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April 2015
I traded in my Best Condition Cadillac DTS less than 100, 000 likes in on a 2014 F-150, from the start I was defrauded. They showed me papers stating MSRP of 37, 000, later on I discovered the actual MSRP 27, 000.

After a Second opinion on DTS at Henry Jones Auto Group adjacent to Jones ford I was told the DTS needed 4, 500 in repairs, causing jones to reduce offer 5, 000 for DTS, they stated it would just go to auction. After the contract was complete they put the DTS on lot and sold it for 15, 000 within two weeks, a 7, 000 profit lie, like the 10, 000 MSRP lie.

That was just starters. I tried to get jones to correct their lies/ claimed mistakes, after a year of being jerked around filed complaint with Arizona Attorney General.

To date there is a small book their full time lawyer that works Glenn jones ford Casa grande Az has prepared in an effort to make me turn and walk away or spend legal fees and wait years (72 yr old disabled vet) they gained my confidence for thanking me for my service (Disabled plate) on DTS.

Their service equates to their sales.

Earnhardt/Phoenix is several thousand % better but it's hours away, actually virtually any authorized Ford Dealer would probably be better. Glenn Jones are professional scam artist. Pseudo Auto dealer sites on the Internet arrest to their credibility, any negative post gets you disconnected to Internet and is never posted. They own the site or the sites are developed with auto fraud car sellers protocol SWINDLERS

Beware these AZ Fat cats above the LAW


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      Nov 13, 2019

    After leaving AZ. The Bank, charged me double payments, when I complained, they admitted it, commented on the predatory Loan, I stopped paying, they sent me a clear Title, Considering I had already paid off more than the New Car MSRP, it was a used vehicle, I thought they decided to end the fraud. That included $2, 000 Deposit, ( $2, 000 Extended Warranty When I needed service, was told only New Cars = Extended Warranty ) plus 27 months near $500/mo payment, plus Reducing my trade in $5, 000 lower than trade in, cost of new tires, they switched out the tires PLUS the truck I test Drove wasn’t the truck I got. ETC, 16 Issues I reported to AZ. A. G., which they got around with Glenn Jones Casa Grande, Gen. Mgr. Brady Jones, Licensed Lawyer, wrote up a small book defending the Bait and Switch, offered to settle 1 compliant and review the other 15,

    After the Bank sent me Clear Title, and, no one contacted me again, neither the Bank or Glenn Jones, then I Moved to Texas, Put a Camper Shell on the 2014 F-150, Long Bed, V-8 with Chrome Grill Package.

    Was taken off my Apt Parking Spot while I slept. Reported the theft to police, who advised me to contact Stinger Reposession, I rented car and went there, they said they already sent the truck back to Az. I showed them Clear Title, they said Az Dealer got it retitled, I called Lawyers who refused to take an Arizona Case.

    According to my destroyed credit rating from 780 to 606, the balance was less than $12, 000. If they had contacted me I would have contacted Az. A. G. and hired a lawyer if required. I took excellent care of Truck. Likely they put it on the lot and sold it for the USED CAR LOT sale making thousands more off the Rip-Off joneses are, that was last year a couple of months before I had knee and shoulder surgery. Now that I getting near finishing physical therapy, I’m considering to visit Az. A. G.

    It’s been a Car Buying Night Mare at Glenn Jones Ford, Casa Grande Az

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      Nov 13, 2019

    Post regarding Dealer Auto Fraud, listed in scam report

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