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gibLink / Beware

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These great individuals promise a unique online network marketing program and website promotion. They turn out to be a pyramid scam like Amway or the like ... which is alright for the willing but only if others can get on your site. Mine never worked, but they were happy to charge my Visa for the service of "bending over" for them. Stay clear ... they never answer emails, calls and do their best to avoid you with the promise of helping (we are better with you that without)... until it's too late to make that reverse charge. Beware your money will be lost in cyber space!

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  • Gr
      27th of May, 2008
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    You are so right. What gets me is they changed the pay plan thus giving them the right to rip off passive members out of thousands of dollars. Seems it's not about the community but it's about them making more money. First Giblink 1.0 (never a functional website) and now Giblink 2.0 (still no functional website) and they say they spend 2 years creating Giblink prior to launch. BS and more BS.

  • Pa
      20th of Jul, 2008
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    Giblink closed down their chat room where many members had expresssed their dissatisfaction about how the company was being managed. Since then the Alexa rating has nose-dived and it appears that Giblink is going nowhere. E-mails to members appear to have stopped also.

  • Co
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    To people who have been envolved in the organization of Giblink beware.

    The original plan of Gibline was seen as an answer to many to produce a retirement nest egg within a few years, without having to recruit new members, participating only as a static position. Pay your quarterly fees of $150 every three months and collect a portion of the revenue each four months.
    The projected income to be received in a four year chart was issued on Jan.31, 2008. qouted as follows

    Based on
    oiginal three pods cycling through the complete line for each four months. Does not include enhanchments such as referal bonuses, referal matchng bonuses, monthly income bonuses etc. Only renewal every three months.
    the chart shows earnings received over the course of four years.
    4 months = line 1 = $100
    8 months = line 2 = $700
    12 months = line 3 = $1, 400
    16 months = line 4 = $2, 900
    20 months = line 5 = $5, 600
    24 months = line 6 = $11, 200
    28 months = line 7 = $22, 400
    32 months = line 8 = $44, 800
    36 months = line 9 = $89, 600
    40 months = line 10 = $179, 200
    44 months = line 11 = $358, 400
    48 months = line 12 = $716, 800

    "These 48 months of payouts add up to $1, 433, 000 or $29, 854 per month for the four years"...

    Statement following this chart
    "Could you put $150 in the bank every three months and see this return" "Could you work 40 hours a week and see this income per month."

    They pulled in 18, 000 people in the first two months, the HOOK!
    After the third quarterly payment, I received $137.99 placed in the bank in my name. I felt a little more confident in my position, and awaited seeing the paymnet of the $700 at the 8th month of the Gibline. It did not appear. During this period, they had dropped the program in which everyone had joined, and replaced it where you can only see a return if you bust butt and con other people into paying for a job with Giblink 2.0. Now we are a bit past the annual year of october where I should have seen a $1, 400 payment added to my bank, and again nothing. and again now we all see another program being adopted by the management of Giblink to put a mask on the fact that you now have to interpret commissions as well as points, so no one knows where they are at with Giblink #.0.

    They started by only asking for quarterly payments from members, now monthly, quarterly, yearly, and charter 60 month payments which claim points.

    I kmow a lot of people like me joined in to see a profit as promised by the 200 plus beta experts that tested the Gibline and said that it could never collapse, as people continued to pay in to generate the power to drive the Gibline.

    The problem with the entire Giblink "group" looking for more congenial words than Ponzi!!! They have broken every promise and plan they made to the original participants by Bait and switch. I took my time before promoting the Giblink as people whom I discussed it with all said it smelled like a Ponzi. Thus I waited until I saw the promised payouts, by this time are $2, 031.16 behind promised schedule provided me by Giblink. I have paid in $750 over the five payments of the past 14 months, and have seen a total of $168.33 for my total payout.

    I was told that I could take a stand of static position and never have to sell a thing to make those wonderfull payments.

    Instead, the reverse income has taken over every person who wanted to simply pay and earn. My decision not to push this promotion onto people was a good decision for me. I have always been honest in my business with other people. By selling this garbage to other people by my re-enforcing the lies of the developers of the Giblink and Gibline would obviously destroyed my reputation for Honesty. I hold that part of my reputation scacred. To have promoted this giblink act of manageing clowns would reduce any reputation that a person had as the promises dissappeared.
    My warning to potential participants is to stay clear, and put your money ina bank, it is paying a lot better than putting it into Giblink.
    We can discuss advertizing. Where do they place your business name? They said that they were destined to be bigger tha Google and Yahoo!!, Balderdash!!! Whwere do you search for ads with Gib who????
    I am both dissatisfied with this program as well as feeling cheatd out of a promise, profit, as well as my money paid in. I have received only 20% of the monies that I placed into Giblink hands. Beware!!!

    I would like to get fellow participants to join together to form strength in numbers for some attention of the Funky administration of Giblink, to Provide compensation as originally promised and charted for participants, or possible action, before the Feds and SEC get a wind of the money being lost to Giblink, and shutting the entire operation down. At that point, the only people whiom will see any money are the lawyers who the receivershiop is handed to by the District Courts.

  • Th
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    I was considering paying into the monthly program...that is until I read your explanation of how it has played out. Now, the real funny thing here is that this should work. Whoever designed the plan did so with real mechanics and functioning attributes.

    So my question is this: because I have found (you may disagree) some integrity to the mechanics and that indeed
    their compensation plan / dues - and general accounting does support their words... why don't they just honor it?

    Greed has another definition when you're talking about something that could change the world. The plan does
    give us a glimpse of that. It is a terrible shame what you have stated above. Disappointing to me to say that least, and thank you for sharing your experience.

    What I do not like right now in their new idea ( the only way a person can benefit is by joining and paying the $60.00 per month.

  • Ml
      9th of May, 2009
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    Yes..I have withdraw my bonus on 30 of april but till now.. none of the money going to my GMC... i still wait coz i need at least US$50 in my GMC so i can transfer using thirdparty... i also cancled my subscriptions eventhought my valid is till july coz i m afraid they will renew my subscriptions b4 my valid date expire...

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