Germaine Holloway BSNreceived rude profanity laced racist service, undercooked pizza with hair.. no employees wear hair nets

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Ordered pizza [protected]@8:12p
8:22 I arrive at store
Pizza scheduled to cook until 8:30
I was fine with waiting!
Employees whispered comments about me. A Mexican couple came in.. ELIAS.. picked up two perfectly sliced large pizzas.
8:27 p White girl with accent gives me my pizza : UNDERCOOKED AND SLICED RANDOMLY INSTEAD OF 8 UNIFORM PIECES. Since this is the second time in two weeks I received a pizza like this I refused it and asked for the manager. I was lied to. They said the manager was not there. I became irate. Took a picture of the pizza and advised I would send it to corporate and paid for the pizza. Then a white blond female who whispered earlier about me came up and snatched my pizza demanding an explanation for my corporate contact..I explained I had no more time for games I had kids to feed. I tried to get my pizza she resisted I shouted expletives and grabbed my pizza and a white man came from the back and threatened me with force if I didn't leave. I left.. When my children began to eat ..we found long CAUCASOID HAIR IN THE PIZZA. I still have it as I am a Nurse I will have to report to the health department.

Germaine Holloway BSN
Germaine Holloway BSN
Germaine Holloway BSN
Germaine Holloway BSN

Jun 04, 2018
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