Get Visible Webscam!!

This company's owner Vivek Baid aka Ratan Baid was sued by the FTC for conducting business under false pretense. Stay away from this company. The owner scams people with a variety of businesses. see for yourself..

ask me how I know...I was a consultant for them until I realized that it was a scam. buyer go elsewhere, there are plenty of other good inexpensive seo companies. this isn't one of them, trust me..I know


This company constantly breaks the law by misleading customers into thinking they are Google. They use various ways of approaching potential customers including but not limited to:

1) Press one dialer (fake Google message saying the company’s listing is unverified and needs attention or it will be removed from Google)

2) India Call Center (they use poor, low paid workers with fairly heavy accents to probe random business to sign up for Google. However, they don’t ever do any of the work they claim to do. Additionally, the caller claims they are physically located in Santa Ana, California.

3) Voicemail Drops (they have an automated system that will leave a message on your voicemail instructing you to contact them regarding a Google listing or review)

4) Scraping leads from yelp and yellow pages online (yelp has officially blocked the company’s IP address because of repeated practices that are against yelp’s company policies.


Vivek Baid aka Ratan Baid is the owner of the company. He has been in federal lawsuits due to his unethical business practices. Here are a few other companies (DBAs) to reference: A TO Z MARKETING, INC., APEX MEMBERS, LLC, APEX SOLUTIONS, INC., BACKEND, INC., (Mortgage Modification Center) dba MMC, Inc., EXPERT PROCESSING CENTER, INC., SMART FUNDING CORP., WILLIAM D. GOODRICH, ATTY, dba WDG, Attorney at Law, GETTING FRONT PAGE, GET VISIBLE WEB, and BIZRINGER to name a few.

Ratan Baid was charged by the FTC for his unlawful business practices. Here is a link to see for yourself:

https://www.ftc.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Santa Ana, CAgov/news-events/press-releases/2013/07/ftc-halts-allegedly-phony-mortgage-relief-scheme
There are so man red flags that surface when dealing with getvisibleweb. They lie outright to their customers, their own employees, and worst of all, to themselves. They will do anything to cover up their tracks, including changing their name to avoid discovery by past/present customers. They are extremely stealth and will deny any wrong doing as long as possible, or until they get shut down again.
Do your part and spread the word so potential employees, consultants, and customers don’t fall victim to their unlawful, careless, and unsympathetic business practices. Ratan Baid and his many company names will employ known felons to handle customer credit cards, billing information, and other sensitive information without caring about theft, fraud, or compliance of any kind. They wait until they get caught doing something wrong or breaking the law before acknowledging any wrong doing. Yet they continue these destructive business practices.
Ratan Baid forces his 1099 employees to take wage cuts only a few weeks after starting employment. Meaning, he makes a compensation agreement in writing, and then forces the employee to take a cut after the fact or threatens termination. He is unethical through and through. Ask the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), they filed a suit against him. See the links below and judge for yourself.
Although I’ve had first-hand experience with both the company and the owner, it’s important to know that my intention isn’t to convince you one way or the other, but rather to present facts so that you can come to your own conclusion. My statements are undeniably true. Good Luck.
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May 17, 2017

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