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  • Pi
      13th of Nov, 2010
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    they have my money and will not return my core charge, i had a very long wait for the motor

  • Kl
      2nd of Dec, 2010
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    A customer of mine is currently out well over 2000.00 waiting to get
    refunded by these crooks. All the while we have his Subaru apart waiting for him to get refunded so he will be able to pay the other company to build his original engine.
    My customer ordered a engine from Gator finally a month later we get a engine from Marshall engines. Apparently Gator subbed the engine to Marshall. We get the engine and notice that one of the heads isn't drilled for the EGR tubes. So instead of them sending us a head or asking to get the motor back so they can put the correct head on. They (marshall engines) just want the engine back and say sorry we cannot help you. So now almost another month goes by my customer still has not got his money back or like you not even the core fee. STAY AWAY FROM GATOR ENGINES THEY ARE CROOKS AND AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED MARSHALL ENGINES ARE NOT ANY BETTER SINCE THEY DID NOT ATTEMPT TO CORRECT THE ISSUE ONLY PULL THE PLUG. SO A BIG F U TO BOTH YOU A-HOLES. YOU KNOW WHO I AM AND YOU KNOW ITS TRUE.

  • St
      21st of Jan, 2011
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    I'm betting that Marshall wants the engine back because Gator AKA Rhino Engines AKA Rebuilt Engine World owes them for it . Marshall's a good company. Gator is the crooks.

  • My
      24th of Jan, 2011
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    They told me in November I would be getting my core deposit back. I've left numerous messages, nobody has returned my call & I've never received a check. ED HOLT, the manager assured me when I placed the order they had nothing to do with Rhino Engines and they were a very reputable company. Not only is Gator Engines crooks, they are liars!! STAY AWAY!

  • La
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    Not only will they not return my Core charge, they will not answer the phone or return calls after you have left messages. The mechanic that installed my engine was trying to purchase another engine and was also unable to get them to answer or call back, as with the bank that cannot get them to answer anymore. It certainly does look like these guys are crooks. It will do you no good to call them or leave messages, unless you are trying to build your Court case. I say, take them to Court, make their lives as miserable as they have for those of us that trusted them. Do not trust them.

  • Ar
      26th of Feb, 2011
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    Well, Gator owes me $250.00 for a core deposit. I'll talk to my credit card co. and call the State Attorney and the Better business bureau. It sounds to me like a class action suit. They will file bankruptcy, but all I need is some names. Anyone who has a complaint with Gator Motors, get in touch.
    Arliss Martin
    2671 Co. Rd. 3210
    Salem Mo. 65560

    Hm. 573-7297892
    Cell 573-453-4259

  • Ar
      26th of Feb, 2011
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    I just want my money back. If Gator Motors is playing the low ball, I would help to shut them down.

  • Al
      24th of Mar, 2011
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    I'm another one that got shafted, I wish I would have ran across this sight last fall when I ordered my engine. I am not out as much as the rest of you but am still out of money and I was lied to from ed as well. My case with the BBB is closed because the mail to them came back undeliverable. And like you guys were saying they dont return calls or answer the phone. I actually kept voice mails of the promises not kept by Ed if anyone needs them to help build there case. If anyone knows an owner name and contact info or ed's I would appreciate it. There home personal address would work for me. Let me know if you would like my contact info! And to anyone else thinking about using them, DON'T!!! Thanks, Alpha Dawg.

  • Fr
      14th of Apr, 2011
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    yeah Gator engines and Marshall two companu=ies you will want to stay far far away from. i purchesed a engine from gator, it was junk caled them up and they haneded me off to Marshall engines, after going through the diognostics they asked for we eventually ended up pulling the engine and sending it back. 10 days later marshall engines called me and said they were not foing to warrenty the engine due to fuel wash in the right side of the motor, little did they know i had just replaced the injectors fuel pump and we codded the engine no codes for over fuelling or running rich, i contacted a local dealer and talk to a actual chevrolet mechanic and he laghed and said that really old school that engines dont get that kind of problem anymore because the computor will shut the engine down or it would smoke real bad and would if it did start not run very well at all. bottom line is they build a crappy engine and they dont want to pay for all the labor and addition cost of making it right. I am suing and i fully expect to win, if you want info on how i did it and if i won email to and i will let you know. MARSHALL ENGINES AND GATOR ENGINES SUCK!!!

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