i wanted no surprises. If there was anything beside the 343.00 that i had to pay. She said NO. When i received my package. I called in to make reservations, and to my surprise, there was the catch. I was told i needed to pay for my own airfare. I asked, " So if i paid for the hotel, and now i have to pay for airfare, where does the free trip come in?" I told them, " It was false advertisement she told me, " That if i didn't like it that i needed to send an e-mail to the president of Go Relax Travel." The next day, a lady called me and asked me to file out a complaint and fax it. Five days later, I get a phone call from the first travel agent i talked to, she was very rude when asking me to explain my situation. While i was doing so, the lady interupted me by telling me, " Are you done?" I told her, "That her company was a fraud, and that it was false advertisement and they were thieves." She laughed on the phone and i hung up. I'm trying to get as many people together as i can to put a stop to this. If we all stand together we can bring them down, so they don't rip off any other people. If it was just my money it wouldn't have bothered so much, but this money belongs to my kids, and their vacation that their not gonna be able to take now, because of people like them.
If any one else would take a stand against this as well, please e-mail me at
A  10th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I am looking into the travel agency. I have filed a report with with consumer services. I recomend that everyone that has been taken by Go Relax Travel does the same the only way to get what has been falsely taken from us is to stand together to get all of our points across. The number for Consumer Services is 1-800-435-7352 or go to the web site at www.800helpfla.com. I have also called several news stations to report this. Again we all need to do this in order to get justice.
A  24th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Please Please- Threaten to go to the Better Business Bureau, threaten to go to the Attorney General and then do it!! You can go to the BBB website (http://www.bbb.org/)and Attorney General website(http://myfloridalegal.com/) and it takes 5 minutes to fill out the form, these people need to know that we won't stand for this! I got my money back this way and I hope I can help other people get theirs back!
N  13th of Apr, 2009 by 
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My wife and sister-in-law also won trips from go relax travel and we have called and called these people and no one can seem to help us with our trip packages.We have tried to get our money or our trip but with no luck.I am going to contact the BBB to file a compaint and I hope this company gets shut down before someone else gets there money stolen.
N  13th of Apr, 2009 by 
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My name is Ceilca Medina and I also won a trip from this company and no one wants to help me. I have tried to take my trip and no one wants to help me I asked for my money back and they don't want to do that either I sent them 313.99 and they said that they could not give me that money back.
N  15th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Yo tambien me gane un paquete en la radio en espanol que radica en wiston salen y otra en charlote en NC que es FM 105.3 y 94.3 cuando marque para participar supuestamente me dijeron que habia ganado el paquete paraviajar a Orlando Florida y otros tres viajes tambien pero tenia que pagar las taxes del gobierno para poder hacer valido mi dichoso paquete que correspondia a 456 dolares los cuales pague y despues de pagar los impuestos se medijo que hablara dentro de 5 dias para activar mi paquete haci fue hable y sorpresa para mi cuando hable para activar mi paque me salieron con que mi paque habia sido reavocado y pregunte porque a lo que me contestaron.; perdiste el paquete por que no tienes un auto adecuado para viajar ese tipo de escusas estupidas. lo unico que espero es que mas gente no siga callendo en la tranpa de esos rateros y que si la radio dice estar del lado de su propia raza que se ponga las pilas y no siga alludando a esa bola de pinches putos a seguir robando y hojala que seles pudra el culo con mi dinero y que se vallan mucho a la chingada todos los que me robaron ami y a todas esta pobre gente . Moraleja abre los hojos con go relax travel sino tu vas hacer la siguiente victima y espero que el gobierno atrape a todos los hijos de su puta madre. y que se los coja el diablo cuando se bayan al infierno.
D  28th of May, 2009 by 
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My husband also called and supposely we own two free trip one for 5 days and 4 nights to Puerto Rico and the other one for orlando and we had to pay $400 but he didnt take the offer, so they called him back a couple of days later and lower the amount to $200 for Puerto Rico and now we called because we were reading this complaints and of course we have to pay for the airfares. They are nothing but a fraud and they deserve to get suit and we all should get our money back... They are some low life people that just want to rip people of but i hope the get what they deserve soon.
A  10th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I am also a victim of go relax travel. Has any one else gotten their money back using the BBB? I can't even get some one to answer the phone at go relax and nothing is getting resolved.
A  2nd of Jul, 2009 by 
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I am also a victim and can't aford to be riped off to. they put u on hold for hours. I also don't know what to do. If anyone knows how to resolve this please let me know jennie.mathews@yahoo.com
N  14th of Jul, 2009 by 
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they did the sme thing to me. I file against them in the bbb of florida and with the attonery's generals of florida. Well waiting to see what happens next...Lets see if I get my money back. Also went to my bank and filed a investcation.
N  6th of Aug, 2009 by 
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My mother fell for this scam after answering a question on the Spanish radio station: La Mega in Philadelphia, PA. She asked for me to help after the company refused to refund her $259.00. The representatives were rude and belittling - they spoke a mile a minute. I filed a complaint with FL's BBB, Consumer Affairs and the radio statio I just received a voice mail from the "CEOl of Go Relax Travel and I will be calling him back tomorrow. I have made getting the money back from this company my project due to their scam against the Spanish listeners who may not be able to fluently communicate in English --e.g. All communication between my mother and Go Relax Travel occured in Spanish except for the Verification/Receipt document which was in English and is the most important document since it details the specifics. A complaint to the District attorney's office is next, if my communication with the CEO is not positive. Also make note that Florida law prohibits any company that you win a product/service from to charge you more than the cost of mailing the item/documents to you --e.g. shipping fees.
A  25th of Aug, 2009 by 
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My mom and I are going through a huge mess now because of Go Relax Travel, my mission now is to get my mom's money back and to bring these people down until they no longer have a business. If you need help or anything please feel free to email me at denise_platter@yahoo.com. We all need to come together to stop this scam!
A  21st of Sep, 2009 by 
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Hi My name is Mireydi Mendieta, and I'm a filmmaker and as everyone above me. My family too has been ripped off- I believe that media can be a very powerful tool/ weapon. I will be making a documentary featuring GO RELAX Travel along with other Scam groups, if anyone would like to participate please e-mail me at mireydim@gmail.com
N  7th of Oct, 2009 by 
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My father (spanish) just heard this radio "advertisement" where they make it sound like there is a radio contest. He called the number they advertised and they automatically asked him what the answer to the quesiton was. He answered and of course he was right. They then quickly talked to him and offered him a 5 night vacation with airfare to Orlando, Florida with tickets to Disney World and two flights to Las Vagas whenever he chose as long as he used it before 9 months. The catch was that they needed a credit card. I did not trust anything and I told him to tell them that if he truly won something to just mail it to him. They insisted on a credit card and that a manager would help him. I told him to just hang up and I looked it up on the internet so here I am and I was right. Thank you for all your comments. I called the number he wrote down and the lady answer the same way in spanish. What is the answer to the contest question. I told her she was a fraud and hung up on her.
A  7th of Oct, 2009 by 
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The number we were told to dial btw is 1-800-411-1210. I called it and confirmed that is is Go Relax Travel. I didn't even know what company it was before I called.
A  13th of Oct, 2009 by 
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The same problem has accured with me...My husband called the (so called radio station) and won the "free vacation package", and I couldn't believe it so I was trying to confirm. They told me we had won a FREE vacation to orlando for 5, and free one day passes to Diney. Then they said we only had to pay a tax fee of 269.99. So I (very stupid) fell for it. When I came home... and googled it, to my surprise this is what I saw. I went on their site and pulled up my reciept and lowe and behold it was completely different from what was told to me. I called them, they put on their fake recordings of what they wanted to record and told me to send in a letter to the cancelation department. I told that I too recorded the entire conversation, and that I have it all on record. They got all angry and told me that I can be sued for recording their conversation without asking and that it was ilegal in Florida. (which it is) On my behalf, I don't live in Florida nor did I call a florida radio station, and that I live in Virginia where the rule is that I can record any phone conversation with a one party consent (which would be me)!!!

My next thing to do is I am going to write my letter with all detail...fax...email the florida state BBB and attorney general...call and write to the radio station...and call my bank ASAP. this is Fraud...I am also going to go to 7 On your side (ABC news) about this if I don't recieve my money 30days from tomorrow!!! Anyone have any other suggestions or help, please contact me with any info at Lamezcla27@aol.com
N  21st of Oct, 2009 by 
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I am also a victim of Go Relax. They charge me $344 and when I called to reserved they disclosed all these hidden charges. My trip would have cost over $2, 000 for 2 people!! I called my credit card right away and stop the payment. I also sent a cancellation letter to Go Relax. All within 30 days of signing the vacation certificate. As of today the charge is in dispute and waiting for resolution. Go Relax is an group of fraudulent people. They know how to get our money and get away with it. They have lawyers and are very familiar on how to deal with legitimate complaints. I contacted BBB in Florida and also the State Attorney, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They opened the investigation and I am waiting to hear from them. PLEASE CONTACT THE BBB IN FLORIDA!! and file a complaint. These people belong to jail. I am willing to sign any petition or take any action against them. Contact me at ctabera@bolivia.com

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