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G&E Mechanical, LLC. / Unethical Behavior

2-5 PO Box 1274Rockwall Texas Dallas Fort Worth, United States Review updated:

G&E Mechanical, LLC is a company operating in the Dallas Fort Worth area and is operated by Greg Monzo. It performs repair services for restaurants and the food service industry. We tried to get information on this company from various sources and found fraud. G&E charges state sales tax so we contacted the Texas State franchise tax board and they told us that such a company existed but closed and went out of business in 1994. Today is 2015 and Greg Monzo is using this company name. We also checked with the state of Texas to see if the LLC was registered in the state and were not able to find any evidence to that fact. Greg and G&E Mechanical is performing air conditioning and refrigeration services with out a license. Texas State law says that whenever you perform refrigeration services that your license number has to be listed on your invoice. No license number is listed and a search of the Texas State License contractor board indicates that there is no license number associated with that company or anyone by the name of Greg Monzo or any of his aliases. By the way, if you do business with Greg or are doing business with him now, Texas law says that if he has no contractor license you are not obligated to pay him ofr one penny for anything he did unless he provides you with a valid contractors license. Greg was hired by my company as an employee in Dallas and during the time he was there he solicited all the clients of company to become his clients by offering them lower rates of $20.00 less than ours and telling them how bad our company was that they were doing business with. In over 35 years in business I have to say that Greg is the best, excellent and most professional criminal I have ever had the displeasure of knowing and he successfully did a great deal of damage to my business. I have spent over 100 hours researching this person and can honestly say that my opinion is that he is mentally unstable. Greg has done one very positive thing for me. He has provided me with the incentive and inspiration to work harder and harder so that I may continue to have enough money to follow him and to prosecute him and make his life miserable in every way I can under the law. I intend to do this for the rest of my life until I see him in prison. One of the clients he stole from me contacted me and told me how unhappy they were with his services and they wanted us to come back and fix his mistakes. That client provided me all the invoices that Greg wrote to them. And when this client did not want to apy the bills for the work that Greg said that they did, this is a quote from the billing that Greg write: "We urge you to feel free to do as you please. This still does not negate your past-due status or other collection efforts. Simply put, you are just another deadbeat who feels they are somehow entitled to service work then fail to pay for these services." If you are doing business with Greg or if you are thinking of it beforew you do, ask him for copies of his drivers license, social security number, state sales tax ID and his contractors license and his insurance libility and watch what happens. You will probably never see him again once you ask for all that. Greg Monzo is a criminal and if you do business with him he will greatly take advantage of you. If you get the appropriate information about him run a criminal back ground check of this person. You will see that he has been conviced a for felonies and served time in prison for same. Just Goggle his name and you can see al l the people that have been screw over by him. In our business we asked him for ID and various things and because of our own fault and not following through we did not get the appropriate documents. Each time we asked him we were given excuses as to why he could not provide it at that moment but he would get back to us. If you know Greg right now you need to ask him for 5 things. Ask him for sales tax ID number, federal tax ID number, copy of drivers license, state contractors license number and a resume for the last 5 years of his life. Watch what happens. You will never get this information and what information you do get will not be his. I hope this guy sues me so I have the chance to take him to court and put him in jail. AND on his invoices for his customer he charges 7% finance charge which in Texas is illegal. If you are doing business with this person or have been contacted by this person or have been wronged by this person contact the Restaurant Repair Company in San Antonio Texas and report it. They will be happy to work with you in a class action law suit and or they will pay for all your legal fees if you want to prosecute this person regardless of the state you are in or even if you discover Greg 10 years from the date of this posting. Restaurant Repair is anxious to help you prosecute this person and in return we may even provide you free service to repair his mistakes. One of my employees who was working with Greg once told me a story how he and Greg were on a roof and Greg started crying for about 15 minutes. The employee told me it was like Greg was a little girl. But that's another story...

Nov 6, 2015
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  • Ju
      25th of Sep, 2016
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    San Antonio Businessman Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud
    U.S. Attorney’s Office March 28, 2013

    Western District of Texas (210) 384-7100

    Kenneth William Griffin, age 62, also known as Ted Baker, and owner of the Restaurant Repair Company in San Antonio, Texas, pled guilty today before Chief United States District Judge Fred Biery to wire fraud, announced United States Attorney Robert Pitman and Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Armando Fernandez.

    The indictment alleged that Griffin, as the owner of the Restaurant Repair Company, which performed restaurant equipment service, sales, and installation in San Antonio, perpetrated a scheme to defraud the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts of sales tax he was required to pay to the state of Texas on a monthly basis.

    The state of Texas, through the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, requires businesses that provide sales and services to the public to collect sales taxes and pay all these collected sales taxes to the state of Texas on a monthly basis. Griffin’s company was required to file a sales tax return each calendar month and report total monthly sales, taxable sales, state tax due, local tax due, and amount being paid to the state. According to the indictment and Griffin’s plea of guilty, he or an employee at his direction electronically filed materially false monthly sales tax returns for the Restaurant Repair Company from January 1, 2010, through January 20, 2012.

    The filings falsely understated the company’s taxable sales by approximately 90 percent, and Griffin routinely paid the state of Texas only about 10 percent of the actual sales taxes collected from customers that were due and owing.

    The scheme to defraud the state of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts resulted in a loss of approximately $169, 052.82 to the state of Texas. In addition to operating the Restaurant Repair Company, Griffin hosted a weekly radio talk show promoting ways to avoid paying sales taxes. Griffin faces up to five years’ imprisonment, a $250, 000 fine, three years’ supervised release, and restitution of the amount of the loss. Sentencing will be at a later date.

    The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division, and the Texas Comptroller’s Criminal Investigation Division. Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Roomberg prosecuted the case.

    In addition to this case, Kenneth Griffin uses the alias of Ted Baker, the clothing designer. Problem is, Kenneth Griffin sales a very sleazy line of women's undergarments and other such items aka, Priscilla's Passion whereby uses the name Ted Baker as a sales tool to gain ones attention.

    Also seems Ken Griffin is wet on his actual facts as it relates to business requirements in the state of Texas. It is not a requirement of law that ANY employee of ANY company show a drivers license, social security card or other such documents in order to work on refrigeration equipment.

    Just so happens we have a invoice from Restaurant Repair Company. It also does not have or list ANY contractors information as suggested by the infamous Kenneth Griffin.

  • Ju
      17th of Sep, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Greg Monzo aka Greg Hudson belongs in prison. He is a con man and shake down artist. He never performs the work, but he presents invoices and then makes threats. He does business as G & E Mechanical, LLC. He is dangerous. I do believe he is mentally unstable.
    He originally performed work through Restaurant Repair Company, whom we paid. Then, Greg tried to bill us through G & E Mechanical, LLC as well. The work was never performed correctly.
    We have made the local police aware of his scams.

  • Gr
      19th of Jan, 2019
    +1 Votes

    Found Greg Monzo!! If anybody needs to serve Greg here is his address.
    15541 SE Pebble Lane
    Damascus OR 97089

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