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GEMB Store Credit Cards / Identity theft!

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Beware of store credit cards issued through GEMB. I had my identity stolen after I got a GEMB card through Lowes. I've also seen similar horror stories posted on other websites. The thieves have already tried to buy 2 cars in my name in addition to $8000 in charges so far. I believe that an insider at GEMB is selling info to an identity theft ring and they're using Equifax credit reports to hit existing accounts and using the valuable on these reports to open new accounts. If this happens to you, the first thing you need to do is call one of the 3 credit reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion or Experian) and have a fraud alert placed on your credit. If you call one of the three, the other two credit agencies will be alerted automatically. A fraud alert should stop the crooks from opening new accounts in your name. But what about existing accounts? You need to call each one individually and tell them what's going on - otherwise, the crooks will call them, claim that the card was lost or stolen and request a new card to be sent.

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  • Ga
      6th of Apr, 2007
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    I have GEMB JC Penney Credit Card. They allowed a transfer of $9600 from a Sears card we DO NOT HAVE to my MasterCard at JC Penney. No one called me to verify the transfer, I called Sears and there is no card with the ending 6 digits in our name. So the brilliants minds at JCPenney transferred $9600 from a card with another name to my card. I lodged a dispute 3/16/07 and haven't heard word one from JCPenney or GEMB. Am told "we're working on it", which I find interesting since no one has asked for my side of the story. So far, totally unimpressed with their Fraud Division.

  • Ma
      22nd of Jun, 2007
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    GEMB is a NIGHTMARE!! DO NOT GET A ZERO BALANCE LOWE'S DEAL!! They use GEMB and you WILL see charges you didn't make - even after you close your account and they ACKNOWLEDGE that you are paid in full and have closed the account. They do NOT fix accounts that they have messed up. It just continues on and on. They are awful. I will be contacting my Attorney General and hope you all will too. They need to be STOPPED!!!

    I have refused to even shop at Lowe's anymore because of this fiasco. If this is the company they chose to use - and don't care about fixing these issues, then my business goes elsewhere.

  • Jo
      12th of Aug, 2007
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    GEMB/Lowes seems to have issued a card to someone who stole my identity years ago, and I am still fighting to get it off my credit report. I did not find out about it until my credit report began to show the debt several years later. Lowes had apparently sold it to Arrow Financial Services, who have been as unhelpful as possible. As they are required to put on all communication, "any information you give them is used to recover a debt". They do not care the I am the victim here. I thought I was done when two of the three bureaus deleted this account based on my documentation, but one of them keeps it on based on AFS's say so.

    I cannot understand why the burden of proof is on the victim in ID theft. How can the bureaus continue to report a debt as mine when I have denied it and provided evidence? Shouldn't the collection agency have to provide evidence to them? And shouldn't that be shared with the victim?

    Such laws would make credit cards harder to get, which would make life better for the upstanding citizen, but I guess would "slow the economy". It's obvious who makes the rules in this country.

  • Ma
      21st of Oct, 2007
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    I am a victim of that GEMB den of cheaters who fraudulently ruined my credit files with all 3 major bureaus. Yet today that cheaters keep ignoring and neglecting my disputes. Please tell me what are the best remedies to stop this cheat and fraud. Please e-mail me @

    In my opinion these cheaters should hold corporate liability for all damages they've caused to all of us as their victims. We should maybe file a class action law suit and expose them thru nationwide mass media/press.

  • Er
      21st of Nov, 2007
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    GEMB refuses to fix my credit. I had a Banana Republic card through them and i can't get ti off my credit report! Advise smb what can be done in this situation...

  • Di
      24th of Nov, 2007
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    How do I cancel my GEMB credit card?? The card has not been used since 1998 . I cannot find an address or a telephone number.

  • Bu
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    I just pulled my credit report today and found a debt that is on there from this GEMB/Sams club for 22$. Now i am going to have to go through this fiasco of try to get a 22$ charge off my credit report??? I never even had a card from Sams Club... please advise...

  • Ke
      17th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    GEMB SAM'S DISCOVER Card Services and Fraud Dept. are a FRAUD. Shanna DeJanette has been notified that we dispute a charge of $577.75 made to Piercing Pagoda at the Davenport, Iowa Northpark mall kiosk (Parent Co. is Zales jewlers), Sept. 26, 2007. P.P. emplyee "LaShonda" made the transaction 30 minutes before closing and subsequently quit. The manager would not show us the receipt or anything else. We reported this and were told a "Shanna DeJanette" in the Fraud Dept. would take care of it, but, has not done anything but harrass us by sending the same AFFIDAVIT OF FRAUD for us to fill out, which we have several times now. Even before this we had suspected fraud as our monthly bill was in excess of $2,000!! We asked for an investigation and was told some guy named "Dan" had called in to report finding a wallet with our card in it. Strange because we both had our cards AND still do tho we changed numbers, but, to no avail as we believe GEMB has produced more than one card. How else could this go on ? There seems to be no one in charge of oversight ! We closed the account and are still being harrassed by GEMB.

  • Ke
      17th of Jan, 2008
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    I seen an investigative report nationally televised showing one man got a box full of duplicate credit cards in his name. NO ONE took responsibility!!

  • Tt
      11th of Feb, 2008
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  • Dj
      29th of Feb, 2008
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    I subscribed to two months ago. The only business I've done online for six months. Today I received an email of changes to my credit report. Guess what I found?
    A new GEMB card issued to me with a $7500 credit limit!!!
    I don't have any business with GEMB or any type of store cards.
    I certainly didn't receive a new card, but GEMB has report this new card to all three credit bureaus.
    The phone numbers I've found for GEMB hang up on me.
    I've disputed the card to Experian and Equifax.
    State's Attorney General has to be the next stop since nothing seems to be working to stop this.

  • Au
      14th of Mar, 2008
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    I was notified last Friday 3/7 that Home Depot wanted to confirm that I opened a credit card. I called to dispute that I had opened the card and learned that it was openend in TN. I live elsewhere. I have since learned that there are 8 other credit cards opened in my name with a DE State Drivers License (again, not my state of residence) and an address in TN 1883 Underwood Rd, Mt. Juliet. So far, the ### has charged over $4,000 to my credit. Thank goodness for Home Depot's policy to confirm instant credit applications otherwise I would have not been able to place the fraud alert on my credit report and I would have even more cards opened with my identity. I read Greg Richardson's story online today and it clicked....5 of the 8 cards start with the suffix GEMB (JCPenny, Sears, Radio Shack, Best Buy and Lowe's). My Lowe's charge was closed in 2005, however, my credit report shows that it has a $10K limit. When I called Lowe's today they said that there has been in inquiry or acitivity on my card with with my account and that they show my credit line to be $1,300 (the original amount I was approved for in 2005). They said that my card is still showing closed, although Transunion and Equifax show it as OPEN 3/1/08 and 3/4/08.

    I have a cell phone number for the woman posing as me and Staples, Home Depot and Lowe's have all offered to provide video survaillance to the police. They said that the woman is while, short brown hair and really skinny. On her cell phone message, it says that "I" am not available.


    Please email me to let me know your thoughts and let me know what states you are located in so we can find an attorney that can practice in the majority of them.

    Thank you and good luck to everyone. My nightmare is just beginning and from the sounds of your emails it will continue for years to come.

  • Li
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    While I haven't had it as bad as you all seem to have, I just opened my first credit report today and found that I was being negatively scored because of two (2!) 0-30-days late payments that were posted over 5 years ago! One (an undisclosed amount) was from...guess? GEMB/Old Navy. I had a card from them that I used once, paid the balance on (a little late I guess) and never used again. Silly me, I just went back to Old Navy this February and opened another account because of the great promos that they had, again it was GEMB account! I wish that I had heard about all of these problems ahead of time! My husband and I have been building our dream home and he has just opened store accounts with Best Buy, Sears, Sam's Club and Home Depot. It sounds like we need to get online and check HIS credit, and soon, too!!

    Thanks for all the words of caution and wisdom!

  • Co
      10th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too have just became a victim of gemb fraud. I was at a funeral burying my Mother when the fraud occurred. When I returned home and checked my email, I had an alert from credit keeper of changes to my credit. I looked and it said it a new account had been opened. I found out it was gemb/care credit. I have never heard of this before. I am now in the process of disputing the charge. There is a 4, 000 dollar credit limit with 252 dollar balance or charge on the account. What is the best way to handle the situation. I have place a fradulent alert on my account. Please help in Georgia.

  • Jm
      11th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    We are having the same problem, Our credit report is showing GEMB/Therm what is the Therm? I would love to file a lawsuit against them they have cost us.

  • Ti
      30th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Can anyone tell me how to get in contact with GEMB/Walmart? I would like a telephone number or email address. My account was charged off and I would like to pay it, but I can't find who has the account.

  • Ng
      5th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    An account from GEMB, has been opened in my name, and other accounts.This i have reported to the 3 major credit bureaus. pls can someone tell me a number that gets to GEMB. This is a disaster ! how can the public not be able to reach the fraud dept of this company. Pls if anyone knows this, kindly send this to me .

  • La
      15th of May, 2008
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  • Se
      23rd of May, 2008
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    I never talk to the customer service people anymore...I always ask for a supervisor from day one.

    I never punch in automatic numbers, but wait for a person to actually answer...

    I never ever evr give my phone number to any credit card company anymore.

    I refuse to give it when they ask for it for ID...and instead have them ask some other means of proof of who I am.

    I write down everyone';s name, date I spoke with them, and what they agreed to do...and then I call back after the etime has elapsed...that is THE ONLY WAY I GOT THIS INCREDIBLE SAM'S CLUB CARD CLOSED AND VIDEO PRPOFESSOR OFF MY CARD...LET US SEE IF THEY RE-OPEN IT TO START THE WHOLE THING ALL OVER AGAIN...

  • Sh
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    Who is GEMB? apparently i have a GEMB/Chevron card in my name and i'm $758 in debt! i'm' only 20 and i've never had a credit card! and on top of that my credit report says that i opened a mortgage loan in feb of 2000 and an auto loan in may of 2002 and another type of loan in april of 1999! i was only 12 then! how can this possibly be MY debt when this is the first i've ever heard of it!?! i have no idea what to do.. someone.. please point me in the right direction.

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