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Giles County Dept. of Social Services / Stealing children at all costs...

1 Narrows, VA, United States Review updated:

These people stole all 5 of our children based on false accusations by two of the oldest children. They would not listen to reason and they knew we had come to them for help and it was obvious our teenagers were making the stories up. They twisted everything we said in court and encouraged our children to keep lying. They they kept them for almost a year while they came after us in court for abuse and neglect/ rape and sodomy. We were found not guilty of all charges in the Juvenile and Circuit Courts. They returned 4 of our children and now their behavior is worse than it was before they left. The children were abused while in foster care and by a social worker...I have tapes of her to prove it. She consistently undermined our authority as parents the whole time to us and the children. She tried to put my son in a psych. ward after he didn't lie for her in court...she was in on his being strip searched...(he is 17 years old)...she said no one would believe him as she laughed and called him crazy. We have the story posted on under Family Abused / then go to Giles County Prisoners of War.

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  • Ma
      17th of Dec, 2008
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    All of our children were abused in foster care. I have 10 CD's full of audio that will be uploaded to youtube soon. We are preparing to sue them and all affiliated agencies responsible. These people have cost our family over 70, 000.00 since March 2008 not to mention the damage done to us as parents and to the children.

  • Ma
      17th of Dec, 2008
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    The only way to win with DSS is to tape eveything, get your kids to tape everything, even if they say no video taping find a way to conceal a video camera and do it anyway - we did! Tell your children to tape every conversation with workers, foster parents, foster siblings, therapists, guardian ad litums, etc... -we did! Find a way to get them a cell phone and give it to them - we did! Go out and buy a recorder that attaches to your phone line and record all phone calls- we did! Do not sign the foster care plan . Anything you sign in court sign your name then draw a line through it and write over your name UNDER DURESS. They do not care about the children they only care about funding and after they have your children they will have an army of eager therapists to assess them and use it against you later in court. Most of them are only LCP's and not real psychologists. The first thing they do when on the witness stand is rattle on and on about their credentials...the key is to get a good lawyer and not a public defender to challenge those credentials and everything else because they do lie and you'll soon find out if you haven't already. Sign up for as many message boards and forums on the subject as you can. If you are in Giles County Virginia and need a good lawyer go to either Brian T. Scheid 540-726-2357 or in Roanoke call Pat McGraw at 540-904-5704.

  • Up
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    There seems to be a nationwide problem with this type of thing. I suffered the same at the hands of the State of North Carolina, Department of Social Services, and Child Protective Services. My daughters were taken from me.
    I was almost arrested due to a false report that I was harming the children, who were, 40 miles away in a foster home. The allegations just piled up: I had supposedly burned my kids with cigarettes, dug a hole to bury them in, abused them. All of it was false. All of it was easily investigated and found to be completely groundless. Foster parents abused my children but I was constantly made into a monster. I have not been able to see or speak to my children without some type of 'supervision' in 7 years.
    My oldest tells these horrible lies, my youngest, by a few months always tells the truth. In investigations there was no hole, nor any indication, however small, that I had ever abused my children in any way. My ex, who was abusive to me and the kids was located and brought into the picture because the State did not think I was fit to be a mother.
    Despite the fact that my ex was abusive, had left when the baby was only 3 months old, and had a restraining order on him, the state acted like he was God. His parents, who never cared or helped me with the children and my ex, are allowed overnight visits, weekend visits, anything.
    I am only allowed to see them at the main office, under supervision. In California there were people on a board of adoption that also worked for the State Department of Social Services. Lo and behold, children began being available for adoption. Why? Because these people would take the children on bogus charges and then see to it that they were made available for adoption because they got big pay-offs for every child adopted. Here in my county, it received $60, 000.00 as a bonus for the children it had already placed in homes. The branch of Government that is over Health and Human Resources and Child Protection and Welfare is crooked, un-policed and basically feels it can go in and destroy families with little or no evidence of any wrongdoing. It does happen and it happens all the time. It happened to me. I am poor but I wish I could sue them and get my children back. My children were taken from me when they were 6 and 7. Now they are 14 and 15. I was told that I HAD to give them up so they could be adopted because they were rehabilitated and ready for a permanent home; which I could not provide until I received my disability. They said they would take them. And they did. Well guess what? After they got a court order and took my children, suddenly they were NOT ready to be adopted out. What the state did was destroy our family, and take away my years of seeing my babies grow up; of being able to teach them things like values and such. I missed school plays, school pictures, I missed it all. I can't even send them a birthday card without it being 'screened' as if I'm some type of horrible monster. As I said, I am by no means the first this has happened to, nor will I be the last. How many other lives have to be destroyed before there is someone willing and able, strong and secure enough to file a national class action suit against the Government for what it has done and will continue to do?

  • Sh
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    Unfortunately, because of confidentiality laws, social workers and DSS Directors cannot defend themselves against such accusations. I obviously do not know what has happened in the above cases, but I have been on the social worker end of it.

    Uptomyears- you stated that in your county, they received a $60000 "bonus" for having your children in foster care? That is completely laughable. Who exactly gave this "bonus"? Do you realize that DSS is funded by state and federal GOVERNMENT? Do you also realize that it is a huge BURDEN on the state and federal budgets to place children into foster care? It just doesn't make sense for people to think that social services is out hunting for children to take from their parents.

  • Rs
      27th of May, 2009
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    I dont care if your a social worker, but what I have been through my whole life and (now) your what I have witnessed is laughable and so uncalled for. I should have been saved!!
    As well what is going on. Now my children need to be saved not from me but from child services and my family AGAIN!! Because they where taken from a loving home and then placed in my parents very abusive home and JUST NOW are being abused..
    and are being protected to be abused..

    which is a joke...

    they where happy and mentally healthy..and now its a 180 and not one person will look at anything I have to prove what is going on #1 is a Beltane mistake
    #2 just wrong and that my kids need out of that house and not place further away but returned home.

    Because the person who came to my house was a complete nut job. She was Beyond manic. Again nobody will listen to me. Its a joke that its just one sided. The ones that suffer. My children as im forced to watch them break apart each day and become less and less of who they are.
    OH, yes my parents do get paid. which they do not mind.

  • Rv
      20th of Aug, 2011
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    Please tell me who to contact. Im not in Giles co but my 2 disable children were taken because of a prescribed medication for a medical disorder i have. It wasnt even a narcotic or drug really. I got them back in record time but these loving children should never been ripped away frm a loving home and the only parent they know of which ive spent years w therapists involvd daily inhome n hospitals. Just makes me sick of how much power these idiots can have when im a officer of the court whose gone through background checks n i have more power in my whole state then even the local law enforcement. I have contacted my lawyer but i plan on going to my state officials n writing us media outlets

  • Ac
      28th of Nov, 2011
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    Narrows, VA DSS is nothing but a joke. They do nothing but pasify those parents who are doing wrong and don't want to do anything but milk the system dry, but do nothing but work against the caring foster parents.

  • Re
      24th of Jul, 2016
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    I am currently having issues with Giles county Social Services right now, I moved here from another state and they have removed my grand daughter and my 14 year old son after he had surgery I am looking in suing them as well for damages to my grand daughter and my son, this women has lied through and through, I have had enough. I will fight for the death of me, I have been harassed since the day I have moved to this place, I am tired of this BS. I hope you and your family are now together and you are all at piece once and for all. I as well have had words twisted and all the same as you. I will make sure I will have this womens job and she will be flipping burgers or homless or her children can be removed as well. or she can sit in jail for lying under oath. my children and myself have our rights and our civial rights and she has made my child feel very unsafe and feel very unwanted and ripped his family apart I WILL SUE FOR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL DAMAGES I HAVE ALREADY SET FORTH IN A LAWYER. THIS WOMEN WILL PAY AT ALL COSTS AND THIS WOMEN DOWN THE STREET THAT HAS THE LITTLE GIRL SHE IS THE ONE THAT SHOUDNT HAVE THE GREAT GRAND CHILD WITH HER COCKROACHES SHE IS THE ONE THAT WAS THE CORPORATE LIVED IN THE HOME FOR 12 YEARS WITH THEM WITH THE CHILD SHE HAS CURRENTLY AND THE CHILD RUNS IN THE STREETS AND IS LEFT ALONE AT NIGHT WHILE SHE IS COMING DOWN HERE TO STIR UP TROUBLE HUH.

  • St
      2nd of Aug, 2016
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    I am going through this with Giles County now. It started with Montgomery Co and transfered to Giles. It's been 3 weeks I haven't recieved one peice of paper from them, they have never wanted to meet with me and now because I call daily because I am not recieving any contact from them I found out they are going to take it to court to give her to her father. They have met with him several times. I haven't been allowed to speak to or even see my daughter in 3 weeks. An 8 year old will say whatever she feels that they want her to say. They have isolaher to say. They have isolated her from me and her siblings. How is any of this legal. Please I need help and they know I am at a loss without funds for a lawyer as to what they can and cannot do.

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