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Gerber Toilets / Do not buy from them

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Gerber Toilets
Gerber Toilets have a weak flush and clog easily I have six Gerber 1.6 gpf toilets and they all work the same. Terrible! All six require multiple flushes to clear the bowl and if you use any toilet paper, better hold the flush lever 8 to 10 seconds. This is definitely NOT a flush and forget.

One of the six clogs more often than the others, even when holding the flush lever down, and I'm half tempted to rip two of them off the floor and check for manufacturing differences. How can one be SO DIFFERENT than the other? (Already checked the vent pipe) The Gerber warranty only covers "materials and workmanship" but not performance. You have to call the installer for that. If you go to the Gerberonline.com website, they made sure that this is a product "not found in big box stores" which means you have to work through their distribution network, ie plumbers or plumbing fixture stores.

This toilet is a plumbers delight! It generates all kinds of trouble calls which translates into $$$$$. If I was a plumber, I'd push this product too! But I wouldn't have one in my house ...


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D  18th of Nov, 2010 by 
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I have installed three Gerber toilets in the last three years. Two in a rental property our son and family rent from us, and one in my house. I am absolutely impressed with their quick and quiet flushing, which uses very little water!
This is the model we had installed: BX-21-402 Toilet Pak Round Front 12" Rough-In
Maxwell Flushing Platform with Ballcock (PDF)
SKU# BX-21-402

BTW, I was fortunate to find a wonderful plumber about five years ago. He never overcharges and always uses good products.
N  30th of Nov, 2010 by 
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It would have been helpful if the first complaintant would have listed the model #'s of the toilets that they installed. It may help others that are looking to purchase certain model's to determine if maybe the model purchased was not good for the area it was installed in. Who knows but without all the facts it is hard to tell if a product is bad based on 1/2 the facts.

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